NFL Football Parlays

Parlays and NFL betting markets go together like, well, Thanksgiving and football! NFL football parlays are easily the most wagered bet type in pro football betting markets aside from straight wagers, but teasers are a close second in popularity.

We analyze the parlay bet extensively in our article on parlay betting, which has the full parlay odds for the top sportsbooks online. In this article, we’re going to take a look at NFL-specific strategy for parlays. Some of them won’t change much from traditional parlay betting strategy, but it’s good to know the ins and outs for each sport.

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Football Parlay Rules – Limit Your Parlays To 2-3 Selections

NFL 4-Team ParlayThis is one of the biggest mistakes that bettors make when it comes to betting parlays, especially those betting football, either pro or college. Too many football gamblers don´t follow the football parlays rules and decide to try and take a shot at the whole slate and will often place 8-10 team parlays. They’re playing right into the hands of the oddsmakers.

Parlays can be profitable (although, most times it’s still usually better to place straight wagers) but certainly not when they’re more than three teams or selections. The sportsbooks increase rapidly to deal with in the increased risk of each payout.

With two teams, the offshore betting odds are +264 at most sportsbooks. The true odds of this parlay are +300. With three teams, the offshore odds are +600, but the true odds are +700. The bookies have an advantage here, but it’s much slimmer one than they do at the higher levels.

NFL Football Parlay Example

For instance, a 4-team parlay pays about 12/1, but the true odds are 15/1. It only gets worse from there. A 5-team parlay pays about 24/1, but the true odds are 31/1. At 9 teams, the odds pay 335/1, but has true odds of 511/1.

There’s no possible way to overcome this type of an advantage by the oddsmakers. Even if you’re getting an excellent price on each bet, these bets are -EV regardless of the selections. Don’t be enticed by the larger payout or trying to pick every game each weekend. NFL parlays of more than 2-3 teams are a quick way to lose your bankroll quickly.

Using Fixed Odds Parlays to Your Advantage

At many sportsbooks, fixed football parlay odds only apply to selections that are -110. Bettors can add another selection that isn’t -110 into their parlay and force a fair calculation. For instance, if you bet a three team parlay with two selections at -110 but another at -120, you’re going to end up with a potentially higher payout with the true odds.

This is particularly notable for football betting markets. Many sportsbooks won’t come off certain numbers and will adjust their moneyline odds on attached point spread far beyond -110. It’s important to be sure how your sportsbook is calculating their parlays before trying to use this to your advantage.

Best Betting Sites for NFL Football Parlays

We don’t advise betting more than two or three teams on NFL parlays (preferably two), and you won’t see much of a difference in odds between different sportsbooks on this front. It is worth noting that almost every betting site pays +264 on two-team parlays.

High Limit Parlays at BetOnline

BetOnline sportsbookBetOnline has some of the highest parlay limits in the industry. They will take up to $5,000 on NFL parlays and offer to pay +600 on three team parlays when you sign up and bet at BetOnline.

Perfect Alternative –

sportsbetting sportsbookBy signing up at, you will receive a max bet amount of $5,000 on NFL parlays and they do pay +600 on three team parlays. You can use their great 75% up to $1,000 sign-up bonus to start placing your parlays this NFL season.