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MLB props betting guide

All online sportsbooks have at least a few MLB prop bets for every baseball game, and the number of markets increases for the World Series.

Baseball props can be based over a brief period such as hitting a home run in a single game or the number of homers a player will hit over a season.

These MLB props can also range from things that may not be baseball-related like the weather, team uniform, or first broken bat.

Best MLB Props Betting Sites 2021

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Score in the 1st inning Baseball Prop Bets

“Score in the 1st inning” is the most common baseball prop, which you will find on just about every game on sites that offer MLB props.

Score 1st inning prop

As you can see, the odds are expressed in moneyline betting format. As always, props are not related to the final score of the game. In this case, the above prop is purely related to first inning scoring.

Runs Hits Errors prop

Runs + Hits + Errors MLB Prop Bets

Runs Hits Errors prop

Another example of an MLB team prop is the number of runs + hits + errors in a single inning or an entire game. The above prop is centered around the first inning of action, but the same prop is usually available for the entire game.

The above two props were team or game props. Many props in baseball are also based on the individual performances of specific players.

MLB World Series Prop Bets

The World Series usually has a lot more propositions than regular-season games. They won’t differ too much when it comes to grading, but limits may be higher, and sites may have more markets than usual.

These are always a valuable part of wagering on the MLB Postseason and World Series.

MLB Player Prop Bets

The two props above were a team or game props. Many props in baseball are also based on the individual performances of specific players.

Total Hits Runs RBI prop

This player prop is centered on the number of hits + runs + RBIs by Houston Astros’ shortstop, Carlos Correa. Bettors can wager the over or under on 2.5 hits+runs+RBIs.

MLB Pitcher Strikeout Props

Here’s another MLB player prop. This time, on the number of strikeouts by St. Louis Cardinals’ pitcher Carlos Martinez in their game against Cincinnati.

Total Strikeouts prop

Sportsbooks will offer props where individual players will be pitted against each other when it comes to runs + hits + errors or other stats.

MLB props have an extremely wide range of possibilities, with betting options only limited by the minds of the oddsmakers.

Best Online sportsbooks To Bet On Baseball Props 2021

Picking a trusted sports betting site is an important part of your success as a bettor. MyBookie is a great option for your MLB props baseball wagers.

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MLB Baseball Prop Betting Strategy

Many other articles on the web that discuss MLB props often tell bettors to avoid them because of their high juice or vigorish. It is true that most sites, even the sportsbooks with the best prices online, juice their props more than straight wagers.

Almost all sites will have player and team props priced at a baseline of -115 versus -110 that is traditionally used for sides and total wagering.

If you understand the importance of line shopping, it’s easy to see why this can be seen as a big problem to your bottom line. Betting with a -114 baseline pricing increases our breakeven percentage from 52.38% to 53.49%.

Although that may not seem significant, long-term, that single percentage or so worth thousands of dollars. To learn more about MLB Baseball betting online visit our guide.

Even With The High Vig, Are Props Worth It?

Are props not worth wagering on due to the high vigorish? Well, not exactly. It’s certainly something that needs to be on your mind, but looking for value in MLB props is a profitable strategy, despite the high juice.

Remember, propositions have much lower limits than sides and totals, and that’s for good reason. It’s because sportsbook managers don’t put a lot of time into their props, most of these bets are for novelty purposes.

Many MLB props are just based on league or player averages. Also, sites have different ways of coming up with props, so you will often find a fair bit of difference in the odds from one sportsbook to the next.

MLB Baseball Prop Bets – Smaller Wagering Limits

Since props have smaller limits, larger arbitrage opportunities can be tough to find, but there is still money to be made, particularly for small stakes bettors.

If you find a prop that is mispriced across several sportsbooks, then getting a few thousand bucks down may not be too difficult. When calculating your advantage, it’s vital to use a no-vig calculator.

This will ensure that you are calculating your edge correctly. Something that is especially important in markets with high juice, such as props.

Baseball Statistics When Placing Baseball Prop Bets

One of the best aspects of the game is the unlimited (but useful) advanced baseball metrics available to interpret the game and its players. Oddsmakers barely have enough time to handicap their main MLB betting markets.

By utilizing advanced statistics and learning the game, many bettors should easily be able to find value in props, either by finding inefficiencies in the markets or line shopping.

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