2019 NFL Preseason Winning Betting Tips And Expert Strategies

NFL Preseason Betting Tips and Strategies

Start Betting On The 2019 NFL Preseason – Tips And Strategies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas – the start of the NFL football season. Before the regular season kicks off with the Packers at the Bears on September 5th, we have the NFL Preseason.

Yes, the games don’t matter, and most of the talent you see on the field won’t end up making an NFL roster when Week 1 rolls around. This is still football and you can bet on the preseason!

Get A Greater Betting Edge During The Preseason

Many sports bettors write-off the preseason because “the games don’t count“. That’s a mistake. In fact, your edge during the NFL preseason can actually be much higher than the NFL regular season. That is, if you decide to put in the work.

Here are some tips for profiting while betting on the NFL preseason.

Familiarize Yourself With The Coaches

To put it simply: Some coaches care more about the preseason than others.

Some are going to play their starters longer, develop game plans more intensely, and put a lot of effort into their preseason games. Others are not. We can’t just lump these two groups of coaches into veteran versus rookie coaches either.

We need to do a little research:

The best way to do this is to read up on the coaches and teams. Information like:

  • How they’re running their training camp.
  • The motivation of their staff and even particular players.

Franchises are in different places as they come into the season, and some are far more motivated than others.

Forget The Big Names In The NFL

To bet the NFL preseason correctly and effectively, you need to forget the faces of franchises. As well as how good a team might be when it comes to the regular season.

It’s not Tom Brady’s Patriots or Drew Brees’ Saints playing. Regular season records from last year or how far a team made it in the playoffs is irrelevant. For most of the preseason, it’s backups and guys that won’t even make the team.

Make Sure To Research Preseason Players

Learning the ability of these players will help you handicap preseason games effectively. You will also gain some knowledge that may help you during the regular season; especially if starters get injured.

Having full knowledge of the roster is a huge advantage when wagering on the preseason.

Sportsbook Betting Lines Move A Lot

You will see massive betting line movements in NFL preseason contests. This is why betting at top NFL betting sites, as well as line shopping, is important.

It’s not unheard of to see a team that is -3 favorite, end up being a +4 underdog before kickoff.

Odds Change Constantly

There is a lot of news that breaks in the preseason. News regarding playing time of starters, coaches motivations or game plans, and so on. Gambling odds move a lot and drastically, compared to the regular season.

Beat The Oddsmakers

That’s the main reason that preseason games have much lower betting limits compared to the regular season.

If you stay on top of the news, then there is a good chance you can beat the oddsmakers to the punch when it comes to wagering on preseason betting markets.

Breaking news in the preseason is far more valuable.

Following beat writers on Twitter is a great way to stay on top of how long coaches will play their starters and other information.

Don’t Sit Out During The NFL Preseason

You can you gain a more significant edge on preseason contests if you put in the work. It is also an excellent research tool when it comes to learning about teams and players that you will be betting on all NFL season.

Too many bettors make the mistake of not betting NFL exhibitions. Don’t fall into their trap of missing out on some extra betting profits and the chance to learn more about a sport you will be wagering on all year long.

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