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NBA Live BettingNBA live betting has exploded in recent years, as the NBA popularity increases more bettors are choosing to wager live rather than on pre-match wagers. Live betting continues to expand at a rapid rate for all sports, and professional basketball is not an exception. If you’re an NBA bettor that hasn’t given live betting markets a try – you’re missing out.

New markets are continually being added, and the user experience keeps improving. Most importantly, there are plenty of profitable betting opportunities. These days any NBA game is available for in-running betting. Those who are new to betting may need NBA live betting explained, but most of the betting markets are the same as prematch wagers, only that they occur as the game is being played. Below we’ll go over the basics for live betting and offer some of our best live betting tips and strategies for NBA games.

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How NBA Live Betting Works

Live betting is somewhat new in the long history of sports betting but has been around for at least a decade in online betting markets. These days, every sports betting site has live betting options available, some better than others. The most significant difference between NBA live betting compared to pre-match wager is that in-game betting odds are frequently updating. NBA live betting is one of the most popular markets these days and  It can also be used in conjunction with pre-match bets.

How to Live Bet On NBA Games

  1. Choose An Online Sportsbook – It’s important to do your research before deciding to deposit into an online sportsbook. We review the most interesting sports betting sites online for US bettors and point players to the best options.
  2. Deposit Your Funds – Use cryptocurrencies because credit and debit cards come with higher fees. Bitcoin is our top choice for live in-game NBA wagering. We have a guide about betting with cryptocurrencies, in case you would like to know more information about how they work.
  3. Review Live Betting Options – Some sites will offer more live betting choices compared to others. Every online sportsbook has live betting options these days, but several go much farther than adjusted sides and totals. Check out the live betting choices available at your sportsbook.
  4. Look For Bonuses – Sportsbooks will not only offer players a deposit bonus when signing up, but several will also provide promotional bets, specifically for their live betting product. For example, and offer a $25 live betting bonus when users sign up.
  5. Place Your NBA Live Betting Wagers – Once you’ve deposited, it’s time to bet. Live betting wagers have the same rules as pre-match wagers, so after this point, it’s just selecting your bet, and wager amount and hitting submit.

Top NBA Live Betting Sites For US Bettors

Mybookie best sportsbook
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  • Accepts credit card deposits
  • Timely payouts guarantees
  • NBA promotions and bonuses year-round
  • Generous deposit bonus up to $1000
  • Excellent software for desktop and mobile

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Why Bet At Mybookie? is the top sportsbooks online. They have plenty of advantages over their competitors starting with a generous deposit bonus of 50% Up To $1,000. The number of betting markets provided is so vast that Mybookie is the betting site that you can “truly bet on anything.” They offer free credit and debit card deposits. Deposits and withdrawals are also fast and free of charge if you’re using cryptocurrencies.

sportsbetting best overall sportsbook
  • Accepts Litecoin and Bitcoin
  • Credit card deposits accepted
  • Excellent and timely payouts
  • Competitive odds for NBA
  • NBA specific bonuses offered each season
  • Large assortment of sports betting markets

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Why Is SportsBetting The Best?

When it comes to bonuses, payout options and speeds, and betting limits – is one of the best sportsbooks online. They have a Welcome Bonus of 50% Up To $1,000 and also have a cryptocurrency bonus and life-time reload bonuses. SportsBetting’s wagering limits are among the highest for betting sites servicing Americans. Their payouts are fast, and they accept accounts from all 50 U.S. states.

NBA Live Bet Types

NBA live betting will have most of the same options available as you would if you’re betting before the game starts, but instead these odds are updated in real time. Sides and totals are the minimum that a sportsbook will have when it comes to live betting on NBA games, but most have far more options.

Live Sides and Totals

These are the most basic form of sports betting available at every site that offers NBA live betting. The point spread and game total will be updated live as the game progresses. Some sites paused their live odds during play and would only allow bettors to wager during stoppages and commercials, this is not the case at many betting sites these days. Sides and totals will also have the highest betting limits compared to other live betting markets.

Team Totals, Quarter, and Halftime Bets

Advanced options include in-play team totals, quarter bets, and halftime wagers. These are available at advanced live betting platforms and can have several variations. Like other live betting markets, they are updated live as the game plays out. There are typically betting options for each quarter, such as live third quarter betting and so on.


Props are where you will find the most variation between sportsbook providers. The number of props available for live betting depends on the operator. The most common props are stuff like, which team will score next or the first team to ten points. There are far more team props when it comes to NBA live betting compared to player props.

Live NBA Betting Strategies

NBA live betting NBA live betting strategy will differ from betting before the game starts. There are a few ways to attack live betting markets that are non-specific to NBA, and those that can be used distinctly for live in-game NBA betting. As mentioned above, it’s one of the best sports to gamble on when it comes to live betting markets.

#1 Strategy – Take Advantage of Runs

Basketball is a game of runs. Teams will often score 10 points in a row, before going cold, then the other team may go on a 12-2 run and vice-versa. Live betting point spread markets will change on these runs, allowing you to take advantage if you understand the game, basketball can be an up and down sport.

The main reason to use this “runs” strategy is if you liked a team as a pre-match wager, but thought the spread was a bit too high. For instance, if Golden State was -13, but you opted not to take them before the start of the game, and their opponent started off with a 10-0 run, this price might decrease to -10 or lower. If you liked them a lot before the start of the game – a run at the beginning of the game shouldn’t bother you, especially if you get a substantial discount compared to the pre-match price.

#2 Strategy – Using It As A Hedge

Live betting is an ideal spot for hedging. We don’t encourage bettors to hedge their bets, however,  hedging is useful under some circumstances. Live betting is an excellent way to lock in your profits from a pre-match wager or go for a middle. Again, this is something that is useful but a spot where bettors often go after too much. Evaluate your hedging opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

#3 Strategy – If You Forgot to Place A Bet

This isn’t a strategy as much as it is a convenience. Live betting now allows you to bet on a game even if you miss the tip-off. It’s worth adopting the above strategy of taking advantage or runs in the game to get the price you desire, but you can also opt to place a bet just after the tip off if you happen to miss the start of the game.

Live Betting on the NBA Finals 2019

nba finals live bettingLive betting is especially prevalent when the NBA calendar gets to the postseason. The excitement of the postseason and NBA finals combined with live betting is a sports betting and an NBA fan’s dream come true. Not only are limits raised higher for the NBA finals betting, but there are more options, altogether.

The NBA’s postseason hasn’t been as exciting in recent years due to the dominance of the Warriors, but their success doesn’t make betting any less fun. Every game has a massive list of pre-game wagers and tons of live betting options.

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