MyBookie NFL SuperContest 2024 | $125,000 1st Place Guaranteed!

MyBookie NFL SuperContest Sportsbook $300,000 NFL SuperContest

One of our top sportsbooks,, is offering a $300,000 NFL SuperContest for all its members. The entry fee is $100 and is open to all sports fans.

The good news? First place gets a $125,000 guaranteed prize!

It is the perfect contest for members that are going bet on the upcoming NFL season.

Things You Should Know About The MyBookie NFL SuperContest

Below you can find the information about the NFL SuperContest being offered exclusively at MyBookie:

  • Entry Fee: $100
  • Entries Per Person: 5
  • Closes: Week 9 of the 2020 NFL season
  • Prize Pool: $300,000
  • 1st Place Prize: $125,000

Remember to register and reserve your spot BEFORE the start of the NFL regular season.

What Do You Need To Do To Win Part Of The $300,000?

Contestants need to pick five NFL games each week and bet against-the-spread to collect points.

SuperContest Payouts / Winners Table

The players that get the most points will win a share of the $300,000 prize pool:

1st Place$125,000
2nd Place$22,500
3rd Place$10,000
4th Place$7,500
5th Place$5,000
6th Place$4,500
7th Place$4,000
8th Place$3,500
9th Place$3,000
10th Place$2,500
11th – 15th Place$2,000
Show More ↓ Show Less ↑
16th to 20th$1,500
21st to 30th Place$1,000
31st to 40th Place$800
41st to 50th Place$600
51st to 70th Place$500
71st to 90th Place$400
91st to 110th Place$350
111th to 135th Place$300
136th to 160th Place$250
161st to 185th Place$225
186th to 230th Place$200
Show More ↓ Show Less ↑

Also, every four weeks the player with the highest score takes home $12,500.

Week 1 – Week 4$12,500
Week 5 – Week 8$12,500
Week 9 – Week 12$12,500
Week 13 – Week 16$12,500

How Do I Enter The MyBookie SuperContest?

MyBookie requires that all participants open a free sportsbook account. The entry fee is only $100, and each participant can purchase up to 5 entries.


  1. Create an account by going to
  2. Fund your account with at least $100 to cover the entry fee.
  3. Enter the SuperContest application at
  4. Select the number of entries you’d like to purchase.
  5. Confirm your purchase.
  6. Funds will immediately be deducted from your account.

For anyone that already has a MyBookie account can start from Step #3. Simply log into your account and head over to the Contest page.

How Do I Earn Points Each Week?

Contestants need to pick five NFL games each week during the regular season. Then they must pick against the spread in those games.

For every bet that you win, you will earn points.

The contestant with the most points at the end of the season will be the winner!


  1. Log into your MyBookie account and go to the Contest page.
  2. Click on “My Entries” to view all of your purchased entries.
  3. Click the “Make Picks” button to view the game sheet for each entry.
  4. Click the team you’d like to select. Your pick will save automatically.
  5. Select five teams to fill your game sheet.

Contestants can view:

  • The points they have earned and the rank of each entry through the “My Entries” page.
  • Can look at and compare with other contestant rankings in the “Leaderboard” option.


The deadline to make your picks are on Saturday. You can make your picks at any time during the week.

Once the games have started, the picks are no longer available.

If you forget to make your picks before the deadline, you will be limited to the remaining games offered through the SuperContest application.

If there are no games left, you will not get points for that week.

Take Advantage Of The NFL SuperContest At

There is plenty of hype surrounding the NFL regular season and its betting options. The MyBookie SuperContest is a great option for those planning on betting against the spread and possibly winning a big cash prize!

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