Betting On The NFL Combine 2020 | Player Prop Bets & Odds

NFL Combine Betting - Props and Odds

The NFL Combine is the first of many significant offseason dates in the National Football League. The free agency and draft will come later. But first, it’s time to measure the new athletes coming from college football.

You might not be a fan of the scouting combine per se, but the oddsmakers have set of betting markets worth checking out. Any event is exciting if you have money on it.

The 2020 NFL scouting combine will be between Sunday, February 23, until Monday, March 2, at Lucas Oil Stadium, in Indianapolis.

There are 337 prospects invited for this year’s combine. The oddsmakers have put together odds and prop bets on the most prominent names. Let’s take a look at this year’s NFL Combine prop bets and odds:

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The Quarterbacks – Player Props & Odds

The easiest way to measure quarterbacks at the combine is by their speed at the 40-yards dash.

Speed is not a feature that will determine if a quarterback is going to be good or bad in the NFL. However, it is not a bad thing to have, which means many will try to impress in this category.

Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts might be the guy more inclined to show his speed at the combined. From the three players in the odds, he’s the one with the worst mechanics throwing the football. This is his chance to show another side of his potential.

Best 40 Time – Jalen Hurts
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 4.58 SecondsFaster Than 4.58 Seconds

However, as you can see in the video below, his runs are a little slower than usual. He does have speed, but he’s a big guy at 6 ft 2 and 225 pounds.

Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow is sneaky fast, and that’s the reason his odds are the same for both the over and under markets. Yet, his expected time at 4.81 is the highest of all three quarterbacks listed.

Best 40 Time – Joe Burrow
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 4.81 SecondsFaster Than 4.81 Seconds

Burrow will probably be picked first in the NFL draft by the Cincinnati Bengals. He will have to be atrocious in the combine to hurt his chances. That won’t happen.

Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert is an excellent option to take the +250 value bet. Herbert is not the fastest guy in the world, but he can run hard, as you can see in the video below.

Best 40 Time – Justin Herbert
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 4.71 SecondsFaster Than 4.71 Seconds

In my opinion, laying down -400 is too much for something in a scouting combine result.

The run in the video is from 37-yards, and it lasted six seconds. Herbert had to slow down and juke a defender. In the combine, he will go straight and might get close to 4.71.

The Actual Fast Guys – Wide Receivers Combine Prop Bets

Oklahoma’s wideout CeeDee Lamb and Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy will be going head-to-head in the combine to prove who is the top wide receiver is in the draft.

Both are fast with a great set of hands. The one who runs the 40-yards dash better might end up with the upper hand during the NFL draft weekend.

Best 40 Time – Jerry Jeudy
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 4.44 SecondsFaster Than 4.44 Seconds
Best 40 Time – CeeDee Lamb
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 4.54 SecondsFaster Than 4.54 Seconds

A lot of eyes will be on Tee Higgins and Justin Jefferson as well, but they are on the second tier of wide receivers.

Best 40 Time – Tee Higgins
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 4.57 SecondsFaster Than 4.57 Seconds
Best 40 Time – Justin Jefferson
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 4.51 SecondsFaster Than 4.51 Seconds

The Running Backs – Combine Prop Bets

The running back position has taken a hit over the last few years in the NFL. Many believe they are interchangeable, and that might be true, but having a fast three-down tailback can take you far. Just ask the Tennessee Titans.

Best 40 Time – D’Andre Swift
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 4.47 SecondsFaster Than 4.47 Seconds
Best 40 Time – JK Dobbins
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 4.49 SecondsFaster Than 4.49 Seconds
Best 40 Time – Jonathan Taylor
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 4.51 SecondsFaster Than 4.51 Seconds

For the three tailbacks listed above, there 40-yards dash might be the only chance to separate themselves from each other. If one of them can show bursting speed, then teams might be inclined to take them a little earlier than usual.

The Must Bet Event Of The 2020 NFL Combine

The event everybody should put money on it has nothing to do with the players that will be at the 2020 NFL Draft. Instead, it is always about the funny sight of NFL Network host Rich Eisen’s attempt to run the 40-yards dash for charity.

Rich’s best mark came in 2019 when he ran for 5.97 seconds. It was only the third time he broke the 6 seconds mark since he started doing this in 2010.

Best 40 Time – Rich Eisen
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 6.01 SecondsFaster Than 6.01 Seconds

This will be the 10th Anniversary of the Run Rich Run event. Apparently, he has been training and is leaner than ever. The source, of course, is… Rich Eisen.

The Rest Of The 2020 NFL Combine Prop Bets & Odds:

Anyone Breaks John Ross’ 40 Record (4.22 Sec)
BetOnline SportsbookNoYes

Defensive End Props

Best 40 Time – Chase Young
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 4.65 SecondsFaster Than 4.65 Seconds

Shuttle Props

Fastest 20-Yard Shuttle
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 3.88 SecondsFaster Than 3.88 Seconds
Fastest 60-Yard Shuttle
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 10.81 SecondsFaster Than 10.81 Seconds

Speed Test Props

Fastest 3 Cone Drill
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 6.47 SecondsFaster Than 6.47 Seconds
Fastest 40 Time
BetOnline SportsbookSlower Than 4.29 SecondsFaster Than 4.29 Seconds

Player Jump Prop Bets

Highest Vertical Jump
BetOnline SportsbookHigher Than 43.5 InchesLower Than 43.5 Inches
Longest Broad Jump
BetOnline SportsbookLonger Than 11’5″Shorter Than 11’5″

Player Bench Press Props

Most Bench Press Reps
BetOnline SportsbookMore Than 38.5 RepsLess Than 38.5 Reps
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