Is Winning A National Championship In College Football Easier Than In College Basketball?

Winning A National Championship In NCAA Football Vs. NCAA Basketball

I have to be honest. I never thought about it. And I am a College sports enthusiast; both football and hoops. But my editor asked me plain and simple. Which National championship is easier to win? I didn’t have an immediate response, but it got me thinking. In other to find the easier to win I have to know which one is harder.

Why is the College Basketball National title harder to win

Randomness Factor

It’s beyond obvious the College basketball regular season is not as important as football, but once March Madness reaches the calendar, then all hell breaks loose. While we do know not all teams can win the tournament, the randomness of the “win or go home” format still plays a big factor. Great teams won’t lose to smaller schools in the early stages, but there is always room for that one crazy upset per round. When the bracket keeps getting smaller and smaller, then games get tighter. And even great coaches with impressive recruiting classes can go home after a bad night. This leads me to…

The one and done rule

2019 College Basketball National ChampionshipMany people hate this rule because it gives the advantage to big schools to have NBA ready players for one year. But it also has put basketball programs in a challenging spot. Coaches can’t plan to have the same teams for two or three years like the old days. They have to go year-to-year building from scratch. Many big schools just rebuild and reload, but not all have the chance to be good year after year. It adds to the randomness of the tournament and the idea that any team can get eliminated on any giving night.

Why is the College Football National title harder to win

Two losses and you are out

2019 College Football National ChampionshipIn College basketball, you can have several losses. In fact, your team could have a bad stretch, and no one bats an eye. In College Football, you earn your first loss of the season early in the calendar, and you are close to being checkmated. In fact, one loss too late in November and many go crazy questioning the validation of that team in the previous games. There is a tiny room for error.

Not knowing how the College Football Committee works

We are in year five of the College Football playoffs era, and I still don’t know what the committee values to get to the best four teams in the nation. It drives me crazy. I’ll bet teams feels the same way; especially those who were left out. One year they put a lot of emphasis into Conference championship games. Then they decided just to pick the four best teams in the nation. I wonder what will be the measurement next season. It makes it a lot harder to win a title when the criteria are subjective.

Beating Nick Saban

I love coach K and John Calipari and other big names in the College basketball. No one of them is as dominant as Nick Saban is in Alabama. The Tide’s domination over the last few years has made this winning the NCAAF title a crusade. And that’s where it ends for me.

It’s harder to win the College Football title, and it’s because of Bama. If you are a 90’s kid and you played the video game Punch-Out, Alabama is equal to Mike Tyson. It’s the last character you need to face before you win it all, but it’s nearly impossible to beat it. When Saban retires, we can have this discussion again, and maybe I would lean on the other side. But for now and as long as the Bama’s evil empire exists, I think winning the College Basketball title is easier.

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