College Basketball Betting Sites

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Best College Basketball Betting Sites

Looking for the best college basketball betting sites to place your wagers? You have come to the right place.

Here you will find the top-ranked online sportsbooks to safely bet on NCAA basketball.

Plus, we share our reviews on each one of them, highlighting their specific benefits and bonus offers.

Without further ado, the following are the best NCAAB betting sites in 2024.

Best Sites To Bet On NCAA Basketball In 2024

Rank NCAAB Betting Sites Deposit Bonus Highlights Get Started
1 Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $2,500 Highlights
  • Lots of bonuses
  • Offers VIP program
  • Reliable software
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2 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $250 Highlights
  • US Bettors Only
  • VIP Program
  • Low Rollover
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3 Deposit Bonus 125% Up To $1,250 Highlights
  • Competitive odds
  • Solid banking options
  • Crypto-friendly
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4 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $250 Highlights
  • One of the largest sportsbooks online
  • Large betting limits
  • Post odds earlier than others
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5 Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $500 Highlights
  • Reputable history
  • Valuable bonuses
  • Pays on time
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6 Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $1,000 Highlights
  • Trusted Site
  • Credit Card Deposits
  • Great Parlay Odds
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7 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $1,000 Highlights
  • Popular
  • Good Payouts
  • Bet Variety
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8 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $1,000 Highlights
  • Trustworthy
  • Fast Payouts
  • Accepts Crypto
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Our Review Of The Best College Basketball Sportsbooks

Since we know you are interested in finding the best online sportsbooks out there for your specific needs, we decided to write individual reviews on the top 5 to help you make the right choice.

Here are the best college basketball sportsbooks reviewed in order.

BetNow – Top College Basketball Betting Site

BetNow Sportsbook takes the lead as the best site to bet on NCAAB online. They carry an excellent reputation and offer attractive perks for US bettors.

Their 100% Up To $1,000 Welcome Bonus meets the highest industry standards and is a great opportunity for new players to increase their bankrolls early.

Their betting software is very safe and is considered to be one of the best among sportsbooks.

They offer many betting options during the college basketball season to meet the needs of both newbie and seasoned bettors.

Why BetNow Is The Best NCAAM Sportsbook?

  • Rewards program for bettors.
  • Big deposit bonus with low rollover.
  • Strong betting software and prop builder.
  • Variety of college basketball betting markets.
mastercard deposits
Amex deposits
betnow ncaab sportsbook

Grab Your Welcome Bonus At BetNow!

100% Up To $1,000

MyBookie – The Next Best Site To Bet On NCAAB

MyBookie Sportsbook comes as the second-best college basketball betting site.

They offer dozens of betting lines and odds on all college sports. They also provide specific contests you can participate in during NCAAB March Madness.

The sportsbook posts odds early and their 50% Up To $1,000 sign-up bonus is among the best.

Why Choose MyBookie?

  • Great sign-up welcome bonus.
  • High betting limits for college sports.
  • Good for Live betting on college basketball.
mastercard deposits
mybookie ncaab sportsbook

Sign Up And Start Betting At MyBookie!

50% Up To $1,000

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada is a great college basketball betting site for casual and serious bettors.

They have a fantastic assortment of betting markets and perhaps the best wagering software online.

They’re also great for college basketball betting. They’re one of the few sites that offers player props during the regular season for NCAA basketball.

Another interesting perk of Bovada is their 50% Up To $250 welcome bonus, which will help you increase your bankroll as soon as you sign up.

Why Choose Bovada?

  • Low rollover welcome bonus.
  • Great rewards program for bettors.
  • Decent betting limits for college basketball.
mastercard deposits
bovada ncaab sportsbook

Get A Bonus With Low Rollover At Bovada

50% Up To $250 Sportsbook is another top betting site at SBS. They’ve become one of the most popular betting websites and have a vast assortment of bets for all sports, including college basketball.

They have fast payouts and offer a 50% Up To $1,000 Welcome Bonus when you sign up and make your first deposit.

Their betting limits are more extensive than most sites that take American bettors, and there are tons of options besides spread, moneylines, and totals.

Live betting is available for every game, and there are tons of college basketball player and team props.

Why Choose

  • One of the fastest paying sportsbooks.
  • Excellent for recreational and pro bettors.
  • Early odds for most events, including NCAAB.
mastercard deposits
Amex deposits
Ethereum sports betting
sportsbetting ncaab sportsbook

Get Fast Payouts At!

50% Up To $1,000

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline is a premier option for US online college sports bettors. They are among the top NCAA Basketball betting sites when it comes to service, betting lines and odds, and safety.

They offer early and highly competitive odds on college basketball betting lines. They are often the first sportsbook to post overnight lines across several sports.

You can find two interesting Welcome Bonuses at BetOnline. One of them is a 50% Up To $250 bonus, perfect for any type of college basketball fan.

Why Choose BetOnline?

  • Mobile Betting $50 Free Play.
  • One of the fastest paying sportsbooks.
  • Excellent for recreational and pro bettors.
  • Early odds for most events, including NCAAB.
mastercard deposits
Amex deposits
Ethereum sports betting
betonline ncaab sportsbook

Start Having Fun At BetOnline!

50% Up To $250

How We Choose The Best College Basketball Betting Sites

The following are the factors we evaluate when ranking NCAA basketball sportsbooks.

  1. Welcome Bonuses

    The best sportsbooks offer bonuses and promotions to new users when they sign up to their platforms.

    Make sure to pick the betting site with the highest welcome bonus to increase your bankroll as soon as you start.
  2. Safe Deposit Options

    We understand adding money online is nerve-wracking to some degree, but the sports betting sites we recommend are safe.

    Our betting experts make sure the sportsbooks we recommend are secured.

    You can sign up, add money, place bets, and cash out your winnings. We are brutally honest in our reviews because we are customers as well.

    Deposits via credit and debit cards are usually the most common form to add funds. Yet, if you don’t feel comfortable with the method, you can deposit via bank wires and cryptocurrencies.
  3. Great Customer Service

    Online sportsbooks are very straight-forward and you should not have any issue while betting. However, if you need support while wagering real money, you better get a good one.

    We made sure that all the recommended sites in this guide meet this requirement so you don’t have to worry about it.
  4. Variety Of Betting Markets

    When betting on college sports, smaller sportsbooks fall short. But the college basketball betting sites we recommend here offer plenty of wagering options so you never run out of winning opportunities.

    You’ll often find moneylines, totals, NCAAB futures, spread bets, and more to cover your needs.

    The best part is that these sportsbooks will open the March Madness betting season with huge prizes for both new and regular customers. The prizes will vary depending on the entry price, but there is more than one opportunity to play.

    Some sports betting sites will even go as far as adding a new bracket contest starting from the Sweet Sixteen stage.

    Let’s say your original bracket didn’t turn out the way you want, well, you will have a chance to try again with the Sweet Sixteen bracket. The number of opportunities to bet on college basketball during the tournament is endless.
  5. User-Friendly Interface

    Once you know what bet you want to place, simply click on the odds that are offered. After that, the site will allow you to input how much money you want to wager.

    The sportsbook will show the amount you are staking and your potential winnings before the bet is confirmed. Now click to confirm your bet and root for your bet!

We also review the following aspects to make sure a sports betting site is worth recommending.

Deposits and Withdrawals
Deposits & Withdrawals
Spotsbook's longevity
Sportsbook’s Longevity
Sportsbooks payouts
Online Reputation & Fairness
Sports Betting Bonuses
Betting Odds & Bonuses

College Basketball Betting Options

At the best college basketball betting sites you will find the following bet types.

Moneylines – Pick A Team To Win Straight Up

The money line bet is perfect for fans that want to pick what college basketball team will win the game. The value of each side will vary depending on the matchup. It’s as simple as putting money on a team and root for it to win.

NCAAB Moneyline Example

North Carolina -160 vs. Syracuse +135

If you are betting the Tar Heels to win, you need to lay down $160 to win $100. The winning margin doesn’t come into play. You are betting on a North Carolina win by any result.

If you are betting the Orange, a $100 bet will pay you $135 if Syracuse wins the game by any margin.

Point Spread – Will A Team Cover The Spread?

The oddsmakers will set up a number to handicap each of the 63 matchups in the tournament. Players will try to beat the spread by betting either the favorite or the underdog.

NCAAB Point Spread Example

Boston College +10.5 (-110) vs Notre Dame -10.5 (-110)

The oddsmakers have the Fighting Irish as the favorite team by 10.5 points in the spread. By betting Notre Dame, the Irish need to win the game by 11 points or more. The price of the bet is $110 to win $100.

If you bet Boston College, the Eagles could win the game or lose by 10 points or fewer to make your bet a winner. The price is also $110 to win $100.

Totals – Over/Under of The Combined Score

There are games where you don’t feel comfortable with the numbers offered by the oddsmakers.

It means you will probably stay away from betting the money line or the spread. But lucky for sports betting fans, the game totals are also a good option.

The oddsmakers will set up a number of points both teams will score combined, and players get to choose if the total of points will go Over or Under.

NCAAB Totals Bet Example

Duke vs Syracuse | Total: Over 125.5 (-110) vs Under 125.5 (-110)

Betting the total is picking whether Duke and Syracuse will go over 125.5 points combined or will stay under that number. The -110 is the money you need to invest to win $100.

If you pick Over 125.5 and the result of the game is Duke 67-65 Syracuse, then you will be a winner.

Between the two combined for 132 points and went over the 125.5 established by the oddsmakers. It works the same way when betting the Under.

Props – Fun & Crazy Game Bets

Prop bets are a way to get in the action without wagering about the outcome of the game. You can place dozens of prop bets on the game, teams, or individual players.

Some props can be crazy or weird situations, and it makes it more fun. Look for these props at any of our top sportsbooks. The college basketball prop bets are usually listed a few hours before each game.

Live Betting On NCAA Basketball Games

Live Betting on college basketball games is getting more and more popular since wagering on a game in real-time gives the bettor an edge over the oddsmakers.

They don’t have much time to prepare, and several times the odds they offer are a little off. That’s when you take advantage.

Live Betting can be a handy tool if you do it the right way. Unexpected comebacks and crazy endings happen a lot during the MM tournament.

The Live Betting option can make you a lot of money if you take risks and choose the right side, just make sure to choose the best March Madness betting sites to place your wagers.

Always look for the sports betting sites that offer higher live betting limits!

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