AFC West Divisional Futures Predictions – Odds to Win The Division 2024

AFC West Divisional 2021 Futures & Betting Odds

No team has ever won the AFC West division six times in a row. That’s what the Kansas City Chiefs will look to achieve in 2021.

The oddsmakers think they will pull it off. Kansas City is the big favorite inside the division, but a run like this can be hard to sustain. The Broncos, Raiders, and especially the Chargers might have something to say.

Let’s dive inside the odds to win the AFC West in 2021.

Odds to Win AFC West 2024

Kansas City Chiefs-300
Los Angeles Chargers+450
Denver Broncos+600
Las Vegas Raiders+1200
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Kansas City Chiefs -300

Kansas City Chiefs

At -300, there is no value on betting the Chiefs to win the AFC West for the sixth time in a row. You will be better off betting on a different division winner.

Kansas City has reached the AFC championship game three years in a row and the Super Bowl twice. They improved their offensive line after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat them up in Super Bowl 55.

However, they lost WR Sammy Watkins in free agency, which means their entire offense will be WR Tyreek Hill and TE Travis Kelce.

We all know it’s tough to stop them, but there is a massive drop in talent in the receiving corps after those two.

Kansas City still has the best situation inside the division, but they are thin in several positions, and that’s dangerous in this league.

Los Angeles Chargers +450

A lot of people are jumping on the Chargers bandwagon, and that scares me. But I can’t blame them. Los Angeles has put together an excellent team with a solid young QB in Justin Herbert, who will get even better this year.

We knew the Chargers had talent, but now they also have a smart coach who won’t give away games like in past years. Brandon Staley was the architect of the 2020 Rams defense that gave opponents a lot of problems.

Staley is an intelligent young coach who seems to have what it takes to make the Chargers take the next step. Los Angeles has everything to succeed in 2021.

They have great offensive and defensive lines, a solid wide receiver corps, and an impressive defensive secondary.

I know the Chiefs are the favorites, but if I have to bet based on value, the Chargers are definitely it.

Denver Broncos +600

Betting on the Broncos would be betting on a team that might have the best secondary defense in the entire NFL when the 2021 season is over. They built their defense with the primary purpose of stopping Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The problem with betting the Broncos is their offense is a puzzle, especially in the QB position.

Whether Denver will use Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater as their starting QB, those names are a massive drop in talent when you compare them to Mahomes or Herbert.

no offense, no division

You can’t compete in a loaded division in the NFL if you don’t have a QB. The Broncos have decided to build via their defense, and that’s ok.

But eventually, the lack of a good leader on the offensive side of the ball will take away their chances to compete for the division.

Las Vegas Raiders +1200

We are in Jon Gruden’s fourth year with the Raiders. Las Vegas fans should know where the franchise is going at this point, but no one has a clue.

The Raiders blew up the offensive line during the free agency and are heading towards a massive step back once again. With Gruden, they have taken a step forward and two back. It’s hard to see them winning many games in 2021.

AFC West Predictions

Kansas City is the favorite, but it’s not a great future bet. If you are willing to take a chance, the Los Angeles Chargers at +450 are the way to go.

I can argue they have a more complete team than the Chiefs entering the 2021 season. Their young QB puts them in a situation where they can match Kansas City toe to toe.

Our AFC West Division Winner Pick

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