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lets make a deal tv showThe NBA trade deadline is just over 24 hours from being over. We’ve already seen a blockbuster deal go down with DeMarcus Cousins going from the Sacramento Kings to the New Orleans Pelicans to team up with Anthony Davis.

It’s unlikely we see a bigger deal than the one above go down, but it’s possible. (Full Review) makes the deadline a bit more interesting by adding betting markets. Let’s check out what they have to offer.

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Will the Cleveland Cavaliers make a trade before the 2017 Trade Deadline?

Yes -175
No +135

Analysis: The Cavaliers did acquire Kyle Korver from the Hawks a few weeks back. They’ve also gotten a lift from free agent, Derrick Williams. reports they are still going to be aggressive at the deadline, but it appears they may be more active in the buyout market rather than the trade market.

Cleveland doesn’t need to make a move. I lean towards the “No +135” for this reason. Since their weak January, the Cavaliers have won three straight games and six out of their last seven contests.

Will Jimmy Butler be traded before the 2017 Trade Deadline?

Yes +250
No -400

Butler is the deadline’s hottest commodity, and a deal for the Chicago swingman may end up being a bigger deal the Cousins to Pelicans trade. However, Chicago has continually rebuffed traded offers and have told teams that they no plans to deal him.

Perhaps I’m in the minority here, but I like the Bulls to keep their word in this spot. Players like Butler don’t come around often. Let’s also not forget, the Bulls could be contenders in a few years. They’re a playoff team as of right now in the East and Butler is just 27 years old.

With all that said, I don’t think there’s a lot of value on “No -400.” That’s a lot to lay that he isn’t going anywhere and it’s possible a team comes in and blows the Bulls away with an offer.

Will Carmelo Anthony be traded before the 2017 Trade Deadline?

Yes +200
No -300

Carmelo Anthony has been the subject of rumors as well. His relationship with Phil Jackson is certainly toxic. The Zen Master would love to deal Melo, but he’s 32 years old, comes with a large contract, and most importantly, has a no-trade clause. He also has a family in New York, and he loves it there.

He has said in the past that he is open to waiving his no-trade clause, but it seems unlikely that he is moved. Teams don’t appear to want to give up a lot for him, and Melo would also have to agree to the trade. Maybe the situation is so toxic that he wants out immediately, but his ties to the area seem strong.

Either way, both sides of this wager don’t offer a lot of value in my mind.

Will the Golden State Warriors make a trade before the 2017 Trade Deadline?

Yes -120
No -120

First, the fact that this bet is juiced at -120 on both sides is insulting. For that reason, I wouldn’t touch this one. You’re paying double the normal vig that you would pay on a standard straight wager. This is essentially a proposition market. I could deal with it being priced at -115 on both, but this is ridiculous.

Anyway, the Warriors don’t need to make a move. They’re the best team in the league and their bench has played better lately. It’s probably about a coin-flip if they make a minor move, such as a backup center or a scorer to boost their bench. At -120 on both sides, there’s not a lot of value here.

Will Reggie Jackson be traded before the 2017 NBA Trade Deadline?

Yes +150
No -200

Jackson has been the subject of trade rumors for quite awhile now. Stan Van Gundy shot down rumors that Reggie Jackson was going to Orland for D.J. Augustin and Jeff Green, but there’s reason to think a deal still could be made.

The Pistons are a fringe playoff team that aren’t going anywhere this season. Jackson has lost playing time to Ish Smith lately, and he’s also slumping. Detroit could save themselves a lot of money by dumping Jackson (he’s in the second year of a 5-year, 80 million dollar deal) and handing starting point guard duties over to Smith.

I think Smith gets moved and “Yes +150” is probably my favorite bet on the board.

Will Jahlil Okafor be traded before the 2017 Trade Deadline?

Yes -300
No +200

Jahlil Okafor is one player that is almost guaranteed to move at the deadline. Trade rumors for Okafor have been going on since the start of the season. reporter, David Aldridge, was confident that he will be dealt saying that “will be moved” before Thursday’s deadline.

-300 is a lot to lay, but I think it’s a near-lock that Okafor is traded. With Embiid emerging and the front office seemingly choosing Nerlens Noel over Okafor – they’re moving Okafor. Aldridge is a plugged-in reporter and rarely makes proclamations such as the above, unless he’s sure a deal is going down.

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