Best Sports Betting Documentaries – Watch And Learn!

Best Sports Betting Documentaries

Most of the time, sports betting docs give gambling a lousy reputation. This article will do the opposite.

We put together a list of the best sports betting documentaries for people who want to learn the ins and outs of the business.

These documentaries will show you how professionals do it. There are many good tips and tricks that you can use to your advantage.

Let’s take a look at the list.

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Top 5 Sports Betting Documentaries Of All Time

5. The Legend of Jimmy the Greek (2009)

The Legend Of Jimmy The Greek documentary

Jimmy the Greek was a well-known sports figure in the ’70s and 80s, appearing in the NFL Today show. He talked about the spread without actually talking about it.

Jimmy sent encrypted messages throughout the national sports media to let people know what to gamble on at a time when sports gambling wasn’t legal.

This 30-for-30 documentary explores his life and all the corners he used to take to talk about sports gambling in the mainstream media.

It’s like a tribune to Jimmy the Greek and a glimpse at a time gone.

4. Now Place Your Bets (2017)

Now Place Your Bets documentary

Now Place Your Bets is a documentary that explores the history and evolution of sports betting.

It features interviews with several sportsbook CEOs, and high-stakes gamblers.

It also features an interview with the infamous Pete Rose, who was banned from the Baseball Hall of Fame for gambling.

In the film, you’ll find out why.

This documentary has good information, not only about the past but where most players think the industry will go in the upcoming years.

3. 60 Minutes: Billy Walters (2011)

60 Minutes documentary

Billy Walters was a feared and controversial gambler. He made his name by putting together a massive gambling operation where he bet gigantic sums of money daily.

60 Minutes did a piece on him that explored his gambling habits and how he saw the business. It also shows the enormous number of people working for him to get the correct numbers.

It’s a short documentary, but you can see clearly how much effort a professional gambler makes to get bets right.

Sports gambling is a full-time job, and you can see how consumed Billy Waters was with it.

Waters is now retired, but he’s considered one of the best sports gamblers in history. His track record, alongside the amount of money he put at risk, made him a legend.

2. Action (2019)

Action betting documentary

Many sports documentaries might seem outdated because the sports gambling landscape has changed rapidly over the last few years.

Action is a 4-part documentary exploring every detail inside the sports gambling world, but with a more fresh and updated view.

This sports doc talks about how sports betting is now mainstream in many states where it is legal and how this industry is about to blow in the next decade.

Big gambling brands are trying to grab new customers every day. New bettors are trying their luck daily as well.

Business is booming, and this documentary talks about it from every angle.

1. Life On The Line (2013)

Life On The Line documentary

Life On The Line is the most underrated sports betting documentary of its generation.

The film didn’t have a big budget but delivered as much or even more than others. The director Isaac Feder got inside the room with plenty of well-known gamblers and picked their brains.

Life On The Line explores how they attack Super Bowl XL between the Packers and Steelers.

You can see how professional gamblers talk to each other, look for the best numbers, and plan their strategy for the game.

Also, it explains how this is not a game for them. It’s a matter of results, and they must take it seriously to deliver.

There is solid information in this documentary that you won’t find in many others, especially if you are looking to take this as a career path.

The Best Sports Betting Documentaries On Netflix

Untold Operation Flagrant Foul documentary

Netflix has a lot of content but not much about sports betting.

However, there are a few golden nuggets to find, especially in the documentary series called Untold.

The Untold story called Operation Flagrant Foul might be best. But once again, it focuses on the wrong side of gambling.

The story is about the NBA referee Tim Donaghy and his inclination for fixing games.

You can watch for history’s sake. However, there are no tips or strategies you can use for your betting. Still, it’s an entertainment masterpiece.

Bet On Sports And Write Your Own Story!

As I mentioned above, most sports betting documentaries focus on the wrong side of gambling. The list above doesn’t.

If anything, it gives plenty of information for new users trying to enter the sports gambling world.

The biggest takeaway about these documentaries is that sports gambling is not easy, but that’s ok. It’s a grind, and you will take it seriously when you learn that lesson.

Only then will you embrace the struggle, enjoy the process, and hopefully make some money like the big guys.

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