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Pros and Cons

  • Enormous list of betting markets and customizable wagers.
  • Reduced juice betting markets.
  • Over 20 years in the business.
  • Typically, one of the fastest sites to process payouts on our U.S. Offshore Online Sportsbook Payout Report.
  • Will take away reduce juice markets if you’re a profitable bettor.
  • Many users complain of credit and debit card fraud on deposits.
  • Outdated interface and software.
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General Info

  • 1996
  • Costa Rica
  • Email, Phone, Live Chat
  • English, Spanish
  • Sportsbook, Live Betting, and Racebook
  • Casino, Live Casino
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5Dimes Service Suspension 2020

*Important Update: Starting on September 7th, 2020. 5Dimes will suspend its service to the U.S market. The future of 5Dimes is uncertain, however, they claim they will be back.*

5Dimes Review Summary

5Dimes is one of the pioneers of the offshore betting industry and has been in business since 1996. Since its inception, the online sportsbook has consistently paid players on time and is still one of the leaders in withdrawal speeds. It is the largest site to offer reduced juice in the US players and has a staggering number of markets. In addition to its sportsbook and racebook, 5Dimes has an online casino and poker room.

The 5Dimes Group based in Costa Rica. 5Dimes has several sister sites that use the same odds and support staff, such as SportBet.com, ChineseBooke.com, IslandCasino.com, and VietBet.com. It has a staff of over 100 employees servicing their sites based in San Jose, Costa Rica. 5Dimes accepts Americans from all states and regulated in several international countries.

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A Personal Opinion on 5Dimes Sportsbook

What We Don’t Like about 5Dimes

Honestly, there isn’t too much to dislike about the sportsbook, other than perhaps one of their recent rulings against a bettor and the conduct of head linesmaker, “Tony.” In what is known across the internet as “Dan711 vs. 5Dimes,” a player had over $32,500 confiscated from his account and was threatened by Tony to pay back another $10,000 that he had already cashed out. The incident occurred in 2012, and it shocked many bettors and industry watchdogs sites.

Dan deposited several times into 5Dimes, totaling $885 in deposits. He won a progressive pleaser wager on October 9th, 2012 which paid him 7000/1 instead of the proper odds of 70/1. Instead of winning $39.90 from his wager at 70/1, Dan was paid $3,390 instead.

Dan felt concerned that his bet might get voided and that the payout was a mistake. He called 5Dimes support and inquired about his payoff. The customer service representative told him that the pay table was correct, and he was not paid $3,990 in error. Still unsure about his situation, Dan asked to speak with a manager, who also verified the pleaser payout was correct.

Fast-forward a month or so and Dan was on a hot streak. He not only cashed out $10,000 at that time, but he held a large balance of over $35,500 in his account. He won a large sum betting the NFL but was disappointed to see his account locked after a big week. Keep in mind, all these bets placed well after the pleaser win and were all won fair and square. There were no line errors. Dan’s winnings were legitimate.

Tony, the head-honcho at 5Dimes, didn’t think so. Dan did his best to verify that he got paid the correct amount. 5Dimes confiscated his balance and Tony threatened to send people to collect if he didn’t cough up the $10,000 “he stole.” Tony also told Dan via 5Dimes live chat support that “you should be packing up your shit.”

Tony’s ruling even went against their stated terms and conditions. 5Dimes should have resettled his pleaser win at the correct price and docked about $3,300 from Dan’s account. Instead, they closed Dan’s account completely and threatened him physically for the $10,000 he already cashed out.

There is no doubt that this ruling was a weak moment in 5Dimes’ history. However, with that said, this is the exception rather than the norm. 99.9% of players have no issues collecting their winnings. Also, since the debacle with Dan, 5Dimes has not had any similar problems or rulings.

Tony’s conduct in the live chat has become somewhat notorious across sports betting forums. The guy runs a top-tier sportsbook, but he certainly treats his players with a lack of respect at times. It’s not the first time he has disrespected or threatened a player through live chat.

5Dimes Users’ Opinions and Experience

5Dimes Sportsbook User Reviews
Wally Ramos

Been with 5d for 20 years. Experienced a few problems but always worked them out and would highly recommend them to the serious player or casual bettor.

Feb 2019

I don’t think 5Dimes is the best site out there, but they have paid me on time. There are lots of great odds available. I got the deposit bonus.

Feb 2019

They are a good site but payouts can be slow at times and support sucks. However, they are the only site I know that has reduced juice. The casino is good, too.

Feb 2019

I swear 5Dimes hasn’t changed their layout since 1999. The software is old and the payouts can be slow at times, but it’s a decent book.

Feb 2019

I like the sportsbook for the bets, but the support is bad. They have yelled at me in the chat and not responded to my requests of payouts.

Feb 2019

Their bitcoin payouts can be slower than other sites, but they do pay. They can several days even after they send the transaction due to the processor they use. BEWARE.

Feb 2019

Some things don’t change at 5Dimes, like their betting software. However, I still like them and have been there for over ten years.

Feb 2019

The best bonus is the reduced juice. They have lots of other bonuses you can pick but it’s by far the best one.

Feb 2019

If you like live betting, then 5Dimes sucks. Also, support is rude and they yell at you, but you should still get paid. Tony is gone I hear.

Feb 2019

5Dimes said they sent a payout but it was not credited for another 5 days. The amount was close but not exactly right. I would not use them again.

Feb 2019

Zero stars- AVOID 5DIMES AT ALL COST. The manager, Tony is the biggest jerk you’ll ever find and trying to cash out is incredibly difficult and expensive- The fees to retrieve your own money is ridiculous. Worst sports book anywhere.

Apr 2019

5Dimes Sportsbook Alternatives

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  • Accepts Crypto
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  • Rating:
  • Deposit Bonus:100% Up To $2,500
  • Live Odds:Yes
  • Cashier Fees:No Fees With Crypto
  • Accepts Crypto:Yes
  • Banned Regions:None
  • Live Support:Yes
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  • Deposit Bonus:50% Up To $250
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  • Banned Regions:DE, MD, NJ, NV
  • Live Support:Yes
  • Bet & Win at Bovada

5Dimes Review: Deposits and Withdrawals


Tons of Cashier Options

5Dimes offers a boatload of banking options to players, more than most other sportsbooks. Since e-wallets ban US players from using their services, 5Dimes offers a host of other traditional methods for deposit. Bitcoin is the most popular deposit option and our preferred method. Deposits are credited quickly and there are no fees.

Visa credit card deposits also a popular method. There is no fee for depositing by credit or debit card, and deposits credit instantly. Person-to-Person transfers are another option if a player cannot deposit via card. Players will have to pay upfront fees for this method, but 5Dimes will reimburse these fees if the deposit is $250 or more. These can take up to 24 hours for 5Dimes’ staff to process and credit to player accounts.

Inter-book transfers and account-to-account transfers are also available. This allows players to transfer funds from another offshore sportsbook or add money to their friend’s account at 5Dimes.

5Dimes Sportsbook Payout Methods

The most popular withdrawal methods are check and person-to-person transfer. Checks process in about a week and have fees ranging from $40 to $80 depending on the amount requested. Each check has a max amount of $7,500. Players can receive a free check withdrawal every 30 days if they request their withdrawal by 1 pm Monday.

Person-to-person transfers take 48 hours to process and can be sent up to $450. Depending on the amount requested, these can cost players between $10 and $35 per transfer. Bank wires are another option. These come with a minimum amount of $1,000 but have a max of $9,500.

In late June 2014, 5Dimes began accepting the crypto-currency Bitcoin. Deposits and withdrawals are both free via BTC. If you’re not familiar with bitcoin, check out our deposit article. Deposits aren’t instantaneous but should take about a half hour. Your funds will be converted into US dollars upon deposit and converted back to bitcoins when you request a withdrawal. Withdrawals via Bitcoin process in less than 24 hours. 5Dimes has gotten faster with their processing rates with BTC since they introduced the method. Payouts are often done in a few hours.

Notable Payment Processors
  • bitcoin
  • mastercard
  • visa
  • bitcoin
  • check
  • wiretransfer
Other Processors: Person to Person

5Dimes Sportsbook Betting Bonuses

Choose the Reduced Juice Bonus

5Dimes’ reduced juice bonus is the default bonus handed out to players and is the one we recommend. Once players choose their bonus option, they will not be able to change it, so it’s even more critical that players stick with reduced juice.

5Dimes Reduced Juice Bonus

5Dimes actually offers half a dozen more bonus options, such as Free Payout Rewards, Match Bonuses and Reload Bonuses, and Cash Back Rewards. None of these even come close to the value of reduced juice. Reduced juice allows bettors to bet consistently with reduced pricing, saving them thousands of dollars in the end. We explain reduced juice odds in-depth in here. Take the default reduced juice bonus – it’s a no-brainer.

When you log into your 5Dimes account, it’s worth noting they don’t list the reduced juice lines with their regular markets. Each sport that offers reduced juice will have a “Reduced” check box listed with the other markets. These should be your go-to markets to look for the best available odds on any event you’re looking to bet.

However, something to keep in mind if you’re an advanced sports bettor, and you begin winning nicely with these markets – management may remove them from your betting options. This can take some time, though, (and may not happen at all) so we still recommend reduced juice lines as the best bonus option by a significant margin.

money bag icon

5Dimes Sportsbook Tip

At sign-up, you will be able to choose your bonus. It’s important to choose reduce juice rewards, rather than the other options of freeplay or cash back. Reduce juice is worth far more in the end than any of the other bonus options.

5Dimes Review Highlights

Large Number of Sports Offered

5Dimes’ client base is predominantly American, but the sportsbook welcomes overseas action. They focus heavily on North American sports but have an expansive list of international sports. Major US sports, such as the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, garner the most betting action, along with NCAA football and basketball, especially March Madness. The markets for these sports are quite large.

Just about every soccer league in the world is available for betting, including top European leagues such as the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga and Spanish La Liga. This extends further into the domestic leagues of South America and parts of Asia.

There are odds for just about every sport in the world. Auto racing, golf, tennis, boxing, mixed martial arts, cricket, rugby and more all have betting odds. Most of them have futures and a small list of propositions.

Markets Galore

Concerning markets per game or event, the vast majority of sportsbooks don’t come close to matching 5Dimes.

5Dimes Betting markets

Aside from straight wagers, parlays, and teasers, they offer a host of other betting markets, including a large assortment of player and team props, futures, if-bets and action reverses. This merely scratches the surface, though, because 5Dimes has more alternative lines than any other sportsbook online. Alternative moneylines and point spreads, along with teasers and pleasers, are also widely available.

Their teasers options and odds are particularly excellent. Players can take advantage of two-team, 6-point NFL teasers at +100. They also offer teasers and pleasers, from 5 points all the way up to 20 points for football. DynamicLines are a feature that 5Dimes added in September 2015. Players can still use their traditional betting menu and software, but once they utilize DynamicLines – we doubt they will want to go back.

5Dimes Dynamic Lines Betting Markets

Odds update without the need to refresh with DynamicLines

DynamicLines lists on the left side of the screen after players log into their account. They update all odds live and are available for all sports and markets, including all player and team props. Bettors can place any type of wager and will never have to reload the page.

Perhaps their only low point is their live betting platform. 5Dimes lacks the flash and frills that you will see at some other online bookmakers. It’s just plain white background with text, where players use check boxes to navigate between betting markets. For live or in-play wagering, this isn’t exactly optimal. Odds still update live, but as far as speed and ease of use, a separate live betting interface or platform makes things easier.

5Dime’s Betting Limits

5Dimes accepts bets as low at $0.50 and as high as $5,000 on sides and totals of the biggest markets. This includes the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and both NCAA football and basketball. They don’t post their lines as fast as Bookmaker, but they’re pretty close. NFL lines for the next week release late Sunday night. They have overnight lines for basketball, football, and baseball. In both college and professional leagues.

Small market sports will have lower limits than $5,000. Propositions usually have a maximum bet of $250 to $500, but some props can have a max bet of $50. This isn’t something out of the ordinary. Any sportsbook worth its salt has small betting limits on their propositions. The vast majority gear their prop bets toward recreational bettors. Sharp bettors can spot inefficiencies in these markets and hit a sportsbook hard.

In a way, 5Dimes offers no maximum betting limit. After a user bets the maximum amount, (again, $5,000 for major markets) the odds will reset, and bettors will once again be allowed to wager more. There is no maximum number of times a player can reset the betting limits. The odds will change, (drastically if done multiple times) but 5Dimes will continue to accept the bets.

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5Dimes Customer Support

Live Chat Available
5Dimes has plenty of options for contacting support, which include phone, email, and live chat. Support’s reviews are mixed.

Live chat usually responds within minutes, but many users have complained of snappy or brash responses from support.

With that said, the quality of support is still above-average.

5Dimes Reddit Review vs SBS’ Review

Certainly, there is some value in looking at other users’ reviews before picking an online sportsbook to place your winning bets. Reddit’s threads about 5Dimes sportsbook do provide help however one needs to be careful as they may be biased and written with a certain angle. On the other hand, SBS’ staff follows specific criteria such as uncompromising honesty and in-depth analysis in our sportsbook reviews which are written by professional sports bettors who have years of experience in the gambling industry.

5Dimes Review Conclusion: It Is Still An Elite Option

The most important aspect to consistent winning is getting the best price for the majority of your bets, and 5Dimes offers the best opportunity to accomplish that with their extensive markets and reduced juice. They also pay players quickly and have been around longer than any other US-focused offshore sportsbook. No sportsbook accepting US players is completely safe, but 5Dimes’ track record speaks for itself.

  • Enormous list of betting markets and customizable wagers.
  • Reduced juice betting markets.
  • Over 20 years in the business.
Joseph Falchetti

Joseph Falchetti - Editor-in-Chief, Pro Sports Bettor and Casino Expert

Joe is the author of the majority of sports betting pages on SBS and he serves as a gambling consultant to our content team. He's been mentioned on Forbes.com as a gaming analyst, and his articles have been linked by larger publications, such as the New York Times.

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