Bovada vs Ignition Casino Comparison – Which Site Is Better?

Bovada Vs Ignition Casino Comparison

Bovada vs Ignition is quite the conundrum inside online betting forums around the US casino players.

Most people want to know which casino offers the best gambling experience for their money, and we are here to answer that question.

We reviewed bonuses, deposit options, interface, poker rooms, and more to compare them fairly. 

By the end of this article, you will find out who wins the battle of betting brands between Ignition Casino and Bovada.

Bovada vs Ignition Overview

Bovada VS Ignition Chart

It’s amazing, but Bovada and Ignition Casino are essentially identical sites, sharing the same features, games, customer support, and a similar interface. However, two standout differences set Bovada apart.

Firstly, Bovada offers a more lucrative casino bonus, and secondly, it boasts a well-established reputation, which are crucial factors in the industry.

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Casino Bonuses And Promotions

Bonuses Winner Bovada

Both sites have enticing casino welcome bonuses for their players, but a few details give Bovada the edge in this department.

For example, the welcome bonus by Bovada has a max value of $3,000, divided into three deposits.

The max value of the welcome bonus by Ignition Casino is $2,000, but you must use $1,000 on your preferred casino games and $1,000 on poker.

Now, you might be okay with collecting your welcome prize by playing poker. But some people that don’t enjoy poker will get less than advertised if they want to play online slots, for example.

What About Crypto Bonuses?

Both brands also have crypto bonuses that you can use to play casino games.

Bovada offers 125% match rewards of up to $1,250 on your first three deposits if you fund your casino account using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. That’s a total crypto bonus of $3,750.

Ignition Casino has a lesser crypto reward, although it still is solid with a $3,000 bonus deposited via cryptocurrencies.

The issue once again with Ignition is $1,500 of the reward must be for online casino games and $1,500 for poker.

Both online casinos have a 25x rollover policy, which means no one has the edge in that particular feature.

Overall, if you want more for your initial deposit, Bovada is the way to go.

Best For Gambling Bonuses: Bovada Casino

Variety Of Casino Games To Play

Ignition vs Bovada tied on games variety

Ignition Casino and Bovada are sister sites run by the same parent company. That makes it hard to pick a winner, as their game menu is essentially the same, with just a few exceptions.

Here is how I know there can’t be a winner regarding the variety of games. While Ignition Casino offers 245 casino games in its portfolio, Bovada has 248. All the tiles are mostly the same.

Even their live dealer feature offers the same number of games and dealers.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. Their game menu is solid. It offers over 150 online slots, including the most popular themes alongside fantastic progressive jackpots.

The only thing is you won’t find a significant difference in the number or the quality of games between one brand or the other.

Bovada offers sports betting, making it a popular choice for sports fans. Meanwhile, Ignition Casino aims for a better poker room. We’ll talk more about that later.

For The Variety Of Games to Play: It’s A Tie

Banking Options (Deposits And Payouts)

Bovada has better banking options than Ignition

Another feature where there is little to no distinction between both betting brands is the banking options offered.

Bovada and Ignition handle the same deposit methods. They allow cryptocurrencies, credit card casino deposits, and match play as an alternative way to fund their account.

I’m not saying their operation is exactly the same, but many foundations are similar. Even the time frame to pay winnings is 24 to 48 hours on both websites.

The only significant difference I found between both online casinos is their deposit fees. 

Neither brand charges fees if players deposit via crypto. But, Bovada won’t charge you any fees on your first-ever deposit using any other banking method.

Ignition Casino hits you with fees immediately if you use credit cards, transfers, or any other deposit option not named crypto.

Best For Deposits And Payouts: Bovada Casino (Barely)

Poker Rooms & Tournaments

Ignition offers better poker tournaments than Bovada

Over the entire year, Ignition Casino puts together attractive real money poker tournaments with massive guaranteed prize pools.

For example, they feature the Black Diamond Poker Open early in January with a $12 Million prize pool. The event runs the entire month, allowing players to win money with every round they advance.

Here’s the thing. Bovada offers the same tournament with exactly $12 Million guaranteed in prizes.

Another great tournament by Ignition Casino is their Million Dollar Weekend, with a guaranteed prize pool of $2.4 Million. Over 25 events, including tune-ups, high rollers, and others, will wait for you.

Bovada doesn’t offer this tournament, but they advertised $2 million in action in different Sit & Go games weekly.

Ignition makes a more significant effort in the poker department, but Bovada’s offer is also quite impressive.

If I’m honest, you can’t go wrong with any of the two. On both sites, you will find tournaments and open games that you will enjoy.

For Better Poker Rooms & Tournaments: Ignition Casino

Interface And User Experience

Bovada offers better UX than Ignition

Bovada has one of the most user-friendly websites in the industry. It’s clean and to the point. Whether you’re searching for a specific game, promotions, or anything else, everything is easy to find.

They also have a helpful tool where you will find immediate answers to most players’ questions. If you have a problem with your deposits or need to know about the fees, you will find everything there. It’s quite useful.

Ignition Casino tries to be as simple and clean as Bovada, but they don’t achieve it. The website and interface are still simple and easy to use, but Bovada’s is superior.

Ignition has the same helpful tool that Bovada put together. After all, they are almost mirror sites. However, they need more information available. We didn’t find the answer to some questions we tried.

For a Better Interface And User Experience: Bovada Casino

Customer Support

Customer support is the same for Bovada and Ignition

Both sites have a similar customer support system. They will allow players to find a resolution to their problem using the search bar mentioned above. In there you can find most topics you need.

However, to reach the customer team, you need to enter and type anything on the search bar, and then the site will ask you if you found what you were searching for.

When you answer “No” they will give you access to the customer support email and live chat.

It’s not the best way to find help, but it’s the process both Bovada and Ignition have to assist their players.

For Customer Support Quality: It’s A Tie

Bovada Casino Or Ignition, Which One Is Better?

Look. You can’t go wrong with any of the two brands, mainly because they are sister sites with the same parent company.

Nevertheless, the battle between Bovada vs. Ignition must go to Bovada. They are one of the leading betting companies in the US market, and to reach that level, you need time.

Ignition Casino may eventually catch up. However, currently, Bovada has the advantage.

Bovada stands out in terms of reputation, bonuses, and interface. Additionally, Bovada offers sports betting. Therefore, they are the clear winner in this comparison.

  • Outstanding brand reputation
  • Fun casino and poker options
  • Bonus with the lowest rollover
Ignition Casino
Ignition Review (Soon)

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