How To Bet Online Abroad – Keep Betting On Sports Overseas!

How To Bet Online Abroad

If you have ever been traveling abroad or moved to another country, you clearly still want the ability to bet online on your favorite sports.

Well, if you’re in this boat, you have come to the right place.

This article will go over how to bet online abroad, the availability of betting sites overseas, and other topics, such as if you can use a VPN to sports bet from anywhere in the world.

Best Online Sportsbooks To Bet Abroad

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Is It Possible to Bet Online Abroad?

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Yes, it is possible to bet online no matter your location.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that laws and regulations related to online gambling change depending on your country.

It is rare, but online betting is still illegal in some countries.

While these risks are low and some jurisdictions do not enforce the laws on their books – it is something to keep in mind, regardless of where you are traveling.

Analyzing The Most Common Scenarios

There are some distinctions to keep in mind if you’re betting abroad.

If you’re an expatriate (someone living in the country semi-permanently or permanently) or a tourist, someone just visiting for a few days or weeks.

Let’s analyze these two scenarios:

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Betting Abroad As An Expatriate

Opening a new betting account that is available and accepted in your new home country is probably the best route to go if you’re going to be there permanently.

However, there may be a way you can simply use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and use a local IP address to log into your betting account from abroad. Although, some sites use geolocation software, making this impossible.

Another option is to make an account at a sportsbook that accepts players internationally, therefore, you won’t need to disguise your IP address or worry about geolocation.

You will need to create a longer-term solution when betting as an expat, as your address may change, and a short-term fix won’t likely cut it.

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Betting Abroad As A Tourist

The VPN route is going to be your best bet as a tourist if you’re visiting a country for just a few weeks.

If you have a local bookie back home, that is also another option, and you could simply tell them that you have been traveling for a few weeks. 

There is no need to sign up for a site that is exclusive to residents of the country you are visiting but don’t cross it off entirely as an option, as you may be able to receive a bonus and wager a bit while you’re traveling.

Best Sites For Sports Betting Abroad

There are lots of betting sites that accept players from most countries. Many others make it simple for customers when traveling abroad to place bets, even if they’re not in their home country or primary residence. 

We’ve detailed the best options below for Americans that want to bet abroad.

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Top Sportsbooks To Bet From Abroad Reviewed

BetUS Sportsbook

BetUS has emerged as an elite option for bettors with a host of deposit bonuses, fantastic software, and a massive assortment of betting markets.

BetUS offers an unparalleled 100% Up To $2,500 Welcome Bonus to new users with their first deposit. Take it!

The list of countries and states they don’t accept is relatively short, meaning they’re a superb option for betting online abroad.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada is exclusive to US customers and does not accept states with regulated sports betting.

However, they’re one of the best options in the history of online sports betting, with incredible promos, generous odds, and lightning-fast payouts.

They have a 50% Up To $250 Welcome Bonus for those who sign up and make a deposit for the first time.

Bovada still allows existing customers to wager in regulated states and does not use geolocation software. You can easily use a VPN if you are traveling or out of the country to be able to wager at Bovada.

MyBookie Sportsbook

MyBookie is a relative newcomer on this list but has become one of the best online sports betting options in the past few years.

They offer players excellent welcome bonuses, and are known for their wild and crazy props and betting options.

MyBookie allows you to claim a 50% Up To $1,000 Welcome Bonus while funding your betting account for the first time.

There is a decent list of countries where players cannot make an account, but most states in the United States are accepted.

If you’re traveling abroad, use a VPN to access your account, you should have no issues placing bets. Sportsbook is another elite option for bettors, no matter where they are located.

The sportsbook has few location restrictions, massive bonuses, and significant betting limits.

Sportsbetting offers a 50% Up To $1,000 Welcome Bonus for those who decided to open a new account with them.

Bettors will have no issues logging in from anywhere in the United States or outside the country and placing a few bets.

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline is another excellent choice for overseas sports betting.

They offer a 50% Up To $250 Welcome Bonus available during your first money deposit at the site.

They share the same support and odds as making them a terrific option for bonuses, massive betting limits, and most importantly, betting online abroad.

Follow These Steps To Bet Online Abroad

  1. Check Local Laws And Regulations

    Online betting is legal in most of the world, but it’s still worth noting any local laws or regulations that prohibit or criminalize online gambling.

    You need to take this step before logging into your betting account. If you decide to sign up for a new betting site, first read our review of the best offshore sportsbooks.
  2. Determine Any Changes To Your Login Process

    This is where you need some knowledge of the site(s) where you have betting accounts.

    Can you use a VPN to sports bet at that particular site? Do you need to be physically present in the state or country to use the app or online bookmaker?
  3. Log In To Your Account

    With the above step in mind, log into your betting account as you usually would, using your standard username and password.

    If necessary, open your VPN app and set your location right.
  4. Place Bets As Usual

    Once logged into your account, the process for placing bets doesn’t change when using betting sites abroad. You can place a wager on any sport as you usually would.

Can You Use A VPN to Sports Bet?

Yes, you can. They’re a relatively cheap way to keep your personal information secure and do allow you to choose a location that does not violate the rules of your specific betting site. 

If you’re taking a vacation and you still want to bet at your favorite online betting site – it can be a solid short-term workaround with little cost.

However, we don’t recommend it as a long-term solution.

If you’re using it to deceive a sportsbook of your location for an extended period of time or bet from a restricted country or area – you’re taking a severe risk. That’s certainly something we do not advocate.

Tips to Bet Online Abroad Safely

For the most part, betting abroad isn’t going to be overly complicated. After all, the basics remain the same, you log into your account, place bets, and hope to win.

However, there are a few tips you can use to make sure you can bet abroad without any hassles or issues with your betting accounts. Here they are:

Betting Tip#1Be Aware of the Terms And Conditions

Be aware of terms and conditions when betting abroad

Every betting site has rules and terms one must follow to ensure the account remains in good standing.

You may rarely be penalized or actively breaking the law if you’re betting outside the country or in a different jurisdiction, but it can happen.

Most of the time, the software will not let you place a wager if you are not legally allowed to do so.

You may also run into issues if you log in from many different locations within a short period, so keep it in mind if you decide to use a VPN when betting abroad.

Betting Tip#2Use Betting Sites That Accept Many Countries

Choose the right online sportsbook

It’s simply just going to be easier if you use betting sites that work in a large number of states and countries.

You could even look for betting sites accepted in places you travel frequently or a country you may reside in for a long time.

It’s also better if you’re aware of the site’s policy. If you’ve had issues previously when you traveled and placed bets, such as getting your account locked, then that may happen again.

You can even email support and inform them of upcoming travel. A simple email to support explaining that you’re traveling could make your betting abroad experience painless.

Betting Tip#3Consider Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Consider using a VPN

We can’t explicitly tell you to use a VPN when betting on sports, but there are reasons to use them if you are traveling, in general.

VPNs offer more security for your personal information, such as your passwords and internet activity.

They also allow you to appear from a different location and hide your true location.

How you use VPNs is up to you, but they offer a host of positives, including the ability to protect your data.

Should You Try Sports Betting From Abroad?

Yes, betting sports abroad is an excellent way to still wager at your favorite betting sites or try new sports betting options.

It’s always important to check your local laws and regulations when betting abroad, but there’s no reason why you should have to stop betting on sports just because you’re traveling or changing countries.

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