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Elena Schalike from Soccer, is a nice project with a background story to it. Elena Schaelike (German) is a financial consultant and a statistics expert. Her husband Rob (English), liked to bet online as the strong fan that he is for football. His predictions were right most of the time, but at the end of the season, he returned no profit. Elena couldn’t care less about football and gambling, but she cares about math and probabilities.

Turning Gambling Into A Profitable System

She is convinced that just running the math she could turn her husband’s gambling into a profitable system. And to do this she created the blog to register her week to week results. It worked. She returned a nice profit. She was also a writer for BetFair. Covering the German Bundesliga and the English Premier League. Many found success betting during the World Cup thanks to Elena’s odds. Understanding statistics and leaving emotions out of it it’s her formula for successful sports betting.

After this experiment, she began to post her methods and tutorials on how to bet using probabilities. She no longer bets on her own. During this period she became known and was hired by Betway Germany to be one of their tipsters, during that year she was very successful at this before Betway Germany was shut down.

Fundamentals Of Sports Betting Takeaways fundamentals of sports betting coverElena created the ebook “Fundamentals Of Sports Betting”. It teaches basic statistics that can help you to improve your profits when you’re betting on sports. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate bettor there are valuable lessons to learn from her.

Risk management is vital to success at handicapping

Elena has an entire article on risk management how variance can affect your bankroll. It’s one of the aspects of sports betting we stress most to our readers. Lack of bankroll management dooms even the best sports bettors. No matter what sport you’re betting, establish a bankroll management and staking plan and stick to it.

Public opinion matters when it comes to creating betting odds

While you may find value bets due to the oddsmakers moving their prices in line with a public betting opinion – this is not always a recipe for profits. It can be difficult to determine when bookmakers are shading their odds towards public betting action. Often, sharp bettors will move the market in the other direction, rather quickly.

Opening odds are far less accurate than the closing number

We talk about this extensively when breaking down the NFL odds each week. The reason you can bet more on NFL odds as we get closer to the weekend is that the closing line is sharper than the opening numbers. If you see a big difference in opening odds from your numbers, then it can be time to pounce.

Emotions need to be left out of sports betting

It’s something we mention a lot in our pages, but it bears repeating. You shouldn’t have any bias towards your hometown team or a particular player.

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