March Madness Vegas Odds Vs. Online Betting Sites’ Odds For Sweet Sixteen

march madness vegas odds

Have you ever wondered what the difference is, if any, in March Madness Vegas odds vs. gambling websites’ odds? When it comes to betting March Madness, many sports bettors wonder where to place their bets, at online betting sites or a land-based sportsbook like those in Las Vegas? Well, we are here to break down both those options as we head into the start of the Round of 16 on Thursday so you have plenty of time to decide where to place your NCAA Tournament bets.

March Madness Vegas Odds Vs. Online Betting Sites’ Odds

Sweet 16 future odds are one area where online betting sites shine compared to Las Vegas Sportsbooks and most regulated options throughout the country. Futures betting markets are a favorite of many bettors, but they come with the tradeoff of higher vigorish compared to straight bets. However, futures markets are far less efficient than other many high-volume markets, such as sides and totals.

If you’re looking to bet on the odds to win the NCAA National Title – you will find far better odds at March Madness betting sites. For instance, the Westgate Sportsbook, one of the largest in Vegas, has Duke at +225 to win the National Title, but you can get a far better price at Online Sportsbook at +320.

March Madness Betting In Vegas

march madness vegas oddsLas Vegas is a great city to visit and to bet on sports. Let’s be clear about that. The atmosphere in the city’s sportsbooks for March Madness is excellent. However, it is incredibly crowded, especially for the first few days of the tournament, such as last week. There are online betting apps available in the state and as a tourist, but not everyone makes the time to sign up for these before the tournament begins.

And, if you don’t manage to do that, be prepared for long lines and waits. Nevada is one few states that has online apps available to go along with their brick n’ mortar sports betting offerings. Many other states that have begun to regulate sports betting do not offer mobile or internet wagering options. That is quite the drawback compared to online betting sites. But, there are quite a few more when you begin to stack up to the positives and negatives to betting at online betting sites compared to state-regulated sportsbooks.

Online Betting Sites Have It All

Yes, that’s the truth. Aside from the ability to bet online, which by the way, has been available at offshore betting sites since before the turn of the century – they offer a lot more when it comes to bonuses, betting markets, and overall user experience.

Better Signup Bonuses

Few regulated online sportsbooks offer deposit bonuses to their clients, but even when they do, they’re quite inferior to online betting sites. Online betting sites have freeplay and cash bonus welcome bonuses in the thousands of dollars, and they also offer frequent reload bonuses. There is just no comparison when it comes to bonuses which option is better. The clear winner is online betting sites. You can easily get thousands of dollars in bonuses as a new player when you sign up at multiple sportsbooks. For new players, these bonuses are ideal when it comes to building a bankroll.

Multiple Betting Market Options

When it comes to betting markets – online betting sites crush the competition of newly regulated sportsbooks. After all, they should, they have been doing it a lot longer. Some online sportsbooks have over two decades of experience taking bets.

When it comes to betting options, there is little choice to bet online if you want more options. Many land-based sportsbooks don’t even offer player and team propositions for March Madness. Their live betting options are also inferior to online betting sites. Both, when it comes to live betting the NCAA Tournament and general opportunities, such as betting markets and user interface.

Bet From Anywhere, Anytime

Few sports bettors have access to Vegas-style sportsbooks. Only a few states have regulated sports betting so far, and they only account for a small percentage of the US population. No matter what state you live in – there is an online betting site that will take your bets. Best of all, every online sportsbook offers has mobile betting options, so wagering on the tournament on the go is a breeze. It is perfectly legal in most states to place a wager on March Madness, whether you do it online or offline. These days, betting on sports and college basketball is becoming as common filling out a March Madness bracket.

March Madness Betting At MyBookie Sportsbook

mybookie is one of our top-rated March Madness betting sites. It offers new players a 50% Bonus up to $1,000 on their first deposit. It accepts a variety of cashier methods, including several cryptocurrencies. These are processed for free when making a deposit or requesting a withdrawal. It has some of the highest limits for betting on college hoops.

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