Best Sportsbooks For Teasers Betting In 2024

Best Sportsbooks For Teasers Betting

When it comes to sports betting, maybe you want to gamble on a game or two, but you’re looking for a way to tip the odds in your favor when it comes to point spreads or totals.

Teasers are popular because you can add or remove points from the spread. They allow you to alter the point spread or total, with a caveat that both wagers must win for the wager to be graded as a winner. 

While you might not be familiar with the concept of how teasers work, this crash course will bring you up to speed.

Read on to find out what makes teaser bets popular and which is the best sportsbook for teasers out there.

What Is A Teaser In Sports Betting?

Teasers are a type of parlay bet and are used on game totals and point spreads. In a nutshell, bookmakers let you buy points to increase your odds.

With teasers, you can make up to 15 different wagers (6-pts, 6.5-pts, 7-pts, 2-teams, 3-teams, etc.) and their combinations.

And what’s the catch with teasers? They are more expensive, and if a single leg loses, your whole bet is graded as a loss.

Teaser Bet Example

A quick way to understand teasers is with an NFL teaser example.

Let’s say you want to bet on two NFL games on a Sunday, and they have the following betting odds:

  • New England Patriots (-8) versus Seattle Seahawks
  • Houston Texans (+3) versus Kansas City Chiefs

Now let’s say you buy a six points teaser and apply your points to the Patriots and the Texans. The point spread now changes to:

  • New England Patriots (-2) versus Seattle Seahawks
  • Houston Texans (+9) versus Kansas City Chiefs

Here, the Patriots only need to win by two points. Meanwhile, the Texans will have to win or lose by less than nine total points.

To win this bet, both of your teams will need to cover their updated spreads or teaser numbers.

Best Online Sportsbooks For Teasers In 2024

Rank Top Sportsbooks Deposit bonus Get Started
1 Deposit bonus 100% Up To $2,500 Bet Now
2 Deposit bonus 50% Up To $250 Bet Now
3 Deposit bonus 125% Up To $1,250 Bet Now
4 Deposit bonus 50% Up To $1,000 Bet Now
5 Deposit bonus 100% Up To $500 Bet Now
6 Deposit bonus 100% Up To $1,000 Bet Now
7 Deposit bonus 50% Up To $1,000 Bet Now
8 Deposit bonus 50% Up To $1,000 Bet Now

Top Teaser Betting Sites Reviewed

Let’s see what makes each one of these sites special, and why you should consider joining one of the best offshore sportsbooks.

BetUS – The Best SportSbook For Teasers

With the most comprehensive sportsbook, BetUS has excellent odds in every major sporting event. The main sports are the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL.

Teaser odds are not quite as good as other sites at -120 for two-team, six-point NFL teasers, but they have a ton of other betting markets available and excellent promotions.

One of the best things about this sportsbook is the outstanding 100% Up To $2,500 Welcome Bonus they offer with your first deposit.

Why Choose BetUS?

  • They offer teasers, special teasers, parlays, pleasers, futures markets, and round robins.
  • You can bet on moneylines, totals, and pregame spreads.
  • With 200 daily games, there are 300-400 betting props and halftime lines weeky.
  •  The range of brackets, contests, and survivor pools is impressive.
  • Payouts are usually within 24-48 hours.

Bovada Sportsbook

With moneylines, spreads, totals, and poker and casino options – Bovada is a top choice for bettors of all kinds.

They offer a 50% Up To $250 Welcome Bonus the first time you fund your account.

They have regular-season teasers and sweethearts. Two-team, six-point teasers pay -120, while four-team, six-point teasers pay +260.

Why Choose Bovada?

  • Matchups include 100+ props, overtime, score props, totals, alternate lines, and like spreads. 
  • Bovada offers pre-season bets, draft props wagers, and future props. 
  • Check out their teaser odds for NFL MVP and the Super Bowl.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Among the best teaser betting sites is MyBookie. They accept free cryptocurrencies and credit card deposits.

MyBookie offers you a 50% Up To $1,000 Sign Up Bonus with your first deposit. They also have a 25% up to $500 reload bonus for existing customers.

With teasers for 2 to 10 teams, they offer competitive pricing. A six-point teaser on two football teams (NFL/NCAA) is -120, 6.5 points are $130, and 7-points are $140.

Why MyBookie?

  • MyBookie does not charge a premium upcharge. 
  • A ten-team teaser will give you a +2500 return. 
  • With prompt payouts, their interface is responsive across mobile and desktop devices. Sportsbook

Often considered the best online sportsbook for teasers, SportsBetting accepts cryptocurrencies and credit card deposits. offers bettors a 50% Up To $1,000 Welcome Bonus with your first deposit. They also have the highest wagering limits online and payouts are prompt.

Why Choose

  • Players can take advantage of a host of player props and even receive a refund of $25 on their first loss. 
  • Betting options include parlays, reverse bets, if-win betting, and if-win-tie-cancels. 
  • Vegas Mixed Teasers pay -110 for two teams, six-point teasers, while they pay +260 for six-point, four-team teasers. This is 10-cents higher than other sites.

BetOnline Sportsbook

With a bold interface, BetOnline is one of the largest sportsbooks out there. Payouts are slightly higher than with other sportsbooks. Hence, this site is often recommended.

BetOnline offers you a 50% Up To $1,000 Welcome Bonus once you sign up and deposit for the first time.

Why Choose BetOnline?

  • BetOnline pays -110 for its six-point, two-team, football teasers, while some charge more vig for football games.
  • They pay +260 for teasers on four teams with six points.
  • Fast payouts and high deposit limits with cryptos.
  • Trusted site with years in the industry.

Choosing The Best Sportsbook For Teaser bets

Selecting a sports betting site is like the Las Vegas Strip. You can choose where to place your bets. It’s the same online.

The best online sportsbooks will have lots of enticing bonuses and hundreds of betting markets available. Hence you have your pick of the litter. 

Here are five key factors that can help create the ultimate teaser betting experience:

  1. Multiple Betting Options

    Having more betting options and markets means you have several ways to win. Sportsbooks should offer diverse options, including prop bets, parlays, and live betting.

    It’s always better to have a wide variety of markets for teasers betting and placing other type of wagers.
  2. Mobile App With Fast Payments

    A responsive app makes it easy to place sports wagers. Hence, the sportsbook should be optimized, lightning-fast, and mobile-friendly. It should also be highly secure and include several ways to make deposits and withdrawals.

    Reputation and street cred are extremely valuable. Only play at trusted sports betting sites.
  3. Promotions And Bonuses

    Sportsbooks typically offer matching deposit offers to incentivize new players. Most have 50-100% matches, like BetUS.

    They may also have handicapping contests, squares, survivors, bracket contests, and perfect parlays. Despite the 5-40x wagering requirements, who does not like free money?
  4. Fast And Early Betting Lines

    Players want slick sportsbooks with high payouts and low juice on spreads. Hence, competitive lines are like gold!

    Look for teasers betting sites that regularly boost their odds. With enticing odds and early lines, you have an opportunity to hit early lines before many other sportsbooks offer them.
  5. Prompt 24/7 Support

    Sportsbooks have to be attentive to both novice gamblers and those interested in high stakes betting.

    Hence, they need reliable and knowledgeable customer support teams that are fast, efficient, and friendly.

    The best teams resolve your questions right away so you can get back to the big game.

Start Betting Teasers Online Today!

While this is a brief intro to teaser bets, remember, there are all kinds of wager help that you can find online.

Check our teasers betting guide for a more in-depth guide on this type of wager.

When you are ready to get started, sign up at one of our recommended sportsbooks. And, take advantage of their welcome bonuses!

Choose A Top Teasers Sportsbook Now!

Payment Grade
Bet Now
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  • 1
    100% Up To $2,500
  • 2
    50% Up To $250
  • 3
    125% Up To $1,250
  • 4
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  • 4
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  • 5
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  • 5
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  • 5
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