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Australian Sports Betting


Australian Sports Betting
Status:Legal & Licensed
B&M Availability:Lawful
Online Availability:Legal & Licensed
Minimum Age:18+

Australian sports betting is a huge industry, with Australian bookmakers generating over $810 million in revenues in 2015 alone. The numbers climbed higher in 2016, prompting the Australian national parliament to pass a ban on in-play betting apps. Aussie bookmakers no longer can offer live in-game wagers to sports bettors, but online sports betting remains a popular pastime.

This article describes the current legal situation for sports betting in Australia. It also describes the best sportsbooks Australian punters want to use, while pointing out the factors you want to study when choosing a bookmaker site. Australians have a lot of options, so you should be able to find a safe, secure bookmaker with fast withdrawals, large welcome bonuses, and a whole world of sports markets.

Australia Sports Betting Legality

The Australian national government currently allows brick-and-mortar and online sports betting. Individual states and territories have their own laws, though most allow sports betting. Mobile sports gambling took a hit with the Interactive Gaming Amendment 2016, which was not passed into law until August 2017. The ban on live/in-play betting gives Aussie sports bettors fewer gaming opportunities, but the number of sportsbooks remains the same.

To keep abreast of Australian sports betting legality in your area, you’ll need to read the latest gaming bills being discussed by the national and state lawmakers. The Coalition government tends to be pro-gaming for Australian land-based gaming interests, while more antagonistic towards offshore online operators. The Labour Party, which sits in opposition right now, tends to be friendlier to online gambling operators, while passing more regulations to curb the excesses of land-based Australian gaming groups. The next general election won’t be until 2019, so the current anti-online gambling stance should continue for 18 more months at the least.

Safety of Online Sports Betting in Australia

excellent-bettingIt is safe to bet on Australian sports online. Australia has one of the most developed set of regulations in the world, so licensed online bookmaker sites follow a rigid set of gaming laws. Responsible gaming is the norm, while sportsbooks are audited for fairness and security regularly. Third-party testers release their findings to the betting public, so Aussie sports punters should have no worries about the fairness, safety, or security of bookmakers.

Australian officials discuss regulations more than most world leaders, while politicians like Andrew Wilkie and Nick Xenophon have made careers as anti-gambling activists. While this makes for constantly shifting laws, it tends to assure that self-harm is considered more often by Australian sportsbooks — which leads to safer, more regulated gambling. To learn more about the specific Australian laws which protect your gaming, read the Internet Gambling Amendment 2016 (IGA 2016). Also, visit the website of your state or territory’s gambling regulator, which is listed in the resources at the bottom of this page.

Catering to Australian Sports Bettors

Australian online sportsbooks cater to Aussie bettors by offering more perks, whether it is bigger deposit bonuses, lower wagering requirements, or more sports betting markets. It goes without saying that the Australian dollar is a currency option, while English language bookmakers abound.

Australian bookmaker sites offer all the biggest sports betting markets, including football/soccer, horse racing, tennis, and cricket. Punters can bet on anything from MMA to darts. Pools betting, virtual sports, e-Sports, and exchanges are allowed. The only option not available to Aussie bettors is in-play betting. Any other thing that sportsbooks offer to their members that could offer a better experience from people in that country.

Online Sports Betting in Australia

A breakdown of what it’s like to bet online sports in Australia

Top Australian Sports to Bet On

  • soccer betting
  • Cricket-betting
  • tennis-betting
  • horse-betting
  • rubgy-betting


  • AUD dollar
  • USD dollar
  • british pound
  • euro
  • btc currency


  • English betting

These options may not be available at all sportsbooks but represent typical experiences.

Best Australian Betting Sites

The best Australian betting site needs to support English language punters who use Australian dollars for payments. Australians are enthusiasts about a wide range of global sports, so Australian online bookmakers need to have a large number of international sports markets. Safe deposits and reliable withdrawals are a must, while competitive welcome bonuses and no-deposit bonuses are a plus.

Because of new legislation passed by the Australian national parliament, Aussie punters no longer have access to the full range bookmaker sites. Australian sports bettors can still wager at a few top international operators, such as the MyBookie Sportsbook.

Top Ranked Australian Betting Site – Sportsbetting.ag

  • Excellent reputation.
  • Multiple bonus offers.
  • Free half point on favorite teams.
  • Casino and racebook options.

Why Is GTBets The Best?

As a recreational sportsbook, GTBets focuses on the most popular sports and betting markets in North America (read review). This means the NFL and other prominent American sports will have a large list of betting options. This is especially true for playoff games. This is unique for international bettors who wish to bet on USA markets.

GTBets offers a 100% bonus up to $500 on the first deposit. They will then offer a on the second deposit. They’re one of the few sites to offer a deposit bonus on the second deposit. They also offer automatic reload bonuses between 5-30% depending on player status. You might guess that if you’re winning – you are unlikely to get offered these. Check out GTBets to place bets and win!

Depositing and Withdrawing in Australia

Australian sports punters have a lot of payment options, especially when it comes to deposits. Aussie bettors can use Australian dollars, US dollars, Euros, or the British pound. Bitcoin is the best option for those who want instant deposits and withdrawals because it is the safest, most private, and most secure payment method. Several credit cards are available for Australian deposits, so I give special descriptions of those payment methods.

Australian Deposit Options You Can Use

Credit Card: Visa and MasterCard are free and instant deposit methods. The minimum deposit is $10 and the maximum is $30,000.
Debit Card: Visa Debit, Visa Electron, and MasterCard Maestro debit payments are available. These free and instant deposits have a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $30,000.
American Express: Amex is one of the oldest financial services companies in the world, having begun as an express mail business in 1850. American Express deposits are available in Australia, but Amex withdrawals are not allowed.
Diners Club: Diners Club was the world’s first credit card. Though it began as a tab card in a high tone New York City restaurant, Diners Club International is now a global payment method. While Diners deposits are allowed, it cannot be used for withdrawals.
Discover Card: Discover Card is a major US credit card. Discover Card uses a specific code which might disallow certain online gambling deposits, so bettors might need to call to Discover to allow online gambling transactions.
JCB: Japanese Credit Bureau is a payment method at many Australian online bookmakers. JCB is the biggest credit card in Japan, and it has a business partnership with Discover Card internationally. Punters cannot use JCB for withdrawals.
PayPal: Australian online sportsbooks accept payment by PayPal, because sports betting is legal in Australia. PayPal is the preferred payment method for eBay, its owner, so it is a globally accepted online payment method.
BPAY: BPAY is an electronic bill payment service which Australian banks and credit unions use. BPAY is a free deposit method, but it cannot be used for withdrawals.
Poli: POLI Payments is a web-based payment service used in lieu of a credit card. POLI allows payments from your bank to an online merchant. It is debited from your account immediately, while the bookmaker is notified immediately. Poli is an instant and free deposit method, but cannot be used for payouts.
Direct Deposit: Direct Deposit is an Australian deposit method which allows payments directly from one’s home bank account. Again, Direct Deposit cannot be used for cashouts.
Money Order: A money order is a payment order for a pre-specified amount of money. Because these must be paid beforehand, it is a trusted payment method for online sportsbooks. Money orders do not work for withdrawals, though.
Skrill: Skrill (Moneybookers) is an eWallet which supports free and instant deposits. The minimum deposit is $10 and the max deposit is $38,000.
Bank Wire: Electronic bank transfers which are free, but take 2 to 10 banking days. The deposit limits are $50 and $100,000, making bank wires a favorite of high rollers.
Check/Cheque: Bank check is a free payment method for deposits between $1,500 and $80,000. This method takes 5 to 28 banking days.
Gift Cards/Vouchers: Also called “Bonus Cards”, these are gift cards offered by Australian bookmaker sites.

Australian Withdrawal Options You Can Use

Visa Credit Card: Visa and MasterCard withdrawals allow a minimum cashout is $10 and a maximum withdrawal $30,000. These take 1 to 5 banking days to complete, but is free.
Debit Card: Visa Debit and Maestro withdrawals also are free, though it takes 1 to 5 business days for the money to arrive. The minimum payout using debit is $10, while the maximum withdrawal $30,000.
Skrill: Skrill has a minimum withdrawal of $10 and a maximum payout of $38,000. Skrill deposits arrive to punters within 24 hours and are free to transact.
Bank Wire: Bank wire transfers which take 2 to 10 business days to arrive. The withdrawal limits are a minimum of $40 and a maximum of $50,000. Bank wires are a preferred method for high stakes gamblers. Bettors receive 1 free bank wire withdrawal per month, but they cost US$9 apiece after that.
Gift Cards/Vouchers: Over a hundred Australian bookmaker sites offer Bonus Cards as a withdrawal method. These can be used for future play at a site, or other sites owned by the gaming group.
Check/Cheque: Bank check is a free withdrawal method for transactions between $1,500 and $80,000. This method takes 5 to 28 business days, but its large withdrawal limits make it a preferred method with high rollers.

Australian Sports Betting History

Australians have gambled almost from its beginning as a British colony. In 1810, the first horse race with gambling was held at Hyde Park. The South Australian Jockey Club (SAJC), was founded in 1856, while the Queensland Turf Club (QTC) was formed in 1863. Racing events like the Melbourne Cup and Sydney Cup were founded in the 1860s. The first Australian lottery was founded in the 1870s, while the Tote Board (“totalizator”) was founded in 1913. The New South Wales Gambling and Betting (Poker Machines) Bill introduced pokies in NSW private clubs in 1956. The TAB was established in 1961, and Tabcorp/Tatts remains the largest gambling operator in Australia. Poker clubs were established in 1976.

Australia passed the Interactive Gaming Act 2001, which legislated online gambling for 16 years. IGA 2001 created a gray area for online and mobile gaming, allowing offshore operators to accept Aussie gamblers. In August 2017, the Coalition government of Malcolm Turnbull passed the Interactive Gambling Amendment 2016 bill into law. This banned online casinos, but legalized online sportsbooks. Live in-play betting was banned, because smartphone sports bets were considered a social problem. That means the best UK and continental European online sportsbooks operate in Australia, with a large number of sports channels. You cannot place live sports bets through a smartphone, though.

Australia Sports Betting Resources

Australia’s national government allows the individual states and territories to regulate gambling inside the country, so a variety of gambling resources exist. The IGA 2016 Amendment banned online casinos, as well as in-play sports bets. Online sportsbooks, usually called “bookmaker sites” in Australia, are legal and continue to accept Australian sports bettors. A couple of Australia’s states, described below, specialize in licensing for online gambling. Australian lawmakers have an ambivalent attitude towards gambling. While it is legalized, taxed, and regulated, gaming often is regulated by an agency which oversees alcohol — an indication that Australian leaders see both as a vice.

Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor RegulationThe Victorian Commission has a lot of information on public gambling policies, pending legislation, and international licensing. Those who want to research the impact of gaming in Australia should look at the site’s FAQ page.
New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing CommissionThe Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing regulates racing, charity gaming, and casinos in New South Wales.
ACT Gambling and Racing CommissionEstablished in 1999 by the Australian Capital Territory’s Gambling and Racing Control Act, it regulates casinos, gaming machines, and licensing.
Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural IndustriesOn July 1, 2017, the Western Australia Racing, Gaming, and Liquor amalgamated with the Departments of Sport and Recreation, Culture and the Arts, as well as the Department of Local Government and Communities to form the new Western Australian gaming regulator. The agency is called the Department of Local Government, Sport, and Cultural Industries.
SA Independent Gaming AuthorityThe Independent Gaming Authority handles all licensing for South Australia, which seeks to reduce its number of pokies. The Office of the Liquor and Gaming Commissioner also handles some regulation, but most oversight is performed by the Independent Gaming Authority.
Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming RegulationQueensland’s Liquor and Gaming Office regulates all gambling in Queensland, including licensing for online gambling websites.
NT Department of Trade, Business, and InnovationAt one time, the Northern Territory’s Licensing Commission was the number one source of licensing for online gambling. The Licensing Commission was replaced by the Trade, Business, and Innovation Department in 2014, so the Director-General of Licensing now handles the duties.
Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming DivisionThe Liquor and Gaming Department inside the Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance. Originally under the auspices the Tasmanian Gaming Commission, the Liquor & Gaming Department derives its authority from the Gaming Control Act 1993.

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