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NCAA Basketball Live BettingCollege basketball has more live betting opportunities than any other major sport. The season isn’t nearly as long as the NBA’s but due to the massive number of teams in Division I CBB – there are nights with dozens and dozens of games to live bet on. College hoops is a small market sport, but it has quite the following both from a fan and betting perspective. It is one market that sharps or wise guy bettors love to target.

Betting on NCAA basketball can be done several different ways. There are all sorts of pre-match markets, such as sides, totals, and moneylines, but the real fun starts with in-play betting college basketball. College hoops is an excellent sport to live bet as it has a lot of valuable opportunities due to the streakiness of the game. College basketball in-play wagering is especially popular during the NCAA Tournament.

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How College Basketball Live Betting Works

Live betting or in-play betting is relatively new in the history of sports betting. It’s been around for only two decades and has expanded rapidly with the rise in internet wagering. Now, just about every game for every major sport has live betting options. In-play betting on NCAA college basketball is when the betting odds are updated in real time as the game happens. The rules for betting and grading bets stay the same when live betting and the only difference is that you’re betting on the basketball game as it happens in real time.

How to Live Bet On College Basketball Games

  1. Chose A Trusted Betting Site – Choosing an online sportsbook isn’t rocket science, but that doesn’t mean you should sign up and deposit at the first sportsbook you stumble upon. Instead, check out the criteria for a top betting site, along with our recommendations for the best betting sites. Also, look at their in-game wagering options for college basketball. Once you deposit and sign-up, you can then move onto NCAA basketball live betting.
  2. Look For College Basketball Live Betting Markets – Live betting usually has a separate interface or software compared to pre-match markets. Almost all the sports that are happening where live betting is available will be on this menu. Most college games, especially those from those teams ranked in the top 25 will have live betting markets. However, some smaller conferences and teams may not be available for online in-play wagering.
  3. Choose A Bet – Let’s say you want to make a bet on a UNC and Duke basketball game. The game is in the second half, and the live point spread is UNC +6.5 (-110) and Duke -6.5 (-110). If you want to place a bet on Duke at +6, you can click on that selection and add them to your bet slip. Learn more about various college basketball bets.
  4. Place Your Bet – Once you have added Duke to your bet slip, you can now choose the amount you want to bet. Since the odds are -110, you will need to wager $110 to win $100 on Duke -6.5. They must win the game seven points or more for your bet to be graded as a winner.
  5. Confirm Your Bet – Before you place your bet and hit the submit button, be sure to make sure your selection and bet amount are. The odds may also change during live betting markets, so be sure that the odds, if updated, are still worth betting. Most sites now have one-click confirmations, so once you click submit, your bet is locked in and finalized.

Best Sportsbooks For Live College Hoops Betting

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When it comes to bonuses, payout options and speeds, and betting limits – is one of the best sportsbooks online. They have a Welcome Bonus of 50% Up To $1,000 for first-time depositors and also have a cryptocurrency bonus and life-time reload bonuses. Their wagering limits are among the highest for betting sites. The payouts are fast, and they accept accounts from all 50 states.

Live Betting Strategy For NCAA Basketball

NCAA Basketball Live Betting StrategyEven if you’re a seasoned college basketball gambler when it comes to pre-match betting – in-game betting can be a different animal altogether. There are several ways to maximize your profitability when it comes NCAA basketball live betting strategy. Like the NBA, college hoops lends itself well to live betting.

Strategy #1 – Exploit the Streakiness of Basketball

Basketball is a game of runs. If you’re an avid basketball bettor or fan, there is no doubt you’ve seen tons of 10-0 runs or 15-2 runs and so on, throughout a game. Teams get hot to a point where they seemingly can’t miss a shot and other times it seems like they can’t make a bucket. These are merely the swings of a basketball game. These streaks offer an opportunity for live bettors. Just because a team is shooting lights out in the first half does not mean that they will do so in the second.

This is especially true when one team outclasses another from a talent or skill level. Knowledge of the teams and players helps a lot when live betting and trying to take advantage of the streakiness of basketball. The best instance to try this is when a superior team is down early on, but you think they have an excellent shot to cover or win outright based on the live odds.

Strategy #2 – Hedging Your Pre-Match Wagers

Hedging your bet is something that is generally done when you have bet underdog moneyline before a game starts and want to lock in some profit if the dog jumps out to a substantial lead. This is not something that is always recommended, but it is a strategy to secure some profits and protect against total loss. If possible, you should try to give yourself a middle and have a chance to win both sides of the bet.

Strategy #3 – Live Betting Arbitrage

Arbitrage is the process of finding two different prices in the betting market that will allow you to lock in a profit if you bet both sides. This is different from hedging because you’re not working with a previously made bet. Arbitrage is harder when it comes to live betting because odds can change quickly, but also entirely possible because there is a lot of variation in college basketball live odds. The one thing that is vital for in-play betting when it comes to arbitrage is that the sportsbook you choose does not cancel or alter your live bets once placed.

Types of College Basketball Live Bets

Betting markets won’t change much from pre-match betting options when it comes to live wagering on college basketball. You will have fewer options when betting live compared pre-match choices. The basics will be there, and a lot depends on the sportsbook where you’re gambling. Some may have far more options than others.

Sides, Totals, and Moneylines Bets

These are the most popular bets for live betting options on each game. NCAA basketball uses points spreads like the NBA. Totals and money lines also operated in the same way. The only difference is that the odds are updated live. Learn more about different basketball bets visit our College Basketball Betting Guide.

First and Second Half Scoring

Since there are no quarters in college basketball, bettors can wager on the outcome of the first and second half. Depending on the sportsbook, this can include the total, spread, and moneyline. First and second half wagering is very popular in college hoops.

College Basketball Propositions

There won’t be as many props for college basketball compared to other sports, but stuff like the first team to score 10 points or first team to score 20 points and so on are very common bets. The propositions available at each betting site will be heavily dependent on the oddsmakers and what they choose to offer to bettors.

Live Betting On 2019 March Madness

live betting march madnessThe NCAA Tournament which crowns a National Title winner each year in college basketball is one of the most heavily bet events of the year. It even surpasses the Super Bowl when it comes to overall betting handle. The opportunities for in-game betting are limitless in the early days of the tournament, and it’s easily the best time of year for live betting on college basketball. If you’re not live betting March Madness – you shouldn’t even call yourself a basketball bettor.

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