Warning: A Possible Payment Scam at AnyBet Sportsbook

AnyBet eu sportsbook scam warning

AnyBet eu sportsbook scam warningWe are issuing an Warning to current members, as well as anyone thinking of joining this sportsbook. Their site is currently down and unoperational, and seems AnyBet betting site may not be paying their players.

Sportsbook Review has reported on scam sportsbook,, and their issues with paying players from the last few months. AnyBet sportsbook member complaints have been more prominent over the past few months. These sports enthusiasts are owed more than 5 BTC, which is around $50,0000 USD according to today’s prices. Players on Reddit have also apparently been burned by AnyBet. This is starting to look like a big AnyBet scandal about to happen. Site Currently Down

Things have gotten a bit worse since SBR posted their story earlier this month. now looks to be down for the count, with a warning popping up when you go to their betting site. According to management, operations have stopped “due to an ongoing technical issue”. They are still encouraging players to contact support at betting site down

If you have a complaint, make sure to send them an email, or if you want to help spread the word about the possible scam with members not getting paid, please send us an email with your story or post it on our twitter: @SBS_Authority with #AnyBetScam.

Better to Use Bitcoin Sportsbooks

We encourage players to utilize Bitcoin for several reasons as a cashier option. It’s essentially free when it comes to transferring funds and light years faster than traditional methods, such as checks or bank wires.

However, finding a trusted operator can be tougher, especially for sites that operate exclusively in crypto-currencies. There’s nothing wrong with this alone, of course, but many sites solely operating in BTC are new to the market and therefore, are a lot riskier than established sites.

All established operators that have been in the business for decades, or more, accept bitcoin at their betting site. We have many top online sportsbooks that we recommend that accept Bitcoin that are far safer than some of the newer BTC-only sportsbooks. If you’re interested in a top bitcoin sportsbook that uses crypto-currencies and holds the balances in crypto, then go with Nitrogen Sports; be sure to read the full Nitrogen Sports review for more information.

Will AnyBet Honor their Member Withdrawals?

It isn’t likely that will pay their users. Usually, when a site goes offline and tells players to contact their support for issues – it’s the end. They’re not accepting wagers or new AnyBet accounts. Many sportsbooks that are going under or can’t play players are still actively accept new accounts and deposits in hopes of turning things around. It’s probably not an ideal situation, but it appears that AnyBet is far past that point.

If you have issues with or any other sportsbook that is not paying you, contact us at Safest Betting Sites and tell us your story. The more player complaints we hear about, the more light we can shine on the possible scandal.

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