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This betting odds converter allows you to easily convert odds between different formats. The sports betting odds calculator allows you to see your potential payout based on the odds and the amount you want to bet. Try it now!

Odds Converter & Calculator

Input the odds you want to convert and a bet amount to calculate your potential winnings.

American Odds e.g. +150
Decimal Odds e.g. 2.50
Fractional Odds e.g. 3/2
Implied Probability e.g. 40%

Bet Amount e.g. 10
To Win e.g. 100
Total Payout e.g. 110
Please review the values you entered to make sure they are valid, and try again.

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How To Use Our Odds Calculator

Betting Odds Converter And Calculator

Our tool converts between American odds, Decimal odds, Fractional odds, and Implied Probability.

Enter any of these values, and the rest of the formats’ values will be calculated and displayed automatically.

You can also input the amount of money you wish to place on a particular bet and see what would be the potential earnings and the total payout based on your odds.

The odds converter is a valuable tool if you’re using a sportsbook that utilizes odds in a format that you are not familiar with.

Most online sportsbooks allow players to switch odds types, but this feature is not universal at all betting sites.

Converting unfamiliar betting odds formats to the one you are familiar with can prevent you from making a betting mistake.

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Converting Different Sports Betting Odds

How To Convert Betting Odds To Probability

There are several odds types, but we will focus on American odds or moneyline odds (-110/+110) for this conversion. The math here is simple, but there are two calculations for positive odds (+) and negative odds (-). 

Plus Moneyline Odds Calculation

The formula here is 100 / (plus moneyline odds + 100)

We can do our calculation just using the odds of +150.

So, here’s our math:

100 / (150 +100) = 100 / 250 = 0.4 

From there, we multiply our decimal by 100, and we get our implied probability of 40%

Minus Moneyline Odds Calculation

The negative odds are about the same to calculate, but there is a slight difference in the formula. In this case, it is going to look like this: 

(- (minus moneyline odds)) / (- (minus moneyline odds)) +100)

Let’s do this with our -150 odds.

(-(-150) / (-(150)) +100) = 150 / 250 = 0.6

Once again, from there, we multiply our decimal by 100, and we get 60% implied probability.

How To Convert Probability To Odds

Converting probabilities to odds is extremely simple. We need to take the probability, convert it to decimal form, and divide it by one minus that probability.

For example, let’s take a 20% probability. This is easily converted into 0.20 decimal.

We can then divide this decimal by 1 minus itself: 0.20/0.19 = 1.05.

We now have decimal odds of 1.05.

We will show you how to convert these into other odds types later.

How To Convert American Odds To Fractional Odds

This conversion is one of the easiest between different odds types. There are two basic formulas you need to follow.

With positive odds or plus odds, you simply need to divide the American odds or moneyline odds by 100.

So, the formula would look like moneyline odds / 100 = fractional odds.

For example, +200 moneyline odds would be 200/100 = 2/1 fractional odds. 

For negative odds or minus odds, bettors will need to divide -100 by the odds.

Our formula would look like -100 / American odds = fractional odds.

If we use this formula with -200 odds instead, it will look like –100/-200 = 0.5 or 1/2 fractional odds.

How To Convert American Odds To Decimal Odds

Once again, we have two different formulas for positive and negative odds, but they’re both simple to follow. They will allow you to convert American odds to decimal odds simply and easily.

For plus odds, the formula for doing so is adding 1 to American odds and dividing them by 100.

It would look like this: (American odds/100) + 1 = decimal odds.

Let’s try it with +200 American odds. Our math would look like (200/100) +1 = 3.00 decimal odds.

For negative or minus odds, we change our +1 addition to -1 and divide 100 by the American odds.

The formula would be (100/ American odds) +1 = decimal odds.

Let’s do it again here with -200 American odds: (100/-200) -1 = 1.5 decimal odds.

Betting Odds Calculator & Converter FAQ

How Do American Odds Work?

US, Moneyline, or American odds are about how much you’re wagering if you bet $100 or how much you will win if you stake $100.

For instance, when you have -110 odds, you will need to wager $110 to win $100. With +110 odds, a $100 bet will return $110 in profits if your wager is a winner. Even money is +100.

How Do Decimal Odds Work?

Decimal odds represent the total payout of your wager rather than just the profit. The formula for decimal odds is stake x decimal odds = payout.

For example, if you wagered $100 at 2.00 decimal odds, your full return would be $200 ($100 x 2.00 = $200). Decimal odds include your stake along with any potential profits when you calculate the return.

How Do Fractional Odds Work?

Fractional odds are based on, well, fractions. For instance, 3/1 fractional odds would give bettors a $300 profit on a $100 wager.

Most notably, fractional odds do not calculate your stake into the payout, meaning a $100 bet at 3/1 would return a total profit of $300. This does not include your original stake of $100, which also would be returned to you.

What Is The Implied Probability In Sports Betting?

Implied probability is the conversion of betting odds into a percentage. It also takes into account the sportsbook’s edge or vigorish when expressing the probability of an outcome occurring.

How Hong Kong Betting Odds Work?

The formula for calculating Hong Kong odds is Payout = Stake x (Odds). Say you place a $100 wager with HK odds of 2.20. You can take your stake and multiply by the HK odds, $100 x 2.20 to equal $220.

The calculation is your potential profits. You still need to add in your stake to get $320 returned plus profits, counting $220 in winnings.

How Indonesian Betting Odds Work?

Indonesian odds are close to Moneyline or American odds, but they’re in decimal format. A -1.20 bet in Indonesian odds would mean that the bettor must wager $120 to win $100.

It’s the same as a -120 bet in American odds. The main difference is that a plus wager doesn’t use any symbols. A +200 bet in American odds would appear as a 2.00 bet in the Indonesian format.

How Do Malaysian Betting Odds Work?

In Malaysian odds, 1.0 is the probability of even money compared to 2.0 in decimal odds. The calculation for Malaysian odds is Stake x Odds = Profit when the number is positive and Stake / Odds = Profits when the number is negative.

So, if you bet $100 on 1.0 Malay odds, then you would stand to make $100 in profit if your bet won. A bet on -0.50 would result in a $50 profit on a $100 wager.

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