MyBookie vs Bovada – Which One Is Better?

MyBookie vs Bovada Comparison

MyBookie vs Bovada is a clash of offshore sportsbook titans. This article will try to find out who is the better gambling site.

Both are trustworthy and good enough for your gambling needs. But if you need to pick only one to play, this blog post should help you find the answer.

We will look at bonuses, betting markets, casino options, user interface, and many more features on both betting sites.

Keep reading to find out who wins this Bovada vs MyBookie head-to-head.

MyBookie vs Bovada Overview

MyBookie vs Bovada Comparison Infographic

Overall, both options will give their players what they need.

Yes, Bovada has been in the gambling industry since 1994. They have earned the right to be called one of Americas’ best-regarded offshore sportsbooks.

If you are still unsure about which site to choose, keep scrolling and read our detailed analysis to make your decision.

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Betting Bonuses And Promotions

MyBookie vs Bovada betting bonuses

Bovada’s promotions are not particularly eye-catching. Let’s call it as it is. But they allure players based on their well-earned reputation.

They currently offer a 50% Up To $250 welcome bonus, $250 for sports betting, and $3,000 for casino games.

While the casino welcome bonus is clearly more attractive if your primary interest is in sports betting MyBookie may be a better option.

MyBookie offers new players a 50% Up To $1,000 welcome bonus with the promo code MYB50. They also have a 150% casino bonus of up to $750.

However, the counter for Bovada is they offer a specific bonus that MyBookie doesn’t.

Bovada vs MyBookie Bonuses

Bovada’s crypto welcome bonus could go up to $4,500 for those who deposit with bitcoins.

The crypto welcome bonus ensures $3,750 for casino games, claimed in two deposits. The $750 left is for sports betting, collected with the code BTCSWB750.

To be fair, both sportsbooks can improve their bonuses and rewards. Yet, because I have to give this round to someone, I will go with Bovada.

Bovada’s welcome bonuses alone are not eye-popping. But the rewards become a lot more attractive when you combine those with the crypto bonuses.

Best For Sports Betting Bonuses: Bovada

Variety Of Sports To Bet On

MyBookie vs Bovada variety of sports to bet

There isn’t a big difference between the number of sports offered by either MyBookie or Bovada.

You can argue MyBookie is focused more on American Sports, and you will be correct. But they don’t shy away from world events or European sports.

Something similar happens with Bovada. You find every major American sporting league and plenty of other sports around the globe.

Neither sportsbook takes this round, but not because something is missing.

On the contrary, both will give their customers a complete buffet of sporting events to bet on whatever they want.

For The Variety Of Sports To Bet On: It’s A Tie

Variety Of Betting Markets

MyBookie vs Bovada betting markets

Both MyBookie and Bovada have plenty of variety. Their betting markets allow you to wager sides, moneylines, and totals, but also teasers and parlays.

Yet, neither allows you to include prop bets when trying to put together a parlay.

In social media, you might have seen people combining sides and prop bets for the same game at regulated sportsbooks.

Well, you can’t do that on MyBookie or Bovada. But you can do special teasers across American sports with good value.

Who Has More Betting Markets, MyBookie Or Bovada?

MyBookie offers entertainment odds as well as politics betting. You can find round robins too, as well as if-bets or reverses.

Bovada offers many futures and propositions regarding European soccer leagues, cricket, and a variety of other sports.

I can’t find a true winner in this category. Both are similar in what they offer and the extent of their betting markets.

The first offshore sportsbook to offer parlay combinations with sides, moneylines, totals, AND prop bets, will grab plenty of new customers.

I encourage both sports betting sites to put in place what would be a groundbreaking feature in the offshore industry.

For The Variety Of Betting Markets: It’s A Tie

Betting Odds And Lines

MyBookie vs Bovada betting odds and lines

Bovada’s betting lines are slightly sharper than MyBookie’s without being the ones setting the market.

You can have fun at both sites and find competitive numbers on both. However, MyBookie has more soft lines where savvy bettors can take advantage.

Where Can You Find Better Numbers?

Many bettors have mentioned that Bovada will offer different line sets once the system flags you as a sharp bettor. The regular public will get a better number. Their line shading is especially common when it comes to NFL betting markets.

Bovada is home to many recreational players. You can find great value in underdogs. There are often underdog pricing options better than the rest of the US betting market.

To declare a winner, you must know exactly what you are looking for. MyBookie will post their betting lines faster, but Bovada will give you a better price on underdogs.

For Betting Odds And Lines: It’s A Tie

Banking (Deposits And Payouts)

MyBookie vs Bovada deposits and payouts

Both MyBookie and Bovada offer similar banking methods for deposits and withdrawals.

The difference-maker for either side is the limits. Officially, you can deposit as high as $5,000 at Bovada via cryptocurrency, while as much as $1,500 via credit cards.

MyBookie instead has a $2,500 max for deposits via VISA and Mastercard. Yet, if you want to deposit a larger amount, you can do so via Bitcoin deposits, but you need to talk to a customer service representative.

MyBookie is not shy about this. They encourage players to contact their representatives if they want higher limits, which is not bad.

When discussing withdrawals, neither charges a fee if you ask for a payout via bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Both Bovada and MyBookie have a 3-5 business days policy to pay your winnings. Both sportsbooks ask for proof of ID as part of the security steps before getting your money.

The only significant difference here is the max limits from each side. However, it is an important factor. MyBookie is open to allowing larger deposits.

Best For High Limit Deposits: MyBookie

Poker And Casino Gambling

MyBookie vs Bovada poker and casino games

Bovada and MyBookie offer a top-notch casino experience alongside their sports betting efforts.

There are, however, a few differences in how they run their operation. For example, MyBookie offers 230 casino games compared to Bovada’s 157.

Yet, Bovada offers online poker while MyBookie does not. To play poker at Bovada, you must download an app on your phone or desktop.

You can enjoy the rest of the real money casino games on either site directly on your browser.

While MyBookie offers game developers like Betsoft and Concept Gaming, Bovada goes with RTG, BetSoft, Rival Gaming, Bodog (Proprietary).

This guarantees a lot more variety of games, storylines, and jackpots from Bovada’s side.

The whooping $3,750 bitcoin casino welcome bonus also helps Bovada’s case. It is a major element in choosing a winner in the MyBookie vs Bovada battle.

Best For Online Casino Gambling: Bovada

Interface And User Experience

MyBookie vs Bovada interface and user experience

The good thing about choosing between MyBookie and Bovada is that you can’t go wrong with either one.

Both sportsbooks have spent a lot to give their users a quality user experience. Finding out what you are looking for is simple on any side.

Yet, Bovada takes the term user-friendly to another level. Their search bar helps players find whatever they are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Plus, their interface on both mobile and desktop is clean and to the point.

Best Interface And User Experience: Bovada

Customer Support

MyBookie vs Bovada customer support

Nowadays, it is hard to find a trustworthy sportsbook with lousy customer service.

Those who shine helping their customers are mostly because they have a lot more options to contact them. But overall, every solid sports betting brand will dedicate an entire department to answer any inquiry.

This is the case for both MyBookie and Bovada. Both have solid customer service departments that you can contact via email, chat, or phone.

Bovada doesn’t have a direct link to the contact us page on their homepage, which can be annoying. 

But as I mentioned before, their search bar tool makes finding the betting market you want much faster, even if it takes a few extra steps to get there.

For Customer Support Quality: It’s A Tie

MyBookie Or Bovada, Which One Is Better?

Both sites have extensive operations and try to dominate the gambling market with good promotions, competitive odds, safe banking options, and 24/7 customer service.

Bovada’s operation is smooth, and its interface is simple. The many years in the business give them the edge to know what the customer wants.

MyBookie started only in 2014. They have quickly become one of the top sportsbooks for US players, but reputation-wise they are not at Bovada’s level just yet.

MyBookie’s reputation can only reach the next level if they maintain a clean operation for several years. Unfortunately for them, you can’t jump ahead in time. They must earn it every day.

Now, I can’t stress enough that both sportsbooks are safe, trustworthy, and can give bettors value depending on the numbers available.

Yet, the overall winner must be Bovada. They have been in the game too long, always maintaining a high-quality service.

  • Outstanding brand reputation
  • Fun casino and poker options
  • Bonuses with low rollovers
  • Great betting software
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Excellent live betting option

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