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OddsMaker Warning! (Updated: 11/08/2017) – We have moved OddsMaker to our scam sportsbook section due to their fraudulent activities involving non-payment to members. The amount they have yet to pay is speculated to be over $250,000 in recent complaints. Historically, they may have stolen more. Anyone considering to bet at OddsMaker is warned about their scam sportsbook and site and bet at your own risk.

We recommend to STAY AWAY from OddsMaker!!!

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Oddsmaker Review Summary

Sports Betting Site Oddsmaker (FutureBet) LogoWhen it comes to unsavory offshore operators, Oddsmaker and FutureBet take the cake. They’re by far the worst option for US players when choosing a sportsbook, or online gambling site, in general.

Oddsmakers’ parent company, FutureBet, have a notorious reputation in the industry since their inception all the back in 1998. They have operated under other names, such as iGaming Software (IGS), Steel Head Games, New Wave Marketing, JP Gateway, Gametech Solutions and many more. FutureBet has owned dozens of sites since they opened their doors and have ripped off their clients through white label scams.

Estimates of FutureBet’s theft since 1998 hover around $1 million dollars which has been taken from players and clients of FutureBet Systems or their aliases. Unlike many other rogue online bookmakers that will go after balances of their big winners, FutureBet is happy to steal from all of their clients.

Currently, FutureBet is marketing two main sportsbooks, which also offer poker and casino gambling to players. These sites are Oddsmaker.eu and BetOnUSA.ag. However, they’ve owned and operated hundreds of sites over the years. The Wizard of Odds offers a much more extensive list.

A Personal Opinion on Oddsmaker

What We Don’t Like About Oddsmaker

Oh, where to begin. FutureBet’s ascension to their throne of lies started at the turn of the century after they offered their brand to clients as an OnGame white label for both sportsbook and poker. They charged $30,000 to license their brand and took 30-40% of the profits earned by each skin. FutureBet never did pay their skin operators, nor did they process cashouts to clients as they claimed they would do. Skin owners often reached into their own pockets to pay players, since FutureBet wasn’t stepping up the plate right away.

They assumed, wrongly, that FutureBet would make things whole with them and it was only a matter of logistics. Many skin owners had to close down their sites owing players thousands, after already emptying their own pockets to pay players.

All of this was during the heyday of online gambling in the US, the “Poker Boom” making their theft and fraud even more shocking. Even smaller poker sites were making millions a year back then. A former employee exposed much of this scam publicly, and even pointed people to FutureBet’s offices and new aliases, but no one was able to get their funds back from the company.

After this incident, FutureBet has continuously rebranded their services and products. Oddsmaker has been on sportsbook blacklists basically since they opened their doors, but they have still managed to keep their doors open. Sportsbook Review’s first report of their theft showed up in March, 2011. Since then, Oddsmaker has confiscated, at minimum, $250,000 from winning players. That number is only the thefts that have been reported through SBR via complaints. The actual number could be much more.

How do they steal bettors’ bankrolls? Oddsmaker uses just about all the tricks in the book to defraud players from rightfully getting their winnings. The “syndicate” or “professional betting” clauses are one of their favorites. After a player wins a large sum, Oddsmaker deems them a professional player and confiscates their winnings. If they’re lucky, they might get their original deposit back.

However, more often than not, Oddsmaker just simply ignores emails, live chat inquiries and phone calls when it comes to withdrawal requests. They slow-pay just about all their clients and don’t bother paying the vast majority of them.

Management at FutureBet and Oddsmaker has long ago stopped talking to sportsbook watchdog sites like Sportsbook Review. Of course, if a player goes to live chat or calls them asking for help with depositing – they’re eager to help. Whenever it comes time for withdrawal support, they aren’t nearly as helpful. Live chat and phone support staff continue to feed players excuses and emails go unanswered.

One of the reasons that Oddsmaker still seems to manage to stay open is their lucrative affiliate program. They do pay their affiliates on time each month and offer a 50% revenue share with partners. They boast that their rev share “is the highest online”, which might be true.

It’s not so difficult to offer up to 50% to your affiliates when you’re regularly confiscating the winnings of your clients. In fact, the affiliates that continue to promote Oddsmaker may be the only reason they’re in business.

Some of them may not be aware of the scams that Oddsmaker is pulling, but that’s unlikely. They’ve been around awhile and their status as a rogue sportsbook in this industry has been well documented. Yet, you will see many sites recommending them to bettors and giving them positive reviews.

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Stay Away From Oddsmaker and FutureBet

It’s not worth breaking down the offers and markets at Oddsmaker like we do for every other sportsbook here at Safest Betting Sites. Their word means absolutely nothing. If you decide to deposit, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to get your deposit back and it’s extremely unlikely you will see any winnings. Oddsmakers’ bonuses, flashy design, and a large list of markets have fooled bettors for more than a decade. Don’t give these scumbags another dime.

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