NFL Teasers

NFL teasers are a combination of two to ten football bets. You can adjust the point spreads and/or totals with the trade-off of getting a smaller payout or larger payout.

Aside from NFL parlays, teasers are the most popular bets among NFL and college football sports gamblers other than traditional bets on sides and totals.

They are available for basketball though the vast majority of teasers are placed on football games. Teasers that have point spreads that allow you to decrease the spread for the favorite and/or increase the spread for the underdog.

NFL Teasers And Totals

NFL Teaser bets that include totals allow you to increase the under and/or decrease the over. Further, teaser bets are similar to parlays, where all legs or “picks” in a teaser must-win for the wager to payout.

Pushes in teasers should only lower the number of teams, just like with parlays. However, this is not always the case at some NFL betting Sites.

Best NFL Betting Sites For Teaser Bets

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NFL Teaser Football Bet Example

Here’s a basic example of a 2-team, 6-point NFL teaser:

Football Odds Before Teaser

Team Odds
Pittsburgh Steelers +3.5
New England Patriots -7

The teaser 6 points to each side of our wager. We now have a much larger chance of winning each bet due to the added points we are receiving.

However, compared to parlays, our odds are much lower.

Football Odds After Teaser

Team Odds
Pittsburgh Steelers +9.5
New England Patriots -1

The football teaser odds for a 2-team matchup vary depending on the sportsbook, but players should be able to bet these wagers at -110 if they line shop correctly.

If you’re going to bet teasers regularly, it’s important to look for a betting site that offers 6-pt, 2-team teasers at -110, but this is not the end all, be all, when it comes to teaser betting.

Calculating Your Edge – Profitability Of NFL Teaser Bets

NFL teaser Bet SlipTeasers have considerably smaller payout odds compared NFL parlay bets. It makes sense considering we are adding a minimum of 6 points to our side of the spread or total.

Although, if we convert teasers into parlay odds, it’s much easier to understand the true edge that sportsbooks have on this market.

To determine our breakeven percentage on teasers, we can begin by figuring out our implied probability on teasers. To do this, we simply take the amount risked and divide by the potential return.

Math Behind Teaser Bets In NFL Football

Let’s use a 6.5-point, 2-team teaser as an example. Our odds on this teaser are -120, so in terms of decimal units, we’re risking 1.20 to win 2.20.

The math here is: 1.20/2.20 = 54.54. For us to break even on this teaser, both teams must win 54.54% of the time. From there, we need to take the square root of 0.5454 to determine the amount of time each team must win for the bet to profit.

Calculating the square root can be without a calculator, but we’re not sure why anyone would want to go through all that trouble. We can merely plug in the number into a root calculator and get our answer.

The Square Root And The Implied Probability

The square root of 0.5454 is 0.7385, or 73.85%. Now, if we take this percentage and plug it into the implied probability field of our odds converter, we can get -282.41.

This tells us that a 2-team, 6.5 point teaser is a 2-team parlay with each team priced at -282.41. We can calculate this percentage with 3-team teasers by taking the cubed root (since there are three teams) of our implied probability percentage.

Since we know that point spreads are 50/50 propositions, we determine how much we need to increase our winning percentage by subtracting 50% from our implied probability. In this example 73.85% – 50.0% = 23.85%.

Therefore, for this teaser to achieve profitability, we need to tease point spreads where the change in odds improves each team’s chances of winning by 23.85%.

NFL Teaser Strategy & Win Margins

Anyone who bets the NFL frequently and has success knows the significance of the three and seven when it comes to point spreads. Few casual sports bettors truly understand how often games fall between this margin of victory.

The most common margin of victory in the NFL, by a large margin, is 3 points which accounts for 15.7% of all games. Seven points are the second most popular margin, accounting for 9.3% of all final scores.

Together, NFL games are decided by these two margins about 25% of the time. If we add in a 10-point victory margin (which accounts for 6.2%), more than 1/3rd of all games are decided by three, seven, or ten points.

Wong Teaser Bets Strategy

NFL Teaser Bets StrategyBasic strategy teasers, otherwise known as “Wong Teasers” take advantage of this victory margin by using teasers. These were popularized by the release of “Sharp Sports Betting” in 2001 by Stanford Wong.

The book is one of the best written on sports betting and has a variety of +EV strategies aside from basic strategy teasers.

Since we know that games will fall between the 3 or 7 margin of victory nearly 25%, teasing spreads that cross the 3 and 7 will offer us the best value from the start.

Wong Teasers In Today’s Market

When using standard 6-point teasers, this means teasing favorites from -7.5 to -8.5 and underdogs from +1.5 to +2.5.

In the current market, Wong Teasers have lost a bit of their edge as sportsbooks were clobbered by sharp bettors at the turn of the century when online gambling and sports betting exploded in popularity.

Some sportsbooks will shade their lines to stay out of the range of basic strategy teasers. For instance, instead of offering a -8.5(-110) and +8.5(-110) market, they might offer the +9.5(-125) and -9.5(+105).

Often enough, sites that offer excellent teaser odds are the ones employing line shades to protect themselves against basic strategy teasers like 6-point, 3-team teasers at +180 or 6-point, 2-team teasers at -110.

6 Point 3 Team Teasers vs 6 Point 2 Team Teasers

6-point teasers with three teams are a better option than 6-point, 2-team teasers, so go ahead wager on 3-team teasers if possible when betting basic strategy teasers.

It’s worth noting that these prices are the only area where the margins of victory and proper odds match up appropriately. Some bettors seem to think sweetheart teasers, also known as monster teasers fall into this category.

These are 10-12 point teasers, where bettors must wager on 3-4 teams or picks. Though these bets may seem enticing, especially a 10-point, 3-team teaser at -110 – they’re ultimately sucker bets.

These teasers all have breakeven percentages over 80%, which makes them impossible to beat long-term.

Where To Place NFL Football Teaser Bets

NFL teaser odds will vary at online sportsbooks on two different numbers. Most betting sites offer a 2-team, 6-point teaser at -110. A few sites charge -120.

Likewise, many pay +160 or +170 on 2-team, 6-point teasers, while some sportsbooks payout at +180. We recommend two of our most trusted NFL betting sites for placing your football teaser bets.

Best Betting Sites For NFL Teaser Bets

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NFL Teaser Odds At Betting Sites

Points 2 team 3 team 4 team 5 team
6 -110 +160 +260 +400
6.5 -120 +140 +225 +375
7 -130 +120 +200 +325
Points 6 team 7 team 8 team 9 team 10 team
6 +600 +900 +1500 +2000 +2500
6.5 +500 +800 +1100 +1500 +2000
7 +450 +700 +900 +1200 +1500
Points 2 team 3 team 4 team 5 team 6 team
6 -110 +160 +260 +420 +600
6.5 -120 +150 +240 +375 +550
7 -130 +135 +200 +350 +475
7.5 -150 +120 +185 +270 +380
Points 7 team 8 team 9 team 10 team 11 team 12 team
6 +1000 +1500 +2000 +2500 +3500 +5000
6.5 +900 +1200 +1500 +2000 +2500 +3500
7 +800 +1000 +1250 +1600 +2000 +2500
7.5 +725 +975 +1325 +1775 +2400 +530
Points 2 team 3 team 4 team 5 team 6 team
3 +130 +250 +450 +700 +1100
6 -110 +180 +300 +450 +600
6.5 -120 +160 +250 +400 +550
7 -130 +140 +200 +350 +500
10   -130      
13     -130    
Points 7 team 8 team 9 team 10 team
3 +1700 +2500 +4000 +6000
6 +900 +1200 +1800 +2500
6.5 +800 +1100 +1500 +2000
7 +700 +1000 +1200 +1500
Points 1 team 2 team 3 team 4 team 5 team
6 -250 -110 +170 +260 +450
6.5 -270 -120 +150 +250 +400
7 -285 -130 +140 +200 +350
Points 6 team 7 team 8 team 9 team 10 team
2         -200
3         -130
6 +700 +900 +1400    
6.5 +600 +800 +1200    
7 +500 +700 +1000    
Points 2 team 3 team 4 team 5 team
6 -120 +150 +235 +350
6.5 -130 +135 +215 +320
7 -140 +120 +200 +300
Points 6 team 7 team 8 team 9 team 10 team
6 +550 +800 +1300 +2000 +2500
6.5 +500 +700 +1100 +1500 +2000
7 +475 +600 +900 +1200 +1600


NFL Football Teaser Odds Breakdown

We can see that GTBets is by far the best site for those looking to bet NFL teasers. They’re the only site on the list that offers 3-team, 6-point teasers at +180, which is extremely rare in the industry.

Their other teaser odds beat most of the other sites, as well. Intertops is a close second to for teaser odds. They’re the only sportsbook that offers single team teasers, and the rest of their odds are competitive.

They’re still behind GTBets for teaser odds but are ahead of the bigger betting sites, such as Bovada and BetOnline.

Teaser Bets In NFL – Must Know

Though we stress line shopping at length at Safest Betting Sites, it’s important to understand that most teasers have “fixed odds”. This means that teaser odds will be the same regardless of the attached juice.

Let’s say we tease a -7.5(-130) and an underdog +1.5(-110) underdog, the standard teaser odds won’t change because we have favorite of -130. We will still get the standard -110 on a 2-team, 6-pt teaser.

It’s vital to realize the attached juice has no bearing on fixed-odds teasers and that the point spread is the only factor that bettors need to be concerned with when betting these markets.

Trust The Market When Betting NFL Teasers

It’s particularly important to trust the market when betting basic strategy teasers. They should use multiple sportsbooks and trust the sharper ones when evaluating odds for teaser bets.

Just because you may be getting a point or half-point on a critical number, doesn’t mean that you’re beating the market. If the odds are going in the other direction or sharper sportsbooks differ, you’re just taking a poor line.

NFL teaser bet strategiesThough bettors should focus on 2-team or 3-team, 6-point teasers with the best odds possible, getting top teaser odds isn’t always the most important aspect of maximizing your winnings.

As mentioned above, sites that offer elite teaser odds often shade their lines to limit the availability of basic strategy teasers. There are more recreational-focused sportsbooks that offer slightly worse odds (or the same odds) on teasers, but don’t shade their lines.

This amounts to more favorable situations for basic strategy teasers. Their odds are also generally much less efficient than at sharper sportsbooks, so bettors will get an upgrade there as well.

NFL Teaser Bet Picks

We recommend bookmarking our Free Sports Picks Hub pages to stay on top of our experts’ NFL teaser picks during the NFL football season plus other American football bet recommendations for the regular season as well as for the Super Bowl plus other sporting events.

NFL Teaser Bets Frequently Asked Questions

Why are teaser payouts lower than parlays?

NFL parlay bets are multiple unaltered wagers that all must-win for the wager to cash. They’re going to have bigger payouts in most cases because most parlays will have -110 bets or similar.

NFL teaser bets alter the point spread or total by 6 or more points – making each bet easier to win, but still, hard to win them all.

Do betting sites like players who bet NFL teasers?

For the most part, yes. Of course, if there was a bettor who was beating them with Wong teaser strategy, then they would look to limit or ban the player.

However, that’s not usually the case. Most bettors lose and they bet too many teams that end up giving the oddsmakers a huge edge.

How much can you bet on NFL teasers?

NFL teaser bets typically have betting limits up to $1,000 per teaser, but this depends on the sportsbook.

Some may be around $500 and others may be higher. NFL teasers typically have higher limits than basketball teasers for example.

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