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Our sports betting odds calculator and converter will allow you to convert odds between different formats instantly. You will also be able to calculate your potential payout based on the odds and your bet amount immediately. Convert between US odds (moneyline odds), decimal odds, fractional odds, Hong Kong odds, Indonesian odds, Malay odds, and implied probability.

The converter and calculator is a valuable tool if you’re using a sportsbook that primarily utilizes odds in a format that you are not familiar with using. Most sportsbooks allow players to switch odds types, but this feature is not universal at all betting sites. Converting an unfamiliar sports betting odds format to one that you are familiar with can prevent you from making a sports betting mistake.

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Betting Odds Converter & Calculator

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How do I use this tool?
This tool converts between US odds, Decimal odds, Fractional odds, and Implied Probability. Enter any one of these values, and the rest of the formats' values will be calculated and displayed automatically.


  • US Odds: Odds in US format (a negative number expresses the dollar amount that would need to be wagered in order to win $100, while a positive number expresses the dollar amount that would be won from a $100 wager)
  • Decimal Odds: Odds in decimal format (expresses the amount that would be returned from a $1 bet *inclusive* of original stake)
  • Fractional Odds: Odds in fractional format (expresses the fraction of a dollar that would be won from a $1 bet)
  • Implied Probability: The win probability that would imply zero vig on the offered line
  • Hong Kong Odds: Odds in Hong Kong format
  • Indonesian Odds: Odds in Indonesian format
  • Malay Odds: Odds in Malaysian format

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Decimal Odds In Sports Betting

Decimal odds are the easiest to calculate compared to other odds types. Bettors just need to take their stake x odds to equal their payout amount. For instance, if you bet $100 at 2.0 decimal odds, you’d get $200 if your bet won, your $100 stake back, plus your profit of $100. Decimal odds are most popular in the mainland Europe, Australia, and Canada.

Fractional Odds In Betting On Sports

Fractional odds are also known as UK odds and are the preferred odds format for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Fractional odds, work like, well, fractions. The denominator or the second number of the fraction represents the amount bet, and the first number represents how much the wager can yield. As an example, let’s say you take a team as a 3/1 underdog, your $100 wager would win you $300 if you won your bet. Unlike decimal odds, your stake isn’t added in when calculating your potential payout.

Implied Probability In Sports Betting

Implied probability is the percentage chance of an outcome when it relates to betting odds. Calculating implied probability is a bit more complicated than understanding betting odds, but it’s something that is vital to success at sports betting. Check out our sports betting strategy section for a full breakdown of implied probability.

American Odds – Sports Betting

American odds are also known as moneyline odds or US odds. They are mostly utilized by those placing wagers in the United States. American odds are based on the amount it takes to win $100. For instance, if you’re betting something at -110 odds, the standard vigorish, you would have to stake $110 to have a chance to win $100. It works the other way, as well. At +200, a $100 bet would give you a $200 profit if you win your wager.

Hong Kong Odds – Sports Betting

Hong Kong odds are the preferred betting odds of Hong Kong and many Chinese speaking countries. Many point to Hong Kong odds as the easiest and most straightforward to understand regarding odds types. This makes sense because they’re quite similar to decimal odds. The basic formula for calculating HK odds is: Payout = Stake x (Odds). Say you place a $100 wager with HK odds of 2.20. You can take your stake and multiply by the HK odds, $100 x 2.20 to equal $220. The calculation is your potential profits. You still need to add in your stake to get $320 returned plus profits, counting $220 in winnings.

Indonesian Odds – Sports Betting

Betting in Indonesian but the vast country still has quite the sports gambling appetite. Indonesian odds are close to moneyline or American odds, but they’re in decimal format. A -1.20 bet in Indonesian odds would mean that the bettor must wager $120 to win $100. It’s the same as a -120 bet in American odds. The main difference is that a plus wager doesn’t use any symbols. A +200 bet in American odds would appear as a 2.00 bet in the Indonesian format.

Malaysian Odds – Sports Betting

Football (soccer) betting is extremely popular in Malaysia. The country of over 31 million also has an odds preference. Malaysian odds are similar Indonesian odds and decimal odds. However, 1.0 is the probability of even money compared to 2.0 in decimal odds. The calculation for Malaysian odds is simple enough. Stake x Odds = Profit when the number is positive and Stake / Odds = Profits when the number is negative. So, if you bet $100 on 1.0 Malay odds, then you would stand to make $100 in profit if your bet won. A bet on -0.50 would result in $50 profit on a $100 wager.

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More Free Calculators

If you are on the lookout for more ways to use calculators to your advantage, then let me introduce you to our free no-vig calculator, which can be used to calculate no-vig odds and probabilities. It’s an excellent tool for comparing betting markets when line shopping.

Too many times bettors will make the mistake of merely seeing a slightly better price on a betting market as a +EV wager but don’t factor in the bookmaker’s vigorish. Don’t wait any longer, get the advantage you ned right now!

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