Baseball Dime Lines Betting

Baseball Dime Lines BetOne of the most important aspects of MLB betting and all sports betting is line shopping. For baseball bettors, it’s imperative that they look for dime lines when betting America’s pastime. Not utilizing dime lines or in some cases, nickel lines is giving away money and will kill a bettor’s bottom line. MLB dime lines refer to the difference in the line between the favorite and the underdog.

If there’s a 10 cent difference between the two, the line would qualify as a dime line. The sportsbooks make their standard 10% juice on dime lines. Bettors may not realize it, but just about every point spread would qualify as a dime line. However, due to the lack of a point spread for moneyline baseball betting, the difference between the favorite and the underdog becomes all the more necessary. MLB run lines aren’t related are a form of point spread betting and will not be the focus of this article. We dive deeper into that subject in our MLB run lines article.

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MLB Dime Line Bet – Explained

Below is an example of a sportsbook that offers 20 cent lines:

  • Los Angeles Angels -140
  • Texas Rangers +120

Notice that the difference between the underdog and favorite is 20 cents. Most sportsbooks that don’t offer dime lines will have a 15-20 cent difference between the favorite and the underdog. Now let’s look at the same game except with a dime line.

  • Los Angeles Angels -140
  • Texas Rangers +130

As you can see the Angels are still -140 favorites, but the Rangers have a much better price at +130. The difference between favorite and the underdog is just 10 cents, making this line a dime line.

Baseball Dime Line Strategy – Advantages

The advantage of dime lines should be quickly apparent. Bettors will profit 10 cents (or better in the case of nickel lines) more on underdogs when betting with a dime line compared to a sportsbook that offers 20 cent lines. This may not seem like much when it comes to one bet or game, but as we discussed in our line shopping article, the savings generated from getting an additional 10 cents on each bet adds up to massive savings over an MLB Season. Even those that wager as small as $100 per game will save themselves thousands of dollars. High volume bettors will save tens of thousands.

Winning baseball bettors know the value of underdogs and will be wagering more on dogs than high priced favorites. This makes dime lines even more valuable in addition to the savings generated from getting a better line. Dime lines offer savings on the best type of MLB moneyline wagers. Some sportsbooks may offer even better pricing them dime lines. Nickel lines, meaning the price between the favorite and underdog is 5 cents are an even better value. These aren’t offered nearly as much as dime lines, but can still be found in US betting markets.

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