BetNow vs Bovada – Which Betting Site Is Better?

BetNow vs Bovada comparison

If you are thinking of signing up for either BetNow or Bovada and you haven’t decided, you are in the right place.

This guide will compare the essential features of both betting sites, including promotions, betting markets, banking options, deposit limits, and more.

When you finish with this article, you will know who is the winner of the battle between BetNow vs Bovada.

BetNow vs Bovada Overview

BetNow vs Bovada infographic

Bovada is a well-established sportsbook. They are one of the best, if not the best, for American players in the offshore industry.

BetNow wants to challenge the top betting sites. However, they are not yet at the same level as Bovada. Yet.

If you want a simple answer, Bovada is the best site of the two in 2024. Read the full article if you need more data to make an informed decision.

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Betting Bonuses And Promotions

Betnow vs Bovada bonuses and promos

If I’m honest, BetNow could use a better welcome bonus if they want to make a splash. Currently, they have a 100% Up To $1,000 welcome bonus with the promo code BN50.

BetNow’s reward will land as a cash bonus and not a freeplay, which is a plus nowadays. Yet, the bonus still has a 10x rollover.

If you look at Bovada’s welcome bonus, you will realize the amount is smaller, but the value is more significant.

Bovada gives their new players a 50% Up To $250 welcome bonus for sports, but with only a 5x rollover. The small rollover requirement is the best in the offshore industry.

Who Has The Edge In This Department Bovada Or Betnow?

Bovada also offers an exclusive bonus for crypto deposits. They will give new players a $500 Bitcoin bonus to bet on sports with the code BTCSWB750.

They also offer a $3,750 Bitcoin bonus for casino players. You can claim this reward on your first three crypto deposits.

BetNow has other bonuses listed on their website, but not all look updated. Thanksgiving giveaways and Vig Free November are listed but not available all year long.

It’s not a great look when your website looks outdated. Bovada wins this round.

Best For Betting Bonuses And Promos: Bovada

Variety Of Sports To Bet On

BetNow vs Bovada sports variety

Both sportsbooks focused their efforts on American sports. However, Bovada is a little more sophisticated and can go deep into world sporting events.

I was a little surprised at how many soccer leagues BetNow offers. That’s a great plus for them.

But overall, players should find what they are looking for on both sports betting sites. All sports, especially the significant events, will be available for wagering on BetNow and Bovada.

By the way, we have a great article analyzing the best sports to bet on. Check it out.

For The Variety Of Sports To Bet On: It’s A Tie

Variety Of Betting Markets

BetNow vs Bovada betting markets

Players can find good betting markets on both BetNow and Bovada.

BetNow has an impressive prop bet lineup on the most popular sports. It is easy to find what market you are searching for, as everything is listed under the sports name.

You can put together parlays and teaser bets on both betting sites alongside the usual moneylines, sides, and totals.

Futures are also available, although the numbers on both sites vary depending on the sportsbooks’ action on a specific market.

For The Variety Of Betting Markets: It’s A Tie

Betting Odds And Lines

BetNow vs Bovada odds and lines

BetNow offers dime lines for NHL and MLB markets with overall competitive prices. They also have strong parlay and teaser odds.

However, they are a sportsbook that follows opening lines instead of setting their markets. Of course, this means players will never get soft lines at BetNow. Not even at a low limit.

Bovada doesn’t set the market either, but it’s a fantastic place for recreational players. Their underdog odds have more value than any other offshore sportsbooks for American players.

Bovada will give a player a fair price on the favorite and juicy underdog odds. It’s a great way to attract new clients and keep recurrent customers intrigued and happy.

That feature alone gives Bovada an edge over BetNow in this particular department.

For Better Betting Odds And Lines: Bovada

Banking (Deposits And Payouts)

Betnow vs Bovada banking deposit and withdrawal options

I have mixed feelings about BetNow’s deposit and payout options. For starters, they only offer credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, and person to person as deposit methods.

Sure, those three ways to add money are the most convenient, but a few more options could be better.

However, their max limit via credit is just $1,000, which is relatively low. Yet, here’s where it gets interesting.

If you deposit via Bitcoin at BetNow, you can add as much as $40,000 to your sportsbook account, depending on your customer level.

Is Bovada Better Than BetNow On Banking Options?

Bovada gives their players a lot more options to add money. There are many more crypto deposit methods than just Bitcoin. But also Bank Wires, credit cards, and e-wallets.

Bovada allows $1,500 max deposits via credit cards and $5,000 via crypto. Their highest limit deposit method is the player transfer of up to $15,000.

Technically, BetNow takes this round because of the high deposit limits on Bitcoin.

However, if you are going to deposit a massive amount, you are better off having a higher ceiling by signing up with BetUS or BetOnline. These sportsbooks will offer you more rewards for your substantial initial deposit.

For Deposit And Withdrawal Options: It’s A Tie

Poker And Casino Gambling

Betnow vs Bovada for casino gambling

The BetNow vs Bovada war also continues in the casino department. Both offer real money casino games and different exclusive bonuses for their players.

BetNow has a sneaky extensive games lineup, with several table game titles, video poker, and a massive slots menu.

Bovada offers everything BetNow does and a poker room. The online poker section is the upper leg Bovada has over its competitors.

To play poker, you only need to quickly download an app on your phone or desktop, and you will be ready to go.

You can enjoy every other casino game on your mobile browser. Not having to download another app it’s a convenient element.

The fact that Bovada offers poker and BetNow does not is why Bovada wins again.

Best For Online Casino Gambling: Bovada

Interface And User Experience

BetNow vs Bovada interface and user experience

Both websites are user-friendly and give their players easy access to anything they need.

In terms of aesthetics, there isn’t a question of who wins it. Bovada’s sportsbooks look clean and professional from top to bottom.

If you have never played or heard about them, you will realize their operation means business as soon as you hit their homepage.

I can’t say the same about BetNow. Don’t get me wrong. Their website is ok too. But the elegance and glamour of Bovada are not there.

BetNow hasn’t developed its style and got stuck in time with low-budget banners and buttons.

Maybe I’m being too harsh here, but you will see the difference when you enter both betting sites.

For Better Interface And User Experience: Bovada

Customer Support

BetNow vs Bovada customer support quality

Both Bovada and BetNow have excellent customer support with 24/7 help via live chat, email, or phone.

The one difference between the two is the search bar tool Bovada provides to their players.

The search bar is highly responsive and will help you find anything in seconds.

Their simple, yet effective search bar to answer the most common questions, gives Bovada the edge in this section.

For Better Customer Support: Bovada

BetUS Or Bovada, Which One Is Better?

I like BetNow. I do. But when we compare them with one of the offshore sportsbooks’ giants, they seem out of their league.

BetNow is relatively new. They can still grow and step on the ring later to give Bovada a better fight.

But for now, the Bovada vs BetNow battle has only one winner.

The winner is clearly Bovada, who is head and shoulder above most of their sportsbook rivals.

  • Outstanding brand reputation
  • Fun casino and poker options
  • Bonus with the lowest rollover
  • Cash Welcome Bonus
  • Great prop bets builder
  • Low bonus rollovers

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