What Is A Push In Betting? Is It The Same As A Tie?

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When betting on any sport, you’ll win or lose the bet depending on the match’s outcome. However, sometimes there can also be a tie in an actual game.

Now, what? Will you win or lose the wager? Here comes into the picture a betting push.

Such a bet situation will change the wagering rulebook that bookies commonly apply. Learn more about what is a push in sports betting through this comprehensive blog post.

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How Does a Push Work in Sports Betting?

Like sports matches, you can also have ties during betting.

Known as a push in betting language, it’s a draw between the bookmaker and the bettor. You won’t earn a payout in push betting. However, you’ll definitely get your bet amount back.

Simply put, a push is a tie with no winner or loser.

For instance, you wagered the combined score of the Rams and Vikings would go above the point total of 38. If the score is exactly 38 (20-18), it’s a betting push. So your wager becomes a push when the match’s final result is the same as the oddsmaker’s line.

Online bookies grade the betting action after the match ends, including push, winning, and losing bets.

After reviewing the results, the sportsbook will refund the bettor’s initial wager if the result is a tie or push. However, push betting isn’t possible on every betting option, such as a Moneyline bet. 

Push bets are available in almost every sport. However, you’ll usually find push in football betting and basketball betting.

Further, soccer and hockey events come with the “Tie No Bet” option. With this bet type, you get a push if it’s a draw during a soccer or hockey matchup.

Sports Betting Push Examples

So on different bet types in betting, what is a push? Let’s understand through examples.

Point Spread

Point Spread Bet Icon

For a bet to push, the point spreads must be on whole numbers. Check out an example of a push in betting on the spread line. 

  • Packers – 7 (Favorite)
  • Vikings +7 (Underdog)

Suppose you wager on a favorite. It will be a push bet if the Packers win by exactly 7 points. So, the sportsbook will refund your money.

Total Over/Under

Over under bet icon

You could have a push on your hands if the combined score is neither over nor under. 

For example, the O/U line for an NFL event is 46. Sports betting over under push happens if the total combined score of both the playing teams hits 46. No loss and no win; hence you’ll get your bet back.


Moneyline Bet Icon

As mentioned above, there’s no push on Moneyline sports bets. With this bet type, you’ll directly punt on the game’s result, i.e., whether the team will win or lose. Thus, there can’t be a push.

However, a push bet on Moneyline is possible in some sports events, like soccer, basketball, hockey, and others.

Also known as the three-way Moneyline, sportsbooks specifically cover the tie option in this game. Thus, not choosing a draw betting type means losing your wager if the match draws.


Prob bet icon

Pushes on prop bets happen on an over/under betting line set by books. For instance: total goals by Paul Cotter with O/U 5 during NHL matches.

Your bet outcome will be a push if the player hits exactly 5 goals. Hence, the sportsbook will return your bet amount.


Parlay Bet Icon

The strategy for a push in sports betting parlay is complex. Usually, it depends on the bookmaker’s rules that differ based on your chosen sports betting site.

Suppose you’re betting on a four-leg parlay, but one of the outcomes is a tie. In this case, the bookie will decrease it to a three-leg parlay. Now, your wager will settle as per the result of the other legs.

On the other hand, some sportsbooks may consider a match draw as a loss in parlays. So ensure to go through the push rules before wagering on a parlay bet.

Do You Lose your Wager if the Result is a Push?

Question mark icon

Of course, not. Push is an outcome of a tie in an actual game that isn’t a bettor’s fault. Generally, sportsbooks don’t include match draw as a betting option. 

So luckily, bookies will forfeit vig from your bet. It means you’ll receive your wagered amount back.

You’ll only lose your wager if you’re betting on sports that include draw as one of the betting options. That said, you can win by choosing the draw bet. If not, a tie in the match is your loss.

Neither a Loss nor a Win

You won’t beat the odds if you get a push in sports betting. On the positive side, push also saves you from a loss, as the sportsbook will give back your initial stake.

In a nutshell, neither the bettor nor the bookie has an edge if a matchup ends in a tie. It will seem like the bet never happened. 

Sports Betting Push FAQ

Do you pay juice on a push?

No. Since you neither win nor lose the bet due to the match draw, you don’t have to pay the juice. You’ll receive all your stake returned to you, plus betting fees.

What happens if you bet on the Moneyline and it’s a tie?

Pushes are usually not possible on moneyline bets as it requires you to wager on whether the team will win or lose the matchup. Only a three-way Moneyline betting market is an exception.

What happens if a free bet pushes?

Generally, pushes on free bets will count toward your bonus rollover. However, it also varies based on the bookie. Some books may return the free bets.

What does no push mean?

No push outrights or in some 3-way markets means there isn’t a possibility of a draw on your wager. It includes three options on the betting line – win, lose, and tie. 

Are there pushes in soccer?

Pushes in a soccer event depend on the betting lines. If the bookmaker follows the “Tie No Bet” strategy, your wager will be a push. However, there will be no push with a three-way line that includes the draw as an outcome.

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