NBA Playoffs Bracket 2024 Template [Printable PDF]

Written by: Alonzo Solano, Sports Analyst and Content Writer
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NBA playoffs printable bracket

NBA Playoffs brackets are a great way to add excitement and perhaps profits to basketball betting.

The NBA Playoff bracket template or NBA Playoff tree which you can print below is going to be far smaller than the NCAAB Bracket, and far easier to predict, but no less fun.

There are at least a few Playoffs Bracket Challenges each year that everyone can easily join, in addition to betting on the NBA.

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NBA Playoff Printable Bracket 2024 Template

So what does the NBA playoff bracket look like? We have a free, printable PDF version of the NBA playoff tree that you can download right here:

How NBA Playoff Brackets Work

To learn how to play NBA playoff brackets, continue reading and check the list we’ve prepared for you below.

The steps are simple and easy to follow.

  1. Join A Basketball Bracket Contest

    NBA brackets can be found on a few sites. The league holds an NBA Playoff Bracket Challenge every year at

    It has the largest bracket contest you will find, but other sites may offer similar contests or pools.

  2. Learn NBA Betting

    If you aren’t a sports bettor and aren’t into basketball or the NBA, now is the time to learn.

    Before you fill out your NBA Basketball bracket, learn about the league, the teams involved in the postseason, and the players. Read our NBA Betting Guide.

  3. Look At NBA Betting Odds

    NBA betting odds and futures to win the NBA Championship are the most accurate prediction models available.

    There will be all sorts of bets available for the NBA Playoffs, and these are helpful when filling out your bracket.

  4. Fill Out Our NBA Printable Bracket

    Fill out your bracket by picking which teams will advance in the early rounds and then decide your winners of the Eastern and Western Conference and then the finals.

    Upsets in the NBA are far less common than in other sports. March Madness upsets happen often, but it’s rare for a No. 8 seed to beat a No. 1 in the NBA.

  5. Enjoy The NBA Playoffs

    The NBA postseason is one of the most exciting events in sports. Root for your teams to advance and enjoy playoff basketball!

Bet On The NBA Playoffs At These Top Sportsbooks

One of the keys to your success betting on basketball is to choose a reliable sportsbook.

You need fast payouts and good customer support when betting on the NBA playoffs.

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Using Futures To Determine The NBA Championship Winner

One of the best ways to determine a team’s chances of winning the NBA title is by using NBA betting futures markets.

Futures markets are not as accurate as sides and totals, but they’re far more error-free when it comes to predicting the actual outcome of sporting events than TV “experts” or bloggers.

Those “experts” can easily skew you into believing that they are experts when in it’s likely that none of them have wagered any significant sum of money on the games.

Eight teams make the NBA playoffs from each conference.

The seeding in the postseason is determined by regular-season record, with the team with the best record earning the top seed (#1) and the team with the worst record getting the last seed (#8).

However, this shouldn’t necessarily be used as a barometer to gauge future performance.

Instead, oddsmaker futures, series wagers, and even game-by-game odds will lead you to better predictions that can help you fill out an NBA Playoffs bracket.

Betting on NBA Playoff Games

NBA playoffs bracket betting

There are many other opportunities for betting sports besides filling an NBA playoffs printable bracket.

There are sides, totals, moneylines, and propositions for every NBA game of the playoffs.

Not only that, but limits may be more significant in the playoffs compared to the regular season.

Live NBA betting is also a favorite of many of those who bet on the NBA.

Basketball Prop Bets Are Profitable And Fun

NBA propositions are another way to bet on basketball games. They’re for those who are indeed experts and want to dive into the individual matchups and statistics.

Not only are there dozens of player propositions per game, but lots of team propositions, as well.

Props are one of the best opportunities for profit for the NBA gambler.

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