NFL Team Totals Betting

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NFL Team Totals Bet

Betting on NFL team totals is yet another type of wager you can place on NFL football. This bet type differs from sides and specifically totals. This is because it allows bettors to wager on the amount of points a team will score.

As opposed to the total points scored in the game by both teams; which is the total or over/under.

Team totals can be immensely profitable bets. They’re a smaller market when it comes to NFL betting and one that sharp bettors are keen to attack.

There are team totals available for every NFL game of the year, for each team. The market has become a mainstay at online betting sites.

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What Are NFL Team Totals?

Team Totals are merely betting on the number of points a team will score in an NFL game. This betting market includes regulation and any overtime scoring.

Essentially, it is an over/under or totals market, but the difference is that you’re only betting on the scoring output of a single team.

Let’s look at example.

NFL Team Totals Bet and Odds Example

As you can see, we have two options, betting the over or under on the number of points the Patriots will score in their game. They have another opponent, but that isn’t relevant for team totals.

New England PatriotsOver 25.5 (-110)
New England PatriotsUnder 25.5 (-110)

The only factor that we need to consider when it comes to winning our bet is how many points this specific NFL team will score.

Team Totals Bet Explained In Detail

For example, if we think the Patriots will score 26 points, we would bet the over 25.5.

  • Should they score 26 points or more, then our wager would be graded as a winner.
  • If they score 25 points or less, then the bet would be graded as a loser.

Now, we can bet the under because if think they will score 25 points or less.

  • If they score 25 points or less, the bet will be graded as a win.
  • If they score 26 points or more, then the wager is graded as a loss.

Team totals are straightforward and easy bets to understand, as well as to place. We can move on to calculating our own team totals from the online sportsbooks lines.

Calculating NFL Team Totals

We can calculate the team totals for each NFL team using the NFL point spread and total (over/under).

There is a simple formula that can be used to calculate a team totals wager. You need to use it twice to get the team total for each team in the game.

Totals calculation looks like this:


Calculation Example And Explanation

Let’s look at betting odds for the upcoming NFL season and calculate the team total for each team using the point spread and the total:

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears – Spread & Total Odds
Game Total 45.5

Steps To Calculate NFL Team Totals

  1. First, let’s calculate the Packers team total:
    (45.5 / 2) – (+3.5 / 2) = 21 Points

    If we plug the above into a team totals calculator, we get 21 points for the Packers. Remember, since Green bay is the underdog, we input their value as a positive; or non-negative number.

    This is the way you calculate underdogs or if the game should happen to be a pick’em with no favorite.

  2. Now, let’s calculate the Bears’ team total:
    (45.5 / 2) – (-3.5 / 2) = 24.5 Points

    Again, feel free to plug that into the calculator and look for the same result above. Notice we have the 3.5 with a negative symbol (-). This is important to remember when calculating the team total using the above formula.

  3. Now, we add the 24.5 and 21 together and we end up with 45.5 points. The oddsmakers total points.

Congrats, you’ve just learned how to calculate NFL team totals!

Sportsbooks Where You Can Bet On NFL Team Totals

Below you will find the top-rated gambling sites to bet on NFL team totals:

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NFL Team Totals Gambling Tips/Strategies

In most cases, bettors are not using team totals wagers. Some may not even realize these markets exist. However, they can be a source of profitability and another way to wager on an NFL game.

Below you can find a few strategies to implement when betting team totals that can help you become a winner.

Betting Tip #1Bet NFL Team Totals That Are “Off”

Team totals are derivative markets. That means they are derived from another number. In this case, that means they are derived from the side and total of an NFL game. They should be almost the same as the above calculation.

This is especially true if you’re using odds from one of the sharper sportsbooks online, such as or Pinnacle Sports. So, if you do the above calculation and see team totals markets that are considerably different – this may be a betting opportunity.

You may also believe that the team total is not correct, and the team should be projected to score more points.

This can be based on several different factors, but the main point is that you believe that you have an edge with the current number.

Betting Tip #2To Bet More Money On A Side

If you have already maxed out a bet on a team when it comes to the point spread; or other markets, like NFL moneylines. A team total is another way to bet more money on the season games.

Say you’ve bet the max on the NFL point spread and total, but still want to get more action in a spot you like. You can always bet on their team total.

Of course, it’s not the same as betting money on the point spread or wagering on the over or under. That is something to keep in mind.

No Parlaying With Team Totals

One rule you should know is that parlaying the over, point spread, and other bets with team totals is not allowed at online sportsbooks.

The parlays are correlated and offer a massive advantage to bettors. However, nothing is stopping from you betting each of these wagers individually.

Betting Tip #3When You Don’t See Value In The Point Spread Or Total

Certain point spread numbers are not ideal to bet on, and the same can be said for totals. If you miss a big move on a number and the value is gone – there may still be value in the team total.

Instead of betting the point spread or total, wagering on NFL team totals is a choice that may bettors overlook.

There are many reasons to bet on the team total instead of the game total or point spread.

If you’re unsure how the other side may perform, but you believe a team is undervalued or overvalued in totals markets, then team totals is an ideal bet.

The only major issue you will have betting team totals is that betting limits are a lot lower than sides and totals. You can bet 1/3 or less on teams totals compared to point spread wagering.

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