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Live betting is a type of wagering that is a direct result of the proliferation of online sports betting. In North American markets, it’s typically called live betting, but in European markets, live betting is often called in-play betting or in-running betting. The betting market functions the same, regardless of how it’s labeled at an online bookmaker.

Best Live Betting Sites of 2018

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Live Betting – Explained

Live betting doesn’t differ much from pre-match wagering. The only difference is that bettors have the ability to wager on a match as it happens live, meaning the game or event is still in progress.

In its infancy, live betting markets were just adjusted sides, moneylines, and totals. Essentially, they were live betting options for pre-match markets. This limited selection still exists at some sportsbooks, but the number of markets available for live betting has expanded rapidly.

Each sportsbook differs in their offerings, but many betting sites these days have over 100 markets for a single contest. Sites servicing U.S. residents still lag behind the international market, but even the much maligned American sports bettor has several high quality live betting options.

Top Live Betting Sites – US Players

Live Betting at gambling siteThe gambling site is a skin of BetOnline. They share the same management staff, betting markets, and software. They also have the same features and cashier. However, bonus options will be different between the two sportsbooks. Players can sign up for both and and receive bonuses at both sites simultaneously. Their betting options for live betting are the same as BetOnline’s. live betting interfaceLive betting at is available for just about every sport that they have available for pre-match betting. Live betting markets are numerous for all sports, but major American sports, such as football and basketball will have more betting options. is also one of the few sportsbooks to offer live betting on eSports matches, such as League of Legends, DOTA 2 and many others.

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Bovada Live Betting

Bovada SportsbookThe Bovada Sportsbook live betting interface has seen plenty of improvements throughout the past few years, which include enhancements to their software and number of betting markets.

The recreational bookmaker goes far beyond North American sports when it comes to pre-match betting markets, and they don’t disappoint in live betting markets either. Sides, totals, and moneylines are a given for each sport available for live betting, but the number of propositions available is also promising.

Bovada live betting interfaceNFL football, not so shockingly, offers the most live betting markets for players. However, even sports like Euro league basketball have about a dozen betting markets. Soccer matches have 30 or more markets. eSports has also become a major draw. Their number of markets and betting limits still won’t get close to the big boys when it comes to international markets, but as far as U.S. sports go, they’re a top choice.

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BetOnline SportsbookThe BetOnline Sportsbook has become a premier option in recent years for American residents. Their live betting product is behind Bovada, but not by much.

They don’t have quite as many betting options, and overall, we enjoyed Bovada’s client a bit more because of their software. BetOnline could use an upgrade to their interface, but like Bovada and most other sites these days, they do have live odds for just about every market that is available for pre-match wagering.

They don’t exactly skimp on smaller market sports either. We counted about a dozen markets for live betting on Brazilian soccer. North American sports will have the most markets, but that’s the way it should be. With an upgrade to their interface and a few more markets, BetOnline could easily be in the elite category.

eSports has become especially popular at BetOnline. They have some of the largest betting limits online when it comes to League of Legends betting, and have odds on more eSports than any other site we’ve seen available for U.S. based residents. Large betting limits and lots of markets makes an ideal spot for live betting eSports.

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bookmaker sportsbookWe’re typically not a fan of recommending Bookmaker to new players, despite their stellar reputation, simply because their odds are extremely sharp. However, when it comes to those interested in live betting, they’re easily our top choice.

Their live betting software is some of the best on the web. It easily blows any other sportsbook that accepts Americans out of the water. It also rivals any bookmaker on the internet when it comes live betting experience.

The vast majority of their sports are available for live betting, and their markets are extensive. Their NFL betting markets are the largest we’ve seen on any site that services U.S. players. For smaller markets, we wish they had a bit more, but that isn’t the focus of the majority of their customers. Bookmaker’s expert live betting platform seems to be a hidden gem. If you’re an American and are serious about live betting, then there is no better sportsbook.

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Best Live Betting Sites – International Players

Betway Live Betting

Betway sportsbookBetway Sportsbook has one of the best reputations in the online gaming industry. They’re not only trustworthy, but they offer a lot of markets when it comes to pre-match and live betting markets.

Their in-play betting software may be the best online. Regarding markets, no one comes close. They regularly have dozens or more markets or more for top soccer matches. Even though they’re an international bookmaker, they beat pretty much everyone else when it comes to NFL markets, both in pre-match and live betting. They also specialize in eSports betting, which includes in-play markets.

Betway is also one of the leaders in streaming options. If you’re live betting an event at the bookmaker, there’s a good chance you will be able to stream it live as well.

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Betfair Live Betting

BetfairBetfair is the world’s largest betting exchange and is usually the place to find the best odds available for just about any sport. Just about every sport they have available for pre-match wagering has in-play betting markets.

Using a betting exchange can be tricky for those who have only used traditional bookmakers. We recommend reading the article linked in the last sentence and the full review on Betfair to familiarize yourself on how betting exchanges operate.

The only negative with Betfair is that they don’t offer too much when it comes to exotics or propositions. Since you need another customer to match your wager, the focus is on sides, totals, and moneylines. However, if you’re looking to get the best odds for major live betting markets, they’re easily the top choice.

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888Sport Live Betting

888sport betting site888Sport is a bit of a hidden gem in international markets regarding in-play betting. 888 has over 15 years of experience in online gambling and are well trusted.

As far as live betting, they’re easily competitive with most other sites in terms of software and betting markets. Seriously, these guys have upgraded their product in a massive way within the past few years.

Their range of markets will be larger for sports popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland, but even Euro league basketball games have over a dozen markets for in-play wagering. The number of sports available is right up there with the world’s best. Similar to Betway, they offer plenty of live streaming options for players who like to watch their bets as they happen live.

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