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Casino War Gambling

Casino War is like the nostalgic kids game. However, with this online casino version, your mission, soldier, is to lower the house advantage.

Hence you want to do things like not take side bets that might only benefit the house. You might also want to increase your wager if you are winning but stop when your streak ends.

With a 97% RTP, you might make this real money game your new favorite!

Read through this handy guide for the best Casino War strategies and increase your chances of winning. Get ready to declare war!

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What Is Casino War?

Casino War Game Explained

Did you ever play the game War as a child? Maybe you are already familiar with the classic version of this enjoyable game. Without a doubt, the original was hours of fun.

In the original, you battle your opponent and take over their cards. The goal is to see who can draw the highest cards.

However, the casino version is even more fun and easy for newbies who have never played the game before. 

The casino version takes six decks, and you can play against the dealer for real money. The goal is to have a higher card than the dealer, but what happens when you have a tie?

In that instance, it is time to declare war. Meaning, you and the dealer will draw two additional cards and double your bets. The person with the higher card wins the bet.

How to Play Casino War Online

How to play Casino War

Casino War is simple to learn because you play only against the dealer.

First of all, you need to choose a fast payout online casino, create your account and log in.

Look for the Table Games, then, select the option for Casino War. Once in the game, follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Start With An Ante Bet

    Your ante is your opening bet. Place your wager and move it into the corresponding ante section of your screen.
  2. Decide If You Want A Side Bet

    Side betting is optional and used if there is a tie. Some avoid it because the house has the advantage. However, if you declare war and win, it pays 10 to 1.
  3. Complete The Round

    The dealer distributes cards, and you play based on the game rules. The dealer then distributes additional cards to determine the winner if you do not surrender (fold).
  4. Payout Time

    The dealer pays winning bets and collects losing bets. Online, this happens automatically.
  5. Play Again

    Place a new bet to start another round by repeating the same wager or changing it with the casino software.

Where To Play Casino War For Real Money

Ready to declare war? Select from any of the top-ranked real money casinos below to get started.

The following sites are safe, offer lucrative casino bonuses for extra cash, and have convenient banking features, meaning you can easily deposit and withdraw your winnings. 

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3 Deposit Bonus 280% Up To $14,000 Play Now

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Casino War Rules

Casino War rules

As an easy card game to learn, War is straightforward and lots of fun.

Still, there are a few rules that you need to understand in order to make smarter decisions.

In the online casino version, cards come from a six-deck shoe, and the fun begins if you can beat the house. The following are the rules for real money Casino War.

Placing Bets

In Casino War, you can place ante bets or side bets. Ante bets are before each game, but tie bets are optional. Avoid the latter as the house has the advantage, and you may not have a tie with every hand.

Ante Bets And Tie Bets

Your ante bets are the specific amount you will wager for each game. Tie bets are played before each hand, as you will not know if the first two cards are the same until the dealer hands cards out.

Playing Through A Round

After you place your bets, the dealer gives each player a card face-up. The objective is to get the highest card. The lowest card is two, while the highest is the Ace.

Going To War Side Bet

An example of the “going to war” side bet is when a tie happens, and two players subsequently have the same value card (a tie). You will instantly receive 10 to 1 the wagered amount.

The next step is to decide if you want to double your bet and then go to battle or surrender and thereby lose. 

By doubling your bet, the dealer gives out three cards, and the fourth determines the outcome. Depending on the rules, if you have a tie again, you might receive an additional payout.

Popular Casino War Games For Real Money

Casino War Odds And House Advantage

Online gambling success is all about increasing your odds by playing games with a higher Return-to-Player (RTP) rate.

Casino War has one of the highest winning probabilities, with an RTP of 97%. Hence, you can have entertaining fun while having a greater likelihood of winning.

Casino War House Edge

Casino War has a lower house advantage

Knowing the house advantage can help you understand which casinos to try and which games you should play.

For example, if you play a game with a 97% RTP, if you bet $10, you can expect to receive a $9.70 return. 

The table below outlines the Casino War house edge percentage. Notice how the house edge will vary depending on if you surrender, place a tie bet, etc.

DecksWith Tie BonusNo Tie BonusSurrenderTie Bet

Having this insight can help you make strategic and hopefully lucrative moves that work in your favor. You will also know how big the Casino War house advantage is every time you play.

Casino War Odds And Probabilities

On brick and mortar casinos, a few decks or several can be used for the Casino War game.

The key is finding which casinos play with fewer decks, so the house does not have a higher advantage. As an example, a casino that plays with a single deck increases your likelihood of winning.

However, it differs from online casinos. Real money online casinos, in most instances, use a six-deck shoe for Casino War.

Here are the probabilities of specific situations in the game:

Lose Ante Bet-146.30%
Lose After War-23.34%

When playing Casino War, the odds vary depending on the situation.

For instance, a side bet in the event of a tie bet might increase the house advantage by about 25%. The house edge for basic ante bets, on the other hand, is usually around 2-3%.

Casino War Tips And Strategy To Win

Casino War Strategy

Ready to boost your advantage over the house?

Based on the odds table above, not surrendering can increase your odds by an entire percentage point.

Hence, it pays to go to war and increase your payouts!

While Casino War is pure luck, here are a few tips that can help you make better decisions.

Step #1Always Declare War!

If you are facing a tie, instead of surrendering, declare war

Casino War is a game of probabilities. The house has a 3.7% edge that drops to 2.8% if you declare war, so never surrender even if it looks like you are losing.

Step #2Play With Fewer Decks

Playing with fewer decks can increase your odds significantly.

The more decks a casino plays with, the greater their advantage. Explore which casinos play with the lowest number of decks to raise your chance of winning.

Step #3Keep Track Of Your Cards

Most players cannot count cards but can keep track of the face cards and aces.

Counting cards is daunting. However, observe which aces and face cards have come up, and you might know when smaller cards might show up.

Step #4Bet Higher When You Win

Use a strategy like progressively overloading bets based on wins. 

Gradually bet higher amounts when you win. If you lose, revert to your original betting amount.

Step #5Never Take A Side Bet

Avoid that tempting side bet as it gives the house the advantage.

Do not take side bets when offered. While tempting, with 10 to 1 odds, the house still has a large advantage over players.

Is Playing Casino War For Real Money Worth It?

You’re probably wondering if you should play Casino War online. To begin with, it’s an easy game. It’s even simpler than online craps.

Once you develop the basics, you’ll really start having fun and will hopefully make a profit.

Here are some pros and cons our experts prepared for you:


High RTP Percentage

Casino War has a very high return-to-player (RTP), which can increase your chances of winning when you play.

Low House Advantage

To increase your odds over the house, instead of surrendering, always declare war. Like General Patton, “Never surrender.”

Your Odds Can Get Better

A casino that includes fewer decks gives you a better advantage. Keep track of the aces and face cards and look for smaller numbered cards.


Not Always Available

Casino War is not an option at every casino. Hence, use the recommended casino list and – and get ready to declare war!

Not Much Strategy Involved

Casino War is a game of pure luck. If you want to plan and think, this game might not be the best option.

Play Casino War For Real Money Today!

Casino War for real money

Interested in playing Casino War online for real money? It’s a popular card game among US gamblers.

Available at the top casinos, select the casino you want to play in and look for the Table Games tab. To help increase your winnings, when you play Casino War, always declare war, and may the odds be in your favor!  

A lucrative Welcome Bonus gives you extra money to gamble with, while a high RTP means you’re guaranteed to get money back.

For more fun, explore the casino on your mobile device. With hundreds of interactive games like poker, blackjack, live dealer games, and slots, you can have hours of enjoyable – and hopefully profitable fun!

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Online casino War FAQ

How to win Casino War?

One of the best strategies is to declare war and never surrender. If you surrender, the house edge goes up from 2.8% to 3.7%. Another tip is to research which casinos have the fewest decks to increase your chance of winning.

Can you play Casino War for real money?

Yes, select from our recommended list of casinos. Then, create an account, receive your welcome bonus, make your deposit and start playing!

Are online Casino War games rigged?

The house usually has an edge in most games. However, Casino War increases your advantage by almost 1% if you don’t surrender. Additionally, the game is easy to play, even if you don’t have a strategy or you are new to playing the game.

Does a 2 beat an Ace in Casino War?

No, the Ace is the highest value card in Casino War.

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