NHL Team Totals Betting

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NHL Team Totals Betting

One of the best markets to wager on when betting hockey is NHL team totals. They differ from sides, traditional totals, and even NHL puck lines and allow bettors to bet on the number of goals a team will score in a game. 

This number will be presented as an over and under but offers some unique strategies. Betting on NHL team totals isn’t the same as wagering on sides or totals.

To become a winner at betting NHL team totals, you need to understand and adapt to the best NHL team totals strategies. 

Read on for more information on NHL team totals and how to attack this exciting betting market.

Top NHL Team Totals Bettins Sites 2024

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How To Bet NHL Team Totals

Placing a bet on NHL team totals is a simple process. The practice is the same as placing on just about any other betting market. However, it’s essential to verify that the sportsbook you use to use has NHL team totals before you sign up and deposit.

Not all betting sites will offer NHL team totals as a market. However, most do. If you want to bet on NHL team totals (and you should), be sure it is available before moving onto the next steps. 

  1. Sign Up At Online Sportsbook: This is the easy part, but you still need to be careful. There are lots of sportsbooks online, but it is vital to choose one with a strong reputation that treats its players well. We review all the top NHL sportsbooks online and point readers in the right direction.
  2. Make Your Deposit: There are many options for depositing into online betting sites. Credit and debit cards are the most accessible to players, but these often come with fees and can’t be used as a payout method. We recommend cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, because of their 100 percent acceptance rate and lack of fees for deposits and withdrawals.
  3. Find NHL Team Totals: Team totals may be listed with sides, totals, and NHL pucklines, but that is not always the case. There may be in a dropdown menu with propositions or listed on a separate page. 
  4. Choose Your Selection: Choose the NHL team total(s) you wish to wager on and add them to your bet slip. Once there, put in the amounts you want to bet for each selection.
  5. Place Your Bets: Be sure to check your selections and that your bet amount is correct before you place your wager or hit confirm. Many sites use one-click confirmations on wagers, and there is no way to undo your bet once it is submitted.

NHL Team Totals Betting Explained

When we are wagering on NHL team totals, we are merely betting on the number of goals a team will score in the game. Team totals fall into the proposition bet category, as they are not directly related to the outcome of the game.

Let’s look at an example:

NHL Team Total

Number Of Goals
Over 2.5(-140)MyBookie Sportsbook
Under 2.5(-120)

This works the same was an over/under or totals bet. In this example, we can bet on the team total of the Pittsburgh Penguins. In parentheses are the attached moneyline odds, which is typical for any betting market found on sites that mostly cater to Americans.

In this example, we can bet on the Penguins to score over 2.5 goals or under 2.5 goals. 

If we bet over 2.5 goals at -140, the Pens must score 3 goals or more for our wager to be graded as a winner. If we bet the opposite side, under 2.5 goals at -120, then Pittsburgh must score two goals or less for our bet to win.

The most common team total you will find in NHL team totals betting is 2.5 goals. The teams projected to score a lot of goals will usually have a team total of 3.5 goals. It is rare to find a team totals higher than 3.5 goals.

Best Online sportsbooks To Bet On NHL Team Totals 2024

Finding a trusted hockey betting site is essential before you place your NHL totals wagers! MyBookie is a great site to bet on hockey totals.

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Looking For More Top Sportsbooks? Check Out Our List Of The Best NHL Betting Sites

NHL Team Totals Betting Tips

There is no betting system that we recommend following, but there are some excellent tips for this market that deserves its strategies. Team totals are a market that some bettors overlook, which is a significant mistake. 

Bet Team Totals Instead of Underdogs

It’s certainly not a hard and fast rule, but many bettors don’t consider wagering team totals, but they seem to love taking hockey underdogs on moneylines or pucklines.

Betting NHL Totals Over Underdogs

These can be great bets too, but remember the underdog must win or cover 1.5 goals for those wagers to be winners.

In the case of a team total, they do not need to win the game but only go above their projected number of goals.

If the opposing team scored seven goals, but if you had over 2.5 goals on the opposing team, they could lose the game by any margin. The only thing that matters is if they score more than 2.5 goals.

They may win the game with three goals, but the good part with team totals is that the winner of the game is irrelevant. NHL team totals should be especially appetizing when compared to game totals or underdog moneylines when you have calculated a higher NHL team implied total than the oddsmakers.

Line Shopping It’s Always a Good Idea

Line shopping is sports betting 101, but it’s something that is often overlooked by sports bettors. It’s particularly vital when betting NHL team totals because you may find some substantial differences in prices between betting sites.

Team totals often do not move in unison with major markets such as NHL moneylines and totals. These markets can often lag behind or vary across different sportsbooks.

If you want to know how to handicap NHL team totals – line shopping will be the one thing you can do that increases your bottom line profits the most. 

Use Multiple Hockey Betting Sites

Using several different sportsbooks ties right into line shopping. You will be able to see a variety of various odds and markets, but you will also be able to earn deposit bonuses, rewards, and other promotions from using different online sportsbooks.

Not only that, but betting limits can be somewhat low for NHL hockey team totals.

If you have multiple sportsbooks, this will allow you to bet much more on these markets, which is massive, since the NHL team sports betting totals have low betting limits.

Max Bets On NHL Team Totals Limits

NHL team totals don’t have large betting limits. In fact, they are some of the lowest online.

Hockey betting markets, generally speaking, have much lower limits than other sports. And, as mentioned above, NHL team totals fall under the NHL propositions category.

NHL team totals may have maximum bets of $250 to $500. It’s rare to find NHL team totals with betting limits higher than $500.

Pro Tip:

If you want to bet a lot on this market, you need to utilize multiple sportsbooks.

NHL Team Totals Betting System

There is no team betting system for NHL team totals that is an easy path to profits.

Line shopping, taking advantage of bonuses, and learning how to handicap NHL team totals properly is the way to profits, not some magical betting system. 

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