NFL Prop Bets

NFL prop bets

NFL prop bets are any wagers that aren’t related to the final score or outcome of the game. Allowing bettors to bet on all sorts of things such as team statistics, exact scores, if a player will score a touchdown or not, and more.

NFL football proposition markets have grown leaps and bounds since the emergence of online sports betting.

We’re not just talking about extended propositions options for the Super Bowl either.

These days, some oddsmakers will have 50 or more player and team props available for every NFL regular-season game.

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NFL Proposition Bets

Like all proposition sports bets, NFL props are heavily geared towards recreational gamblers; perhaps even more so than other sports.

The sportsbooks are putting them out there for public gamblers that want interesting and fun wagers on their favorite players and teams. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not beatable.

Player And Team Props

NFL player prop bets

Player and team props are another story, altogether. There is a ton of profitable wagering opportunities for bettors here.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of both. Remember, like sides, totals, and moneyline markets, propositions always include overtime, unless otherwise stated.

NFL Prop Betting Explained | Top Proposition Bets & Strategy

NFL Player Props

Player props are centered on a player’s performance in a particular game. The most common prop type of player prop bet is an over/under that is based on a player’s passing yards, receiving yards, rushing yards or a combination of both rushing and receiving.

Almost every site also offers odds for each player to score a touchdown.

Tom Brady – Total Passing Yards

  • Over 310.5 (-115)
  • Under 310.5 (-115)

A bet here should be pretty self-explanatory. We can wager on Brady to throw for more than 310.5 yards or under 310.5 yards.

Just like any other type of wager, if the bet were 310.0 rather than 310.5, this would open up push-possibilities. A push on a prop bet works the same as any other. Bettors’ stakes are returned.

Adrian Peterson – Total Rushing Yards

Here’s another prop on rushing yardage.

  • Over 90.5 (-115)
  • Under 90.5 (-115)

Odell Beckham Jr. – Total Receiving Yards

And receiving yardage

  • Over 102.5 (-115)
  • Under 102.5 (-115)

Best NFL Prop Bets

These bets just scratch the surface in terms of player props. There are odds for just about every player in every game, for example:

  • Who scores a touchdown
  • Props that pit two players against in each other
  • The number of receptions in a game

Some sportsbooks even offer player props based on fantasy point performances. With the emergence of live betting, we’ve seen a number of props added to live betting markets.

It is possible to wager on the outcome of each play, such as “Will there will be a complete pass on this play?” or the outcome of each drive “Will this drive end in a field goal, touchdown, or no score?”

Defensive players aren’t left out of the action, either. Bettors will be able to bet on defensive NFL player props like:

  • Combination prop of receptions and yards
  • If a player will record an interception
  • The number of tackles and assists, or passes broken up or defended.

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NFL Team Props

Team props are going to have a larger range of possibilities. The most common prop that is available at just about every sportsbook is “Which team will score first?”

There’s so many in this regard, such as, “Will a team score three unanswered times?” and so on. Like player props, the limits on these markets are only what the oddsmakers feel putting out there.

Let’s look at an example of an NFL team prop. 

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New England Patriots

Will there be a field goal of 46.5 yards or longer?

  • Yes -120
  • No -110

This is just one of the examples of a team or game prop you will find in an NFL game. In this example, we’re betting on if there will be a field goal by either team that is longer or shorter than 46.5 yards. 

Again, it’s a straightforward wager. We can either bet that the kick will be longer than 46.5 yards with the ‘Yes’ at -120 or we can wager on ‘No’ at -110 that the kick will be less than 46.5 yards.

If the longest field is longer than 46.5 yards (it must be 47 yards) then the ‘Yes’ will be graded as the winner. If the longest kick goes 46 yards or shorter, then the “No” is the winning side.

NFL Prop Bets Limits

Remember, props have substantially lower betting limits than larger markets. The greater the betting limit, the more confident the oddsmakers are with their lines.

The truth is sportsbook managers don’t put a lot of time into their proposition markets. They’re still juiced heavily with -115 base pricing on both sides, but since there’s little thought put into them – there are plenty of +EV wagers.

Line Shopping NFL Props – Finding Value

Breaking down individual matchups, particularly in the case of player props is going to help bettors uncover some serious value.

This is one area in sports betting where extensive knowledge of the sport should turn into direct profits. Line shopping is extremely vital.

Stats and Shopping

nfl stats for betting

Our page on NFL advanced statistics for placing bets is an excellent start when it comes to breaking down and analyzing props.

Players can find a lot of value by line shopping if they want to get money down on a particular prop. Player props also have some value for those playing daily fantasy football.

It’s important to note that props, more than any other market, will differ wildly between betting sites.

Dailt fantasy sports prices don’t change once they are released earlier in the week. They can be an excellent way to find value or diamonds in the rough on your rosters. The key will be using a site that has sharp odds on these markets.

NFL Prop Bets Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFL proposition bet?

NFL proposition or prop bet is a wager on the betting market that is not related to the final score or outcome of the game.

It is typically centered around a player or team performances, but can also be related to the announcers, crowd, or any other factors. Proposition betting markets continue to grow each year.

Are prop bets available for other sports?

Yes, every major sport has proposition bets. NBA propositions are likely the most popular behind NFL prop bets.

However, there are a player and game props for baseball, hockey, and both college football and basketball. It is hard to find a sport without prop market to bet on.

How long have prop bets been around? Who invented them?

Proposition bets have been around since sports and sports betting have existed.

Friends would bet amongst each other and with local bookies during the early days of Major League Baseball on the outcome of at-bats, such as a player getting a hit or making an out.

At least when it comes to modern-day proposition bets, these were originated in Las Vegas in the late 1970s. Props initially were markets created for the Super Bowl and the early days of propositions are why there are so many Super Bowl prop bets
available each year.

Are proposition bets graded and settled as soon as they win or lose?

In almost all cases, no. Prop bets are graded and settled once the game ends, even though they are not related to the final scoreline.

You should make sure of the rules before you place your prop bet.

What are the wagering limits on props?

Most sportsbooks will take up to $500 on player props and $1,000 on team props. However, this varies heavily depending on the betting site.

Propositions are one market that has low limits but is susceptible to sharp bettors. Local bookies, in many cases, will take a lot more on propositions than offshore betting sites.

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