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baseball live bettingWhen it comes to betting on live baseball games MLB will always be behind in betting handled compared to football and basketball. However, it’s slowly becoming more popular among recreational as well as professional sports bettors. MLB live betting markets have been growing steadily and now offer as many wagering options as NFL or NBA. In- game wagering is an entirely different animal than wagering on pre-match wagers and is something that all bettors should try at least once. We highly recommend it to try it in order to diversify your betting repertoire.

Live betting or in-play betting lends itself well to a sport like a baseball. In fact, at most baseball betting sites, it often has more live betting markets than other sports. The frequent stoppages in baseball also make MLB in-game betting an ideal game for betting on the fly. Below, we’ll break down the basics of live MLB odds and some tips and strategies to utilize when betting on live baseball games.

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How Live Sports Betting Works

Live betting is wagering that occurs while a sport or event is being played. It’s also called in-play betting or in-running betting at many European bookmakers. Sportsbooks adjust odds as games play out, in real time and bettors can wager on the outcome as the game unfolds. How wagers are graded, and the rules for betting sports doesn’t change when you’re betting live. The only difference between live bets and pre-match bets is that one is placed while the game is being played and the other is placed before it starts.

In-game betting on baseball is as simple as choosing a bet type, an amount, and then placing your wager. It doesn’t get much more complicated than that. There are going to be several more bet types and the ability to bet on the game as it happens, but basics of sports betting still apply. If you’re into baseball betting and have yet to try out live betting – you’re simply missing out. Not only is it enjoyable, but it’s another potentially profitable to add to your sports betting repertoire.

How to Live Bet On Baseball Games

  1. Sign Up And Deposit At MLB Betting Site – It’s always important to do some of your own research before depositing at an online sportsbook. We have a long list of reviews for just about every sportsbook online for US players, and we give bettors some of our top baseball betting sites recommendations. When you deposit, be sure to take advantage of all bonus offers to maximize your winning opportunity.
  2. Find Live Baseball Betting Markets – Live betting is usually located on the main menu of the sportsbook which is typically on the left side or at the top of the page. It will often be under baseball, but some sportsbooks feature all their in-game wagering sports options together. The live betting software is almost always different than the sportsbook software that is used to place pre-match wagers. It will usually look somewhat different, but as mentioned above, the rules for betting on sports don’t change.
  3. MLB Live Betting Bet SlipPlace A Live MLB Bet – This is the live betting menu for for an MLB baseball game between the Braves and the Dodgers. As you can see, the markets are listed all over the screen, along with the inning that the game is in and the score. These update throughout the game. All the most common baseball bets are there, such as run lines, money lines, and totals, but you will notice a few other props, such as the number of home runs, hits, and if a run will be scored in the inning.
  4. Choose Bet And Amount – Let’s say we decided to take the Dodgers on the -2.5 runline. We simply click on that market, and the wager appears on the right side of the screen on our bet slip. We can then choose the amount we wish to bet. Always be careful to make sure you have selected the right betting market and that you’re betting the correct amount.
  5. Submit Your Bet – We placed a $10.50 to win $10 bet on the Dodgers -2.5 run line. The bet only took a single-click to submit, which is becoming more common. In some cases, it will take two-clicks to review and submit a bet, but be aware that more site are opting for one-click confirmations. After this step, your bet is confirmed and cannot be canceled.

Best Baseball Betting Sites For Live Betting

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Baseball Live Betting Strategy

MLB Live Betting StrategyBaseball live betting strategy is a bit different than pre-match betting. Betting on live baseball games will give you an edge, and it is often the case that MLB in-play wagering markets are less sharp than pre-game odds. The basics of line shopping and taking advantages of bonuses is still essential but there a few more in-depth strategies to employ.

#1 Strategy – Taking Advantage of Price Changes for Value

Let’s say you wanted to wager on the Cubs in a game against the Brewers, but you felt the -200 moneyline was a bit too much to pay or you missed a line move. Anyway, let’s say the Cubs go down 3-0 in the first inning and those odds change from -200 moneyline odds to +150 moneyline odds on the live menu. The Cubs are now down by three runs, but their odds to win the game are now + money. If you loved them to win the game before it started – your opinion shouldn’t change that much.

It’s about the price. You weren’t interested in them at -200, but at +150, well, now that’s a much better deal. There are situations like this that occur all the time in MLB live betting. Another may be when a team has a lead, but their bullpen has been notoriously poor or is overworked. You can place a bet on the other team before these late-inning relievers enter the game.

#2 Strategy – Take Advantage Of Arbitrage

It’s vital that if you live bet MLB and are trying for arbitrage opportunities that you choose two sportsbooks that always honor and never cancel live bets. This is a must-have if you’re trying to arb. Arbitrage means capitalizing on price differences between markets to lock in a profit. It can be used in many other areas of sports betting and finance. Learn more about sports arbitrage and how to implement it.

#3 Strategy – Bet MLB Propositions

Baseball props are less efficient markets than sides, totals, and moneylines and they’re massively available when it comes to live betting. Betting limits are lower on these, but they’re still great options, especially for those who are new to betting and are trying to build a bankroll.

Types of Live MLB Bets

Baseball bet types for live betting will vary depending on the sportsbook. Every MLB betting site will offer the basics, runlines, totals, and money lines, but there can be many more options, such as innings lines and loads of in-game propositions. To learn what how each bet works visit out MLB Betting Guide.

MLB Moneylines & Runlines

Moneyline and runlines are the most common betting market for wagering on MLB baseball and the ones most readily available for live betting with the highest wagering limits. They are updated just like every other live betting baseball market as the game unfolds. The moneyline is merely betting on which team will win the game outright. The runline baseball bet is a modified point-spread type wager where a team is a plus or minus a number of runs, usually -1.5/+1.5.

MLB Total Bets

Totals are the number of runs scored in the game. You can wager over and under this number. This is another market that is always available when betting live MLB baseball. The most common MLB total is 7.5 runs.

Baseball Prop Bets

These will vary the most depending on the sportsbook. MLB proposition bets are any bets not relating to the final score of the game. If there will be a score in the inning, the number of home runs scored in the innings, or the number of hits in the inning are all propositions.

Live Betting on the 2018 World Series

2018 World Series Betting OnlineEvery MLB game in the regular season and playoffs is available for live betting, including the World Series. Betting limits are often higher for postseason games making in-game betting even more lucrative. If you and your buddies are into betting baseball, getting together and placing some pre-game bets and supplementing it with live betting is about the most fun you can as a baseball fan and as a sports bettor. To learn more about 2018 World Series betting online don’t miss reading out online guide.

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