Teasers In Sports Betting

Teaser bets are one of the most popular wagers in online sports betting. The teaser must be wagered on point spread or totals markets. It is most prevalent in football markets, by a significant margin, but teasers are also available in basketball.

A teaser bet allows bettors to combine bets on two or more games. The difference between placing straight wagers and a teaser is that the point spread is adjusted when betting teasers. Of course, adjusting the point spread comes with at a price. Teasers will cost more vig than a standard straight wager and bettors must win all legs (bets) in a teaser to win their bet.

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Teaser Betting Strategy – Explained

Let’s say you’re interested in betting the Pittsburgh Steelers at -3.5 and the Los Angeles Rams at +7. However, you’re not too sure you like them at those numbers. You’re confident Pittsburgh will win the game, but it could be a close matchup. Likewise, you think the Rams will cover, but you would feel better placing a bet if you had more points on each side.

Instead of placing a straight bet on both sides, you decide that betting both teams in a teaser is a better option. With a 6 point, two-team NFL teaser, the point spread starts at:

  • Steelers -3.5 (+6)
  • Rams +7 (+6)

and changes to:

  • Steelers +3.5
  • Rams +13

Teasers are similar to parlays in that all bets must win for the bet to be graded as a winner. For example, if the Rams covered +13 but the Steelers failed to cover +3.5, the bet would be graded as a loss, and we would lose our stake.

Teaser Strategy Specifics

When it comes to pushes, teasers operate a bit differently than parlays. If a bet in a parlay pushes, the payout changes to a lower number of teams. For instance, if we win two our bets in a three-team parlay, but the third pushes, the parlay would pay out as a two-team parlay instead of a three-team parlay.

nfl bettingTeasers operate the same way, except when it comes to a two-team teaser. In a two-team parlay, if one bet loses, the parlay reverts into a straight wager. If a teaser leg pushes in a three-team teaser or more, the teaser payouts will revert to a lesser number of teams. However, in the case of a two-team teaser, if one of the bets push, the teaser is a push overall. Sportsbooks grade this as a loser because bettors are getting free points on one team without an increase in vigorish.

The most commons teasers are football teasers of 6, 6.5, or 7 points and basketball teasers between 4, 4.5, or 5 points. Although, it’s not uncommon for bookmakers to offer teasers up 12 points. Most players bet 2-3 team teasers, but once again, some books may offer teasers up to 10 teams or more.

Teaser Betting – Additional Reading

This article is merely an introduction to teaser betting. We explore teaser betting in-depth for basketball in our NBA Teasers Betting Strategy section. We do the same for NFL Teasers Betting Strategy. Don’t start betting teasers for your sport until you read the sport-specific article.