Have Fun Betting On Super Bowl National Anthem Props – Odds [2023]

Super Bowl National Anthem Prop Bet Chris Stapleton

Betting on the Super Bowl National Anthem is one of the most popular wagers available before the game. Country music star Chris Stapleton will perform the national anthem at Super Bowl LVII.

He’ll take the mic on February 12, 2023, when the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles face off. As you will see below, National anthem prop bets on Stapleton are already circulating online sportsbooks.

Let’s have a quick look at the odds available, from length to other prop bets.

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Super Bowl National Anthem Length Betting Odds

Multiple prop bets are currently available on the 2023 Super Bowl national anthem. Of course, the Star-Spangled Banner length is always the most popular of these bet types.

You can see current betting odds on the Super Bowl 57 national anthem length below.

Bet AtOverUnder

O/U 125 Sec


O/U 127 Sec


O/U 125 Sec


The Over has cashed in three of the last four Super Bowls.

Last year, Mickey Guyton sang the “Star-Spangled Banner” in 1 minute and 52 seconds. It went over the 1-minute and 32 seconds average set by the oddsmakers.

To find a performance shorter than 1:32, we need to go back to 2007, when Billy Joel sang for 1:30. It was the second shorter Super Bowl performance, only behind the 1:30 from Jewel in 1998.

More Super Bowl 2023 National Anthem Prop Bets

The length of the Anthem is not the only Super Bowl prop bet available. You can place other fun wagers around the anthem.

You can bet on whether the singers will forget or omit a word from the national anthem, their wardrobe, the length of the word “brave,” who will sing most words, etc.

Here are the most popular:

Will Any Word Be Forgotten Or Omitted From The National Anthem?

Bet AtYesNo

Length Of The Word “Brave” In National Anthem

Bet AtOver 5 secondsUnder 5 seconds

Chris Stapleton Primary Color of Hat

Bet AtBlackAny Other Color

Who Will Be Shown First During Anthem?

Bet AtPatrick MahomesJalen Hurts

A Closer Look at Chris Stapleton’s Performances

Nobody is hotter in the country music industry than Chris Stapleton right now. The 44-year-old Kentucky native took home three Grammys in 2022, boosting his overall Grammy collection to eight.

Stapleton began his music career by moving to Nashville in 2001. However, he didn’t find stardom until 2015 after releasing his debut solo album Traveller.

His profile skyrocketed further after he performed two songs with Justin Timberlake at the 2015 Country Music Awards.

Stapleton has since released three more hit albums and collaborated with other big-name music stars.

A Look Back At Super Bowl National Anthem Performances’ Length

How long is the National Anthem at the Super Bowl? If we look back at the last ten years, the average Super Bowl national anthem length is a little over 2 minutes.

Super Bowl National Anthem Length Infographic
Super Bowl National Anthem Performances
Super Bowl EditionArtistLength of National Anthem Performance
Super Bowl LVIMickey Guyton1 minute, 52 seconds
Super Bowl LVJazmine Sullivan and Eric Church2 minutes, 17 seconds
Super Bowl LIVDemi Lovato1 minute, 49 seconds
Super Bowl LIIIGladys Knight2 minutes, 1 second
Super Bowl LIIPink1 minute, 53 seconds
Super Bowl LILuke Bryant2 minutes, 4 seconds
Super Bowl 50Lady Gaga2 minutes, 9 seconds
Super Bowl XLIXIdina Menzel2 minutes, 4 seconds
Super Bowl XLVIIIRenee Fleming1 minute, 54 seconds
Super Bowl XLVIIAlicia Keys2 minutes, 35 seconds
Super Bowl XLVIKelly Clarkson1 minute, 34 seconds
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3 Tips to Make Your Super Bowl National Anthem Bets

You don’t have to leave everything to chance when betting on the Super Bowl 57 national anthem. Instead, you can boost your odds of winning with the following Super Bowl national anthem length betting tips.

1. Research the Singer’s Performances

No videos of Chris Stapleton singing the national anthem are available. However, you can look at his covers of other songs to judge if he likes going over the original’s time.

Stapleton extended a Metallica Nothing Else Matters cover by nearly two minutes due to a lengthy guitar solo.

2. Check Previous Results

Within the past decade, the Star-Spangled Banner singers have gone “over” the betting line 6 out of 10 times. 

3. Search for the Best Odds

Most online sportsbooks are similar on odds for the Star-Spangled Banner length. However, you might find slightly better odds on your desired pick (over/under) by shopping around.

Make Your National Anthem Super Bowl bets!

The great thing about Super Bowl betting is that you can wager on many other things besides the actual game. Such will be the case again this year, with many 2023 Super Bowl prop bets available.

The Chris Stapleton national anthem prop bets are among our favorites, especially the length one. Of course, the hat color, omitted words, and scoring drive wagers are also intriguing.

You’ll likely enjoy placing any of the Super Bowl 57 prop bets covered here.

FAQ – Super Bowl National Anthem Prop Bets

These are some of the most common questions we receive about betting on the Super Bowl national anthem.

Where can I bet on the Super Bowl National Anthem?

Numerous online sportsbooks are taking Super Bowl national anthem bets. Bovada, BetOnline, and BetUS are just a few examples of famous Super Bowl betting sites.

What’s the Over Under on the National Anthem Super Bowl?

The over/under on Chris Stapleton’s national anthem length betting is 125 seconds. Current odds on this prop bet are -110 for over 125 seconds and -130 for under.

What was the longest anthem performance in Super Bowl history? 

Alicia Keys holds the record for the longest Super Bowl anthem performance. Keys took 2 minutes and 36 seconds to sing the Star-Spangled Banner at Super Bowl 47 in 2013.

What was the shortest anthem performance in Super Bowl history? 

Jewel sped through the Super Bowl national anthem the fastest at just 1 minute and 27 seconds. Her Super Bowl 32 performance in 1998 was over a minute shorter than Alicia Keys’ version.

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