What Is A Unit In Sports Betting? Everything You Should Know

Sports Betting Unit Meaning

“What is a unit in sports betting?” is one of the most common questions you will get from people taking their first gambling steps.

In fact, you can even get the same question from longtime bettors who are not precisely disciplined in their way of handling their betting money.

Either way, we will explain every little detail in this blog post. Here you will learn what it means to calculate units and pick the correct size.

A Simple & Useful Definition

What Is A Unit In Sports Betting

The definition is actually simple. A sports betting unit is a measurement for the size of a bet. However, the size of the unit depends on the bankroll of each person.

Your unit size will be different if you have a $100,000 bankroll vs. $5,000. The size of the unit for each bankroll would be completely different.

So, whenever you hear someone say, “I just bet two units on this game” or “let’s bet five units on this matchup,” it doesn’t necessarily mean the same amount for everybody.

The unit measurement helps bettors explain the confidence of their bet on a specific game or matchup.

How to Calculate Betting Units

Most recreational bettors don’t have a bankroll, let alone a unit size to bet each game. They just sort of… bet by how they feel or how much money they have in their account.

It’s hard to create a winning habit with an approach like that.

Always take a good look at the number the sportsbook gives you before betting your unit.

Understanding Further

For example, let’s say your unit is worth $100. If you are betting the Chiefs -6.5 with a standard price of -110, you will need to include vigorish or the betting fee to reach your full unit size.

Because of the 10% juice going to the sportsbook at a -110 price, you would bet 0.9 of your unit. If you wager $100, your payout would be $90 instead of the complete $100. Therefore, you must invest $110 to get your entire unit in play.

It’s always a good idea to use the odds calculator when calculating decisions about your unit size. It’s a great tool to help you plan your strategy.

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Picking Your Unit Size

A standard betting unit is around 1-5% of your total bankroll. Let’s say you invested $1,000 to wager during the football season. At the same time, you set the value of your unit at 3%. Then your unit would be $30 per bet the rest of the way.

Again, the size of the unit will change depending on how big or small your bankroll is.

If you are a consistent winner early on the season, your bankroll, in this case, would grow larger. This would mean your unit size would be bigger for the second part of the year, and therefore, your potential wins.

Is It Safe To Bet Multiple Units?

As I mentioned above, the number of units is directly related to the confidence in a specific bet.

If you constantly wager one unit per play, you need to be sure about a bet if you are going to invest two or more.

Bettors can risk many units and still win. If large unit-sized bets are winning, it will make up the losses of small unit-sized bets. Of course, it works the other way around as well.

The worst strategy is to chase losses by enhancing units in your following wagers. That’s how you will go broke in no time.

Apply Your Sports Betting Units Knowledge Today!

Now that you have learned what is a unit in sports betting, you can apply your knowledge to your betting efforts.

Remember, sports betting is about consistency, discipline, and finding the right number.

It’s also essential to choose a trustworthy sportsbook with competitive odds. Select one of the recommendations by our SBS experts and start winning today!

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