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Written by: Joseph Falchetti, Editor-in-Chief, Pro Sports Bettor and Casino Expert
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HRWager premiered as a betting option for players in 2012. The sportsbook is run by a former 1Vice sportsbook manager who split from 1Vice and went off to start his own offshore sportsbook. They are based out of San Jose, Costa Rica. SBR reported in September 2015 that HRWager moved to the BetPhoenix platform.

However, their payment processing remains separate from the BetPhoenix, which if you’ve read anything about BetPhoenix, this is a plus. They also offer different promotions and deposit bonuses. HRWager offers an online racebook and casino, in addition to their sportsbook.

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A Personal Opinion on HRWager Sportsbook

What We Don’t Like About HRWager

They’re not part of the BetPhoenix family of sportsbooks, but their association with them is something that is certainly a negative. The fact that they handle their own cashouts keeps it from being a major negative, but it’s something to bear in mind.

There have been reported payout issues in the past. These don’t seem to be a problem anymore, however, and their cashier has plenty of different options for withdrawals. In general, smaller sportsbooks with just a few years in the industry offer more risk, so that’s another concern.

Their betting limits are quite small, and we’ve heard reports of them limiting players quickly. These are the same issues we mentioned in our review of Their also not the best when it comes to sportsbook rules or terms being posted on their site. Although, we haven’t seen them trying to use predatory terms to steal from players unfairly.

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  • Live Odds:Yes
  • Cashier Fees:No Fees With Crypto
  • Accepts Crypto:Yes
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  • Live Support:Yes
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  • Live Support:Yes
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  • Deposit Bonus:50% Up To $250
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  • Cashier Fees:Free payout per month/ BTC free
  • Accepts Crypto:Yes
  • Banned Regions:DE, MD, NJ, NV
  • Live Support:Yes
  • Bet & Win at Bovada

HRWager Betting Site – Deposits and Withdrawals

HRWager has several different deposit options. In this area, we were somewhat impressed.

Deposits are available via MasterCard and Visa up to $1,000. It’s rare for a sportsbook to offer both types of cards, so this is a huge advantage for players looking to deposit through their cards. They also offer MoneyGram and Western Union deposits and recently began to accept Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals.

Withdrawals are available through MG and WU as well, which take 48 hours to process. Money orders are provided by mail instead of checks but take 3-4 weeks to process. This is slow, but not ridiculous. Several online sportsbooks take up to a month to process checks and have paid players reliably for quite some time.

Players can receive a free payout once a month through money transfers (WU & MG) and check. Fees for money transfers are between $30-$60, depending on amount. Money orders come with a 5% fee and $50 for shipping. These costs are quite steep. We highly recommend that bettors utilize Bitcoin when depositing HRWager. Deposits and withdrawals are completely free. Bitcoin is processed almost instantly, and withdrawals are usually processed within the same day.

HRWager Review – Sportsbook Bonuses

Deposit Bonus

Though they promote a deposit bonus on their main page, there is no fine print or bonus page that goes into detail the terms of the bonus or other promotions. We found this out by speaking to their live chat support that there are three bonus offers:

  • 200% Free Play Bonus with a 18x Rollover
  • 150% Free Play Bonus with a 15x Rollover
  • 100% Free Play Bonus with a 10x Rollover

All of these come with a $1,000 maximum deposit amount, meaning the maximum bonus one could receive $2,000 in free play on a $1,000 deposit. An 18x rollover is pretty terrible, but it’s tough not to love a $2,000 bonus when depositing just $1,000. Few offshore sites offer this kind of bonus, and it’s a rare find when so many sites present bonuses that top out at a few hundred bucks.

HRWager Review Highlights

Betting Markets & Odds

HRWager offers players a modest wagering platform. It’s similar to 5Dimes, albeit with far fewer markets available. That isn’t to say that they don’t have a ton of options for US bettors, however. Hockey, football, basketball, and baseball, for both college and professional, are loaded up with betting markets that go far beyond sides, totals, and moneyline markets. There are a number of player and team props for many sports, particularly the NFL and NBA.

As far as bet types, everything that bettors are used to seeing at most other online sportsbooks is available at Parlays and teaser aren’t poor by any stretch but don’t offer any +EV areas by taking a look at their odds. Their parlay odds are standard, and their teaser selection is only available up to six teams. Bettors can also have on round-robins, reverse bets, and if-bets at their disposal.

There is plenty more available besides major US sports. Soccer leagues from around the world are represented well, and tons of other markets are available, such as tennis, boxing, cricket and many others. Futures markets are something we didn’t see much of though, which is a bit of a drawback. Although, the worst downsides of HRWager is that they don’t offer live betting. We spoke with a live chat operator that assured us that this feature would soon be available, but as of October 2015, there are no live betting options available.

Wagering Limits

Betting limits at HRWager are extremely low. It’s a downside to those that want to bet more, but also shows the sportsbook is careful about becoming over-exposed and plays it safe as a small shop. This ends up becoming a positive for the security of funds, despite the low limits.

Major markets, such as the NFL and other professional sports, but also college football will have a maximum betting limit of $500 on sides, totals and moneylines. Non-major markets, like boxing or tennis, is capped at $100. Team or player props are also extremely low, with maximum bets at just $50.

We’ve seen reports in the forums that support will raise betting limits for those that are interested, so there is a possibility of that happening. However, we’re not entirely sure that these will be raised for first-time depositors. You may have to lose some money first, and then re-deposit, for your betting limits to be increased.

HRWager Customer Support

HRWager has an excellent support, staff. They have a 24 toll-free phone line for wagering and a customer support line that is active during business hours. Live chat is available on just about every page, and their team responds immediately to requests. Emails are responded to within 24 hours.

HRWager Sportsbook Review – Final Thoughts

HRWager isn’t a top-tier sportsbook, and they will probably never get to that level. That’s fine, though. There’s certainly a place for them in the offshore industry as they are now. Their betting limits aren’t awesome, but they have plenty of markets available and offer a massive deposit bonus. For low limits bettors who want a huge bonus, they’re a perfectly fine option.

HRWager Sportsbook rated 3.5 /5
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