Coronavirus Prop Bets & Odds | What Sports Will Get Canceled Next?

The Coronavirus is currently impacting global markets and sporting events, almost like an asteroid. The NBA, NHL, and other popular sports seasons have been suspended, and there are more to follow. The past week was one of the worst performances of the Dow Jones since it was invented by 1980s greed in America.

The impact of the Coronavirus is only beginning to thwart global markets, having plagued China — a country of more than one billion citizens — over the last two months.

Let’s look at the Coronavirus odds and prop bets and its impact on sporting events in the USA and around the world.

When Will The Sports Betting World Go Back To Normal?

Next Official NBA Games Played

When Will The NBA Resume The Regular Season?
Before July 3rd, 2020+110Mybookie Sportsbook
After July 3rd, 2020-150

The NBA hasn’t said much about when the season is going to resume. We have no idea if the league is going to pick it up in the last stage of the regular season or start right at the playoffs.

Right now, July looks far away, but things are not looking good for the world, let alone the world of sports. Laying down -150 to bet After July 3rd seems like the obvious choice. There isn’t enough value in betting Before at +110.

Will The 2020 Olympics Be Cancelled Due To Coronavirus?

Something that has a better chance of happening, closer to our hearts, is canceling the 2020 Olympics in Japan. I like this bet. At +500, you could turn $200 into $1,000. Japan has already closed its public schools for a month. And sure, the Japanese are extremely proud to be hosting such a huge event, the Olympics in Tokyo.

Will The 2020 Olympics Be Cancelled?
Yes+500MyBookie Sportsbook

The games start at the end of July, in the middle of the summer. We’ve heard a lot about the hotter weather being a significant detriment to the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus.

That remains to be seen. So with all these other wacky bets, why not take a chance? Can’t you see this lingering for long? I can. Japan had a shot at quarantining a cruise ship off its coast with thousands of people that was a major failure. 

And that failure was probably one of the biggest reasons why the virus has begun to spread abroad in some areas like a bucket of infected fish. (Forty-four of the sixty-six reported cases in the U.S. came from the Diamond Princess cruise ship that had been “quarantined” off the coast of Japan).

Governments so far have been too proud to admit their failures at keeping people safe. I’ll take the points.

Next Official NHL Games Played

When Will The NHL Play An Official Game Again?
Before July 1st, 2020+180MyBookie Sportsbook
After July 1st, 2020-240

If we are going to take a chance on any sport coming back before July, the NHL should be our pick.

It gives the best value at +180, and the league was at a point in the year where it makes sense to resume the season right at the playoffs the stage.

Next Official MLB Games Played

When Will The MLB Play An Official Game Again?
Before July 3rd, 2020+110MyBookie Sportsbook
After July 3rd, 2020-130

If we are going to take a chance on any sport coming back before July, the NHL should be our pick.

It gives the best value at +180, and the league was at a point in the year where it makes sense to resume the season right at the playoffs the stage.

First Official NFL Games Played

When Will The NFL Play The First Official Game?
Before September 9th, 2020-130MyBookie Sportsbook
After September 9th, 2020-110

The NFL is the league less affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Sure, their offseason programs have faced some struggles, but nothing major. The league also has time on its side.

The oddsmakers set the date to play a game before or after Thursday, September 10. The NFL hasn’t released its schedule, but it usually starts during the first week of September. If everything goes as planned, it should start on September 3rd.

I don’t love any on the markets here, but I would keep a close eye on the schedule release.

2020 Kentucky Derby To Be Run On Sept 5th?

Will The 2020 Kentucky Derby Take Place On Sept 5th?
Yes-200BetOnline Sportsbook

Just days ago, the Florida Derby happened as normal as you could ask for during these troubling days.

The ponies are not going to postpone the Kentucky Derby any more than they already did. Bet yes without hesitation.

Additional Sporting Events Canceled Prop Bets

My knowledge of the UEFA European Football Championship is minimal. All I know is that they’ve been playing for quite a long time to get to this point. The London Guardian is reporting that the games will go ahead as planned.

The wager cutoff happens on this bet way ahead of when these games will begin. MyBookie is giving +1000 odds that the men’s UEFA European Football Championship will be canceled due to the Coronavirus. According to the UEFA, the games will “kick off on 12 June 2020 in Rome”.

Will UEFA Euro 2020 Be Cancelled Due Coronavirus?
Yes+1000MyBookie Sportsbook

Although a few players in the Italian leagues have already tested positive for the virus, the games will go ahead as planned.

The WSOP Cancelled?

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has the same +1000 odds of being canceled in Las Vegas, which would take place from May to June. It just doesn’t seem likely. These are gamblers at heart. They’re going to put their chips on the table and play the game, like the rest of the world.

Will The 2020 WSOP Be Cancelled Due To The Coronavirus?
Yes+1000MyBookie Sportsbook

In response to this Coronavirus, in the gambling world — things will be proceeding as normal. There’s no need to panic, just yet.

Other Coronavirus Props You Can Bet On

There are plenty of other prop bets to place related to the Coronavirus and the fear it has instilled across the globe and in the USA.

Trump Declaring The Coronavirus A National Emergency Odds

Right now, MyBookie is holding about a half dozen bets associated with the Coronavirus. Most of them are incredibly far-fetched, but let’s start with the closest one to our gambling hearts.

Will Trump declare a national emergency due to Coronavirus? This wager is +150 as a ‘Yes’ that Trump will indeed free up federal dollars for the U.S. in response to a virus that he has so far called a “Democratic hoax.” 

Will Trump Declare A National Emergency Due To Coronavirus?
Yes+150MyBookie Sportsbook

He’s appointed Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the response team for the Coronavirus — a guy that doesn’t believe in evolution and wants it banned from America’s schools. I don’t see Trump declaring much of anything unless it’s his own Stable Genius.

Feel free to pour whatever you’re willing to spend on a -200 ‘No’ bet with a wager cutoff of March 11. 

This is as closest you might get to earning Free Money from Trump’s government without being a connected billionaire. Even Mike Bloomberg could win some advertising dollars on this bet.

Trump is not one to panic. And neither should the rest of us. Right?

Spiraling Dow Jones – Market Loss Odds

Another Coronavirus bet includes the Dow Jones industrial average.

Will The Dow Jones Experience A Worse Week Than Oct 10, 2008?
Yes+400MyBookie Sportsbook

I’m not sure which week we’re talking about here. So far, it’s been pretty close. And I’m liking the +400 in the affirmative. With all the money to be made on Trump playing it cool, you might have some extra loot leftover to gamble a little bit.

Will the Coronavirus kill more than the Black Plague? 

I don’t think we can compare a modern-day pandemic to something that happened in the 14th century. There’s a -10000 chance that this won’t happen—almost a worthless bet. Let’s skip it.

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