eSports Betting Vs. Poker And Sports Betting – Lessons To Learn

eSports Vs. Poker And Sports Betting - Lessons To Learn

eSports together with betting on eSports have exploded in popularity and has become more and more popular with both fans of videogames and at online betting sites. Many of those who are interested in eSports have an interest or background in online poker and sports betting. What are the parallels between eSports, poker, and sports betting? How can poker players and sports bettors translate their skills into the world of eSports betting and become profitable? Read on to find out.

Well, eSports Is Sports Betting!

It is. eSports isn’t a pass for a touchdown or a three-pointer to win the game, but it is still teams facing off against each other, and there is a winning and a losing side. Bets like totals and propositions are also now mainstays in eSports markets. Live betting or in-play betting is also popular, as well.

Still, eSports are indeed in a different category than other sports. Understanding the intricacies of eSports compared to other more common sports such as NFL football or NBA basketball can take some time. But, when it is all said and done, eSports is sports betting. It is not poker; it has far less in common with poker compared to sports betting and if you don’t believe it continue reading below.

eSports Vs. Poker – Same or different?

eSports Vs. Poker And Sports Betting - Lessons To LearnWhile the strategy is an integral part of playing poker – the main difference between eSports and other forms of sports betting is that you’re an active participant. Reading your opponents, making decisions on the fly as circumstance change and choosing what to do depending on which cards come up or how your opponents react is what poker is all about.

Yes, you can live bet on eSports, but you still don’t “control your own destiny” in the same way they do with poker. You will always have a rough river card here or there, but you still have control of checking, betting, or folding.

With that said, the strategy and “poker player mindset” can help you when breaking down eSports matches and understanding the teams and players. If you’re skilled at the game you’re betting on and understand it, then that is undoubtedly an advantage when it comes to betting eSports or any other sport.

So, while familiarizing yourself with the teams and player is going to help you tremendously – you ultimately will never have as much control of outcome compared to poker.

At Its Core, eSports Is About Sports Betting Principles

As mentioned above, eSports is sports betting. It’s a different form of sports betting, but in the end, it is still betting on sports. The basics of sports betting apply when it comes eSports, but with some considerations.

Line Shopping

Line shopping is vital to winning at sports betting. It is even more critical to use multiple sportsbooks when it comes to betting eSports because you will find more differences in the odds and the betting limits are much smaller. So, you will need to utilize more sportsbooks to get more money down on the games.

Bankroll Management

Keeping yourself in action is vital if you want to succeed in sports betting. Managing your bankroll and sticking to a proper staking plan is a must if you’re going to make it long term when betting eSports. Too many bettors wager far too much on games and put themselves out of action far before they can learn to handicap eSports.

Welcome Bonuses

Taking advantage of bonuses if you’re new to online sports betting is a must. It will help you tremendously when trying to build a bankroll for betting on eSports. Almost every betting site offers a bonus to players when they sign up. These can quickly get up to thousands of dollars in free play if you deposit at multiple sites.

eSports Betting At MyBookie Sportsbook

mybookie is one of our top-rated eSports betting sites. It offers new players a 50% Up To $1,000 on their first deposit. It accepts a variety of cashier methods, including several cryptocurrencies. These are processed for free when making a deposit or requesting a withdrawal. It has some of the highest limits for betting on LOL and CS:GO.

For a more in-depth betting guide in all things eSport betting, be sure to check out our dedicated hub where our experts have poured the best betting tips from the industry, so you can increase your winning chances!

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