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NCAA College Basketball Betting

NCAA College basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Beginning in mid-November, the season builds to a climax in the middle of March as the NCAA Tournament crowns a National Champion.

“March Madness” tournament is second only to the Super Bowl regarding wagering volume. Of course, there is a whole season of rivalries and fierce competition before we get to the Big Dance and many opportunities to place profitable basketball bets and test various basketball betting systems.

Some basketball purists prefer the college game compared to the faster paced, higher scoring contests of the NBA basketball. Most basketball fans prefer both, but the NCAA Tournament captivates even those who typically only watch the professionals. The NCAA basketball betting sites tend to offer dozens of match-ups each week during the season so you can polish you basketball betting system and get ready to wage when the March Madness comes around.

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NCAA College Basketball Betting Strategies Articles

Writing college basketball betting strategy is tougher than other sports. The same principles apply, (line shopping and value is paramount) but winning is more about knowledge. Like college football, teams and players often change drastically year-to-year. A keen understanding of the game, notably smaller conference play, is the best way to gain an edge over the NCAA basketball betting sites.

NCAA Season And the Final Four

NCAA Final FourThere are over 350 Division I teams in the United States and every single one of them is vying for a spot in the 64-team single elimination NCAA Tournament. In just two days, the field whittles down from 64 to 32. From there, we have the Sweet 16, Elite 8 and the Final Four.

A committee picks the tournament while each conference winner across the country gets an at-large bid. The selection committee weighs the team’s 30-game regular and conference tournament performance while also accounting for strength of schedule. Those that don’t make the NCAA Tournament hope to get into the National Invitation Tournament (NIT).

NCAA Basketball Betting Types

College basketball betting isn’t much different from NBA wagering. Sides and totals are the most popular wagers, but moneylines, along with live betting is available, as well. Player and team props won’t number as many as NBA contests, but these markets have increased in recent years. During March Madness, the number of betting sites and options is almost overwhelming, almost!

NCAA Basketball Point Spreads

ncaa basketball point spreads

Point spread betting on college sports is no different than the traditional point spread wagering. The same rules that apply for NBA apply here as well.There’s going to be some higher point spreads compared to the NBA. While NBA teams are more competitively matched, some college matchups are extremely lopsided. It’s like college football, where bettors can see spreads as high as 20-30 points.

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College Basketball Moneylines

ncaa moneylines
Moneyline wagering is betting on the outright winner and not the point spread. There won’t be college basketball moneyline odds for every game, but usually on more popular contests such as televised games or games involving ranked teams.

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NCAA Basketball Totals

Totals NCAA betting

The total is the amount scored by both teams in the game. It also includes overtime. Players can bet the under or over on the bookmaker’s odds.Spreads can be rather high due to the gap in talent between the teams, but this is not the case when it comes to totals. As a whole, the talent is still considerably worse than the NBA. This is the opposite of college football, where the lack of talent and rules of the game make totals much higher than those in the NFL.

College totals will usually range in the 130 to 150 range, but can go as high as 180 when the bookmakers think a game will be especially high scoring. They can also go as low as 110. There is rarely a total in the NBA that is lower than 170.

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College Basketball Parlays

parlays nba

Parlay betting is available at NCAA basketball betting sites, and the bet has the same rules that it would for any other sport. Bettors must win each bet or leg of their parlay for the bet to cash. If they push one of their bets, the wager will go to a smaller number of teams.College basketball parlays on totals and point spreads are fixed odds parlays, just like the NBA.

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College Basketball Teasers

Teasars Betting NCAA

College basketball teasers work the same way they do in other sports. Players will add points to their side of the total or point spread, but have to win all of the legs of the bet to cash.Just like parlays, in the event of a push, most sites will drop the teaser to a lesser number of teams.

Basketball teasers usually range from 4 to 6 points, but many sites offer basketball teasers up to 12 points. The number of teams that players must bet is a minimum of two teams, but a maximum of up to 15 teams on some sites.

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NCAA Basketball Futures

NBA Futures betting
NCAA bsketball future markets for college basketball bets haven’t gotten as far as conference winners or even conference tournament winners at most betting sites, but there is heavy future wagering each year on the NCAA Tournament. Players will be able to bet on the winner of the tournament six months or more in advance.

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Basketball Propositions

NBA Propositions

Like most expanded markets for college basketball, there are plenty more options around tournament time. Nightly college basketball props are rather rare at most US-facing sportsbooks, but some sites may offer nightly props on televised games or high-profile matchups.Of course, when it comes to March, there’s plenty of action. There are many player and team props surrounding much of the Road to the Final Four. These may focus on a player’s points plus rebounds or pit different players against each other. There are also team props. The possibilities are endless and up to the oddsmakers of each book.

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College Basketball Live Betting

NBA Live Betting

Every sport is available for live betting these days, and college basketball is no exception. Of course, as with just about everything else associated with college basketball, live betting peaks in March during the NCAA Tournament. However, depending on your preferred NCAA basketball betting sites, you should have access to live betting options throughout the season.

College basketball live betting sites usually include a live spread and total, along with team and player props that update live. Live betting for basketball doesn’t have quite as many markets as other sports such as football, but offers a unique way to wager on the game compared to traditional pre-game and halftime wagers.

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