Basketball Betting – NBA Championship Odds After Free Agency

NBA Basketball Betting - Where's the value after the free agency

The era of the super teams is over, or at least it won’t happen during the 2019-2020 NBA season. With every big fish in the free agency almost gone, no organization can put together an unbeatable roster like we have seen in the last decade with the Miami Heat, and most recently with the Golden State Warriors.

NBA Championship Odds After Free AgencyThat has opened the door for the duets. Most teams will have a couple of great stars surrounded by a bunch of role players trying to reach the NBA title. I’m almost nostalgic thinking about the 90s era with Jordan & Pippen, Malone & Stockton, Payton & Kemp, and Shaq & Penny.

The NBA is set up now to have of its more balanced and unpredictable seasons ever, and that’s great for both the fans and us the betting enthusiasm. Let’s dig into the NBA future odds after all the free agency frenzy.

NBA Championship Odds After Free Agency

Los Angeles Clippers +300

Let’s just give a round of applause for Jerry West and his fantastic creativeness to make moves. The Clippers were the last team to land a free agent piece, but they were patient enough to wait for the biggest fish of all: Kawhi Leonard.

Free NBA Expert Picks For Tonight Wizards vs Clippers PredictionLeonard was the obsession of every team in the NBA and mostly the Lakers and the Raptors.

“The Logo” helped landed Kawhi, but not only that, he was cooking a trade for Paul George all alone it was never reported until it was finally a done deal. It was quite the shocker.

The Clippers already had a team loaded with outstanding role players that took the Warriors to six games in the last NBA playoffs.

They Needed A Superstar

Well, they got two. The Clips went from +1600 to win the NBA title to +300, becoming the instant favorites.

The funny thing is the way they made the moves ended up hurting its city rivals, the Lakers. The LA Lakers were waiting for Leonard to join the team, and that only made them lose a few other good possible signings.

The Clippers have a 25% implied probability of winning the NBA title now.

Los Angeles Lakers +400

The Lakers fans were thrilled up to a few days ago. They were the favorites to win the NBA championship at +150, and now they are not even the favorite squad in their own city. We can find the Lakers +400 now with an implied probability of 20% of winning.

The tandem between LeBron James and Anthony Davis will be quite the watch. We are talking about two of the best five players in the league player together. They are also two of the smartest and unselfish players in the NBA, which should suggest they will get along just fine.

The problem with the Lakers is the rest of the team. Their depth is not great, and in comparison to the Clippers, it is a problem. The front office added DeMarcus Cousins, but he showed us he’s not what he just to be when playing for the Warriors last season.

The Three-Point Shooter

They also added Quinn Cook to be a solid three-point shooter coming from Golden State. Cook needs to upgrade his shooting form to be what the Lakers need him to be.

He was one of the reasons the Warriors couldn’t compete with the Toronto Raptors in the final. Whenever they needed a long distance bucket from Cook, it wasn’t there.

The Lakers are also trying to pull a few strings to land veteran Andre Iguodala, who was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies. Iguodala could be an excellent piece for this team if they managed to get it done.

Milwaukee Bucks +500

Perhaps the Milwaukee Bucks were the most benefited from all the mess that happened in the NBA free agency. They just sat tight and resigned their main players.

They gave a max contract to Khris Middleton and brought back Brook Lopez. I’m not a fan of giving Middleton so much money, but Milwaukee essentially was trying to keep the core of the team the same as last season.

They also saw how the Toronto Raptors lost Kawhi Leonard to the Western Conference. That one move made their biggest rival a whole lot weaker.

The Bucks were +600 to win the NBA title before Leonard to move to Los Angeles. Now we can find them at +500 with a 17% implied probability of winning.

Milwaukee The Instant Favorite

Milwaukee also became an instant favorite to win the Eastern Conference listed at +200. I do feel Giannis Antetokounmpo needs to work on his shooting skills all summer to be ready for the new season.

If he wins the Eastern Conference and faces Kawhi Leonard in a potential final, he might need to step up his game.

Philadelphia 76ers +800

With th  alling of the Raptors another team that took a step closer to the championship is the Philadelphia 76ers. They signed Tobias Harris giving him a free pass to become second in command behind Joel Embiid.

What About Simmons?

Ben Simmons has to work on his outside game to be considered a superstar. He’s good enough to create plays and beat average teams in the league. Yet, against top competition, his lack of shooting range becomes a problem for the Sixers.

The 76ers were the only team to take the Raptors to a seven-game series last season. But they lost JJ Redick and Jimmy Butler to the New Orleans Pelicans and the Miami Heat, respectively.

They did bring Al Horford, who is a stud and can do all the little things. At +800 the Sixers bet to win the NBA title has a 16% of implied winning probability.

Bonus track…

Brooklyn Nets +2000

I’m going to jump ahead and talk a little about the Brooklyn Nets and their fantastic signings. They were able to land both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in the free agency.

The exact move the New York Knicks fans were drooling for just a few weeks before.
Kyrie Irving will have to fly solo the entire first year, but then he will be able to team up with one of the best players in the NBA next season.

Kevin Durant

We have no idea how Kevin Durant will come back from his Achilles injury, but I’m putting my money on his talent. KD scored 11 points in 12 minutes against the Raptors in game 5 of NBA finals playing basically with one leg.

He’s just too good to bet against him. Although, he’s aiming for the 2020-21 season to be ready, so he’s not a factor in the NBA landscape just yet.

The Rest Of The Teams

NBA TeamOdds
Golden State Warriors+1400
Houston Rockets+1400
Denver Nuggets+1600
Utah Jazz+1600
Boston Celtics+2000
Brooklyn Nets+2000
Indiana Pacers+3300
Dallas Mavericks+4000
Portland Trail Blazers+4000
Oklahoma City Thunder+5000
Miami Heat+6600
New Orleans Pelicans+6600
San Antonio Spurs+6600
New York Knicks+10000
Orlando Magic+10000
Atlanta Hawks+12500
Charlotte Hornets+15000
Chicago Bulls+15000
Cleveland Cavaliers+15000
San Antonio Spurs+6600
New York Knicks+10000
Orlando Magic+10000
Atlanta Hawks+12500
Charlotte Hornets+15000
Chicago Bulls+15000
Detroit Pistons+15000
Memphis Grizzlies+15000
Minnesota Timberwolves+15000
Sacramento Kings+15000
Washington Wizards+15000
Phoenix Suns+25000

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