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skrillSkrill, previously known as Moneybookers is an e-commerce business and online wallet that is used primarily for online gambling transactions. Like Neteller, Skrill is not available for American citizens.

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Company History – Skrill Rebrand was registered in 2001 and quickly became a top payment option within a year or two. They were registered under the name Moneybookers Limited and were incorporated in the United Kingdom. During their first two years of operation, they registered nearly 2 million users. They have been bought and sold on two occasions. In March 2007, they were purchased by Investcorp for €105 million.

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They were once again up for sale in 2009, but a sale didn’t materialize until several years later. In August 2013, they were sold to CVC Capital Partners, a private equity firm, for €600 million. Many who bet online during the infancy of online gambling may remember them solely as Moneybookers. The company decided to rebrand to Skrill in 2011, and have shed the Moneybookers name completely since 2013.

History in the US Market – Skrill in New Jersey

Like competitor Neteller, Skrill left the US market. Beginning in 2008, US-based accounts could not receive funds from non-US accounts and non-US customers. Without the ability to receive money from offshore gambling sites, Skrill’s use for US clients was limited. The country stopped supporting US-based accounts altogether, with one key exception. With online poker and casino gambling being legislation spreading in the United States, Skrill did get approval in the State of New Jersey to act a payment processor at online casinos. The company went live in the Garden State in November 2013.

In Today’s Market – Skrill Availability

Today, Skrill has over 36 million account holders and in over 200 countries. They trade in 40 different currencies. Skrill is still second online to Neteller in terms of payment processing in gaming markets, however. In some countries, it is comparable or slightly more popular than their competitor, but Neteller is simply more popular worldwide. They were formed several years before Skrill, and have not yet relinquished their first mover advantage.

Customer reports in regards to Skrill have been mixed, but the company has consistently been processing payments for over a decade. Most of the issues are regarding their support staff, which seems to be below average. Overall, Skrill is a widely utilized excellent option for deposits in withdrawals in international online gambling markets. The grand majority of our sportsbooks offer Skrill transfers, but if you are still looking for different deposit and withdrawal methods, we recommend checking the top sportsbooks reviews by going to our safest sportsbooks review hub.

If you are looking for other deposit or withdrawal options besides this one, where we offer our detailed point of view, be sure to check out the hub page. In any other case, you can also check the crypto hub page for more info on any betting crypto you want.

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