Super Bowl Prop Bets 2024

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Super Bowl Prop Bets Guide

Super Bowl prop bets are a fun and fantastic way to leave the last football Sunday with a profit. In many ways, the side and total bets are secondary to props when betting on the Super Bowl.

There are too many exciting and fantastic prop bets to gamble on, overshadowing whatever wager you want on the spread.

Below, you will find every detail on the prop bets you can make during the Super Bowl.

Top Super Bowl Prop Betting Sites 2024

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What Are Super Bowl Prop Bets?

question mark icon

Super Bowl prop bets are wagers unrelated to the Big Game’s final score or outcome.

Imagine you go to a restaurant, and the waiter tells you there are only two options to eat. That would be considered the spread.

But then, the cart guy showing you the desserts has hundreds and hundreds of options. Those are the Super Bowl prop bets, and yes, just like desserts, they will boost your sugar in an exciting and fun way.

Sports gamblers can bet on individual player performances, general team statistics, or random events during the Super Bowl.

For example, you can place a bet on the number of passing touchdowns for a specific QB or on novelty markets, like who will be the first artist to appear during the Halftime show.

There is a lot of value when betting on NFL props, especially in early markets. One of the best parts is sportsbooks have much higher limits for props during the Super Bowl, particularly for team and player props.

Why We Like Betting On Super Bowl Props Online

For many bettors, Super Bowl props are a more significant event than the actual game. A lot of their funds end up being tied up to proposition bets rather than sides and totals.

Online sportsbooks not only offer Super Bowl betting bonuses to players, which are immediate bankroll boosts, but they also have far more betting options and Super Bowl prop bet markets than any brick n’ mortar sportsbook.

Below, we’ll break down all the available prop bets across the top Super Bowl betting sites you should consider for the Big Game.

Where To Bet Super Bowl Props Online

Almost every gambling site will have props for the Super Bowl. However, some offer better incentives and better odds than others.

Our experts have ranked the top online sportsbooks to place Super Bowl prop bets to save you time. Check them out:

Rank NFL Sportsbooks Deposit Bonus Highlights Get Started
1 Deposit Bonus 100% Up To $2,500 Highlights
  • Lots of bonuses
  • Offers VIP program
  • Reliable software
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2 Deposit Bonus 50% Up To $250 Highlights
  • Recognized brand
  • Very fast payouts
  • Low rollover offers
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3 Deposit Bonus 125% Up To $1,250 Highlights
  • Competitive odds
  • Solid banking options
  • Crypto-friendly
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How To Bet On Super Bowl Props

If you want to wager on Super Bowl props but need to know how to bet, the following steps should help you. It’s easier than you might think.

Select a sportsbook icon

#1 select a sportsbook

Select one of our recommended sportsbooks to bet on Super Bowl props. Choose a site with a solid reputation, great bonuses, and multiple banking options, such as BetUS.

Open your sportsbook account icon

#2 Open Your Account

Click the Join button on the sportsbook home page, enter your personal information, and confirm. Then you need to check your email and verify your account.

Fund your account icon

#3 make a deposit

Once you have your betting site account, you need to fund it. Go to the banking section and choose among the payment methods available. Credit cards are a popular and convenient option.

Welcome bonus icon

#4 claim a welcome bonus

Remember to claim your welcome bonus. Many of these rewards come with wagering requirements, so read the terms and conditions to know how they work.

Find the best props icon

#5 Find the Best props

The betting menu to wager on Super Bowl props is extensive. Take your time to look through it, select the prop bets you want to make from the list, and add them to your bet slip.

Place your prop bets icon

#6 place your prop bets

Don’t forget to double-check that the amount of money you want to wager is correct. Hit Confirm when you are ready. After that, it’s done. You have placed your first Super Bowl prop bet!

100% Up To $2,500 Bonus At BetUS!

Super Bowl Prop Betting Promo

You can have a special boost for your account with an extra 125% of free play when you make your first-ever deposit at BetUS Sportsbook, one of our most trusted betting sites.

All you need to do is enter the promo code JOIN125 in the cashier, and you can instantly take home up to $3,125 on top of your initial deposit.

Regular Super Bowl Prop Bet Types

Super Bowl Player Prop Bets

The Super Bowl player prop bets are propositions about a specific player’s performance during the game.

For example, you can bet on the Over/Under yards a quarterback will throw during the Super Bowl. The prop bet will look like this:

Quarterback X Total Passing Yards

  • Over 220.5 passing yards (-120)
  • Under 220.5 passing yards (-110)

You can wager on the quarterback having more or less than 220.5 passing yards in the game.

These prop bets are available for all position players, including running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, and defensive players. You can also wager on Over/Under touchdowns, fumbles, interceptions, sacks, and more.

Patrick Mahomes Total Touchdown Passes

Bet AtOver 1.5 TDsUnder 1.5 TDs
BetUS Sportsbook-225+185

Brock Purdy Total Touchdown Passes

Bet AtOver 1.5 TDsUnder 1.5 TDs
BetUS Sportsbook-120-110

Patrick Mahomes Total Interceptions

Bet AtOver 1.5Under 1.5
BetUS Sportsbook-125-105

Super Bowl Game Prop Bets

The Super Bowl game prop bets are propositions about situations inside the game. The most popular prop bet is who will win the MVP of the Super Bowl, which is -spoiler alert- usually a quarterback.

But you can also bet which player will score the first touchdown in the Super Bowl or which player will score the first touchdown for a specific team.

Other props you can find could be:

First scoring play of the Super Bowl

  • Team A Touchdown +220
  • Team A Field Goal +370
  • Team B Touchdown +175
  • Team B Field Goal +340
  • Any other score +500

The number of Super Bowl game prop bets could make you a fortune or dry you out. Only bet on the information that the result of your analysis gives you.

First Offensive Play of the Game

Bet AtRushPass
BetUS Sportsbook-140+110

First Offensive Play by Chiefs

Bet AtRushPass
BetUS Sportsbook-140+110

First Offensive Play by 49ers

Bet AtRushPass
BetUS Sportsbook-135+105

Super Bowl Team Prop Bets

The Super Bowl team prop bets are wagers involving the performance of the teams playing the Super Bowl.

Usually, these prop bets are about the scoring numbers of either team. For example, you can bet on the team’s game total. It would look like this:

Team A Points Total:

  •  Over 28.5 -110
  • Under 28.5 -110

If Team A has a favorable matchup in the Super Bowl, then you bet they will score OVER 28.5 points at a -110 price. Or, on the contrary, the UNDER.

Other Super Bowl team prop bets could be the number of field goals made by a team or the number of total sacks during the Super Bowl.

Just like the other prop bet options, you won’t have a shortage of options.

Chiefs Total Touchdowns

Bet AtOver 2.5 TDsUnder 2.5 TDs
BetOnline Sportsbook-150+120

49ers Total Touchdowns

Bet AtOver 2.5 TDsUnder 2.5 TDs
BetOnline Sportsbook-180+150

Will Chiefs Miss a Field Goal?

Bet AtNoYes
BetOnline Sportsbook-325+250

MVP Props

Top 5 Super Bowl MVP Positions Banner

Aside from betting on which team will cover the spread, the Super Bowl MVP may garner the most interest.

There are odds on every player on the roster to be the Most Valuable Player, but the odds-on favorites are usually the quarterbacks or top-skill position players.

Find Odds And More About Super Bowl MVP Prop Bets

Exotic Super Bowl Prop Bet Types

Super Bowl Coin Toss Prop Bets

Super Bowl Coin Toss Results Banner

Betting on the coin toss can be done for every NFL game. It is also available for the Super Bowl. The team that wins the coin toss can decide if they wish to receive the ball or defer to their opponent.

The loser of the coin toss can pick which side of the field they want to defend. Bettors can wager on if the coin toss lands on heads or tails and which teams win the toss.

Super BowlDateHeads/TailsToss WinnerToss Loser
Super Bowl Coin Toss Results History

Coin Toss Heads or Tails

Bet AtHeadsTails
BetOnline Sportsbook-101-101

National Anthem

Top 5 Types of Performers During Super Bowl National Anthem

The National Anthem is sung before every NFL game and most other sporting events, but it draws much more attention during the Super Bowl.

The props for this particular event are always very popular; the most traditional one is betting on its length.

See The Full List Of National Anthem Prop Bets

Halftime Show

Top 5 Stadiums Used During The Super Bowl

The halftime show is another source of prop bets. There are all sorts of wagers regarding what the performers might wear, what songs they will sing, whether there will be any special guests, and so on.

There can easily be a dozen or more of these props.

See The Full List Of Halftime Show Prop Bets

Crazy, Funny & Weird

Every year there is a list of wild and crazy prop bets that emerge closer to game day that you can use to make a good profit.

Which color will the Gatorade shower be? Will anyone get arrested? We cover some of the wackiest ones in our blog.

Color of Liquid Poured on Winning Coach


Super Bowl Commercial Prop Bets

As the name suggests, the Super Bowl commercial prop bets are propositions about everything related to the Super Bowl ads. And yes, we mean everything.

You can bet on the Over/Under number of dogs that appear during the Super Bowl commercials. You can bet on whether a specific celebrity will appear in a Super Bowl ad or if there will be more commercials about crypto than beer.

Any Super Bowl commercial prop bet should be fun. It’s entertaining for those who don’t follow the NFL as closely but still want some action during the most-watched event of the year.

Free Printable Super Bowl Prop Bets Sheet 2024

Super Bowl betting games, like trivia and bingo exist for you to have a blast during the Big Game. They will make you pay maximum attention during the whole event (even the commercials). We have prepared a printable PDF sheet for the best Super Bowl prop bets from several trusted bookies.

Tips for Betting on Super Bowl Props

Prop bets could make your Super Bowl weekend a lucrative occasion. Follow these tips to play the props like a pro.

  1. Analyze Teams

    Study teams and understand what they are good at and what they struggle with. With that information, try to build a narrative and make the prop bets that fit how you see the game developing.
  2. Avoid Contradictions

    By studying the teams, you will find helpful information on players and how they might attack this game. Avoid contradictions, and try not to be the smarter person in the room. Do not choose prop bets offering high payouts and low chances of hitting.
  3. Shop for Props

    Always shop for better odds. Compare prop bets on the best online sportsbooks we recommend and gamble on the number that gives you an edge over the sportsbook.
  4. Set a Budget

    Put aside a cut of your bankroll ONLY to bet on prop bets. Analyze exactly what you want to bet, and don’t go over that budget. Betting more than you planned will probably end in a bad betting weekend.
  5. Have Fun With the Exotic Props

    Within the range of your budget, play some fun and exotic prop bets. Study the in-game props but have fun with the exotic options too.

How to Read Super Bowl Prop Odds

NFL Props Icon

Understanding how to read Super Bowl prop bets is simple. It’s just like betting the spread, money line, or game total. The only difference is you will wager on a proposed scenario, a.k.a: a proposition.

The first thing is to understand how the price of each bet works, meaning the numbers on the side of the proposition.

Any scenario with a minus sign (-) next to the number suggests the amount of money you must invest to win $100.

For example, if you see:

Will quarterback X throw a touchdown in the first quarter?

  • Yes -110
  • No +120

You must bet $110 to win $100 if you select the “Yes” option as you wager. On the contrary, the plus sign (+) explains how much money you could win with a standard $100 bet.

Using the same scenario, a $100 bet on the “No” option will pay you $120 if your selection is correct.

The $100 bet is just the standard form of explanation. You can always bet as much as your bankroll allows you.

Also, there are two types of propositions. There are those with two outcomes and those with multiple outputs.

Let’s review a quick example of a two-outcome props bet.

Will Quarterback X score a rushing touchdown during the Super Bowl?

  • Yes +120
  • No -115

There are only two possible results of this bet. The oddsmakers are proposing a scenario on whether the quarterback will score a rushing touchdown, and you get to bet on Yes or No. It’s quite simple.

Here’s an example of the multiple outcomes scenario.

Which position will score the first touchdown?

  • Running back -110
  • Wide receiver +130
  • Quarterback (running or receiving) +300
  • Defensive player +450
  • Special teams +800

That proposition is about selecting correctly which position player will score the first touchdown in the game. It’s a multiple-choice prop bet, which gives you a bigger payout on the mid to long-shot options.

Once you understand how the prices work, meaning the minus (-) and the plus (+) sign next to the number, you will realize how much you can wager on any proposition.

Handicapping Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl prop bets, especially the crazy propositions, are about having fun, and some can’t be handicapped. It’s hard to guess which song the halftime performance will sing first or what color the Gatorade bath will be.

We advise you to have fun with those while setting up a budget for what you will invest in those props.

Now, for the in-game prop bets, like how many yards a player will get or the number of touchdowns, that’s a different story.

A Thorough Analysis Is Essential

Those prop bets are quantifiable, and you can plan or analyze what could happen in the game.

Once you have analyzed the matchups, you can bet on the different propositions, using the knowledge you gain by studying both teams.

Enjoy Betting On Super Bowl Prop Bets Online!

The value of betting on Super Bowl prop bets is the massive menu of options and the potential for larger payouts.

Super Bowl prop bets have become a huge part of the Super Bowl betting experience and are not going anywhere. If anything, the list of prop options should increase every year.

There is an extra excitement beyond the game’s outcome when betting on props. Yet, the most noticeable attraction is that props are a perfect way to keep casual football fans engaged with the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Prop Bets FAQ

When do Super Bowl prop bets come out?

Because the Super Bowl is such a big event, the Super Bowl props come out earlier than a regular season game.

In fact, the day after we find out who’s playing in the Super Bowl, you can find several prop bets available. There are two weeks between the Conference finals and Super Bowl.

Those two weeks are perfect for oddsmakers to get creative and set crazy Super Bowl prop bets alongside the standard props.

How to place Super Bowl prop bets?

First, you should sign-up for a trustworthy sportsbook. We recommend BetUS. Make your first deposit, claim your welcome bonus, and head to the football section inside the sportsbook. In there, you will find every Super Bowl prop bet available.

What are the prop bets for the Super Bowl?

The best way to check all the available prop bets for this year’s Super Bowl is to sign up at one of our recommended betting sites and browse through the Football section. There you’ll find updated odds for prop betting markets.

How many Super Bowl props do sportsbooks offer?

Hundreds. There are props in every aspect of the game, including player props, team props, and those related to announcers, crowds, girlfriends, wives of players, commercials, coaches, and so on.

What are the betting limits on Super Bowl prop bets?

Many props have limits of $250 during the regular season, but you will find Super Bowl props with higher limits of $1,000 or more, which is great if you have a higher degree of certainty about the result. Player props and team props will have more significant wagering limits compared to the more off-the-wall novelty bets.

Can you parlay Super Bowl prop bets?

Yes, you can parlay Super Bowl props at our recommended sportsbooks, as long as they are not correlated.

How long does it take sportsbooks to grade prop bets?

Generally, props take a bit longer to grade compared to straight wagers on sides, totals, and moneylines. Prop bets can take a bit longer to resolve. However, most props are graded and paid to players within an hour of the event ending.

What are the best Super Bowl prop bets?

The best Super Bowl prop bets are the MVP winner, the national anthem’s length, and the first player to score a touchdown in the game.

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