NFL Draft Betting 2021

NFL Draft Betting

NFL Draft betting has become one of the most popular and fun activities in the football offseason. 

The NFL Draft is the event that everybody circles on the football calendar, and for many, it is their start of the new NFL Season.

Where can you bet on this year’s Draft? What strategies should you use to make profitable bets during the event?

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how to bet on the NFL Draft.

Best NFL Football Draft Betting Sites

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NFL Draft Online Betting Markets

The betting markets available for the NFL Draft are all up to the imagination of the oddsmakers. Some bets can be wild and crazy, almost like Super Bowl props.

NFL Draft betting markets include things like:

  • Which player will get selected 1st overall?
  • Which player will get picked with the #3 pick of the 1st round?
  • What will X team do with their 1st round pick?
  • What college football conference will have the most selections in the first round?
  • Will player x be selected in the 1st round?

There also can be over/under betting markets for each round:

  • How many running backs will get selected in the 1st round?
  • How many quarterbacks will get picked in the first round?

These are some bets that NFL betting sites may offer when providing odds for the draft day.

Betting markets for the NFL Draft are up to how creative the oddsmakers want to be at their sportsbook.

NFL Draft Betting Odds 2021

The 2021 NFL Draft will be in Cleveland, Ohio. See the NFL Draft order.

The following are some of the most popular NFL Draft betting odds:

First Pick Of The 2021 NFL Draft

Player Odds At
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Trevor Lawrence -10000
Zach Wilson +1200
Justin Fields +2000
Penei Sewell +3300

2nd Pick Overall

Player Odds At
BetNow logo
Zach Wilson -2500
Justin Fields +850
Trey Lance +1600
Penei Sewell +3300

3rd Pick Overall

Player Odds At
BetNow logo
Mac Jones -190
Justin Fields +120
Trey Lance +500
Zach Wilson +2500

First WR To Be Picked In The 2021 NFL Draft

Player Odds At
BetNow logo
Ja’Marr Chase -700
DeVonta Smith +600
Jaylen Waddle +650

First RB To Be Picked In The 2021 NFL Draft

Player Odds At
BetNow logo
Najee Harris -175
Travis Etienne +180
Javonte Williams +500

Players Drafted In 1st Round

Cornerbacks Drafted In 1st Round
Over 4 CBs -200 BetNow Sportsbook
Under 4 CBs +150

Wide Receivers Drafted In 1st Round
Over 4½ WRs -300 BetNow Sportsbook
Under 4½ WRs +200

Total Offensive Players Drafted in 1st Round
Over 17½ Players -175 BetNow Sportsbook
Under 17½ Players +135

Total Defensive Players Drafted in 1st Round
Under 14½ Players -165 BetNow Sportsbook
Over 14½ Players +125

Where To Bet On The NFL Draft

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How To Bet On The NFL Draft: Betting Tips

How To Bet On The NFL Draft

There are a few strategies to consider when betting on the NFL Draft.

Like other NFL proposition markets, limits will be lower than sides and totals, and pricing will be -115 at most sportsbooks.

However, props are not as sharp as larger markets, such as sides and totals, so there is an edge.

Check out our best tips to place profitable bets on the NFL Draft.

Betting Tip #1Follow News Surrounding the Draft

One great source for NFL-related news is Twitter. Best writers of teams on Twitter offer inside scoops before significant news sources pick up the story.

You could gain an edge and beat some sportsbooks on a line move if news breaks and you act quickly.

If you see a sharper sportsbook move their odds on specific NFL Draft markets or take odds down on certain markets – there may be an opportunity to pick off other betting sites that haven’t moved yet.

It’s worth mentioning that management may cancel bets on these types of markets if they deem the news broke before they could take down the wager.

Betting Tip #2Follow Team Needs, But Tread Lightly

We believe that many front offices across the league and coaches, as well, don’t know what they’re doing.

Some teams are stuck in the past and end up building their rosters like it’s the 1980s.

It’s always good to know team needs and the current crop of players coming out of college. But assuming that a team will take a player that makes the most sense for their franchise is sometimes a fool’s errand.

If you have enough trust in talent evaluators on specific franchise, it makes more sense to place wagers based on this information.

However, don’t be shocked if teams make puzzling decisions with their draft picks.

To learn more about pro football betting during the season visit our NFL betting guide.

Betting Tip #3Use Multiple Online NFL Betting Sites

We continue to preach the importance of line shopping to bettors, and we will not stop anytime soon.

Getting the best price or odds on your bets is the most critical aspect of becoming a profitable sports bettor.

This is especially true for prop bets like NFL Draft betting markets, which will have far more variation in the odds than sides and totals.

Spread your money around to many different sportsbooks. It lets you line shop much more efficiently.

And it will give you some extra cash for your bankroll in the form of NFL betting bonuses if you’re making a new account.

NFL Draft Prop Bets

NFL Draft prop bets are perhaps the best way to enjoy the event. The offshore sportsbooks will list many scenarios, either for a specific player or for a team.

Because there are many rounds and even more players, the opportunities to bet are endless.

You can bet on the over/under quarterbacks that might be selected in the first round of the draft. But you can do the same with the rest of the skill positions.

Bettors can also wager on the side of the field a team will pick in the first round. For example, you can bet if the New England Patriots will either go with an offensive or defensive player.

It might look something like this:

New England Patriots – Team’s 1st Selection
Offense -200 BetNow Sportsbook
Defense +150

Offshore sportsbooks will line up a massive menu of proposition bets for the NFL Draft. It’s the biggest football event during the offseason.

Don’t miss the chance to earn some money with the NFL Draft prop bets, but do it within the trustworthy NFL sportsbooks we recommend.

Live Betting On The NFL Draft

Predicting the NFL Draft is not an easy task, but it’s fun and can be very profitable.

A few years ago, everybody thought Sam Darnold was going to the Cleveland Browns with the first pick.

When the Browns selected Baker Mayfield, it changed the complexity of the draft order.

The Darnold situation is not extraordinary. It happens in almost every draft. This means Live NFL Draft betting odds give gamblers a whole new opportunity to get in on the action.

If a player keeps dropping as Aaron Rodgers did in 2005, you can bet where he could land and make yourself a lot of money.

Each sportsbook will have different rules about their live betting on the NFL Draft. Read them before the event.

NFL Draft Betting FAQ

Can I bet on the NFL Draft?

Yes, you can! There are plenty of betting markets available for the NFL Draft, including props and over/unders. Live betting is also popular during the draft.

How to bet on the NFL Draft?

Betting on the NFL Draft is easier than one may think. All you need to do is sign up at a sportsbook, deposit funds, and place a bet. We have plenty of highly-rated betting site options linked to on this page.

Where can I bet on the NFL Draft?

There are lots of ways to bet on the NFL Draft, either on online betting sites, local bookies, or in Vegas. Before you spend your hard-earned money, we recommend checking out our best NFL sportsbooks rather than going with unknown betting sites in other to avoid possible scams.

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