Betting On Donald Trump – Prop Bets And Odds

Donald Trump Prop Bets and Odds

Donald Trump is a bizarre figure in American politics. So it’s no wonder that there are some weird prop bets in the wake of some of his most recent actions.

What Donald Trump Prop Bets Are There?

Which Terrorist Will Trump Capture Or Kill Next Prop Bet

The sportsbook has wagers on which terrorist Trump might capture or kill next, after his missile strike on Iranian General Soleimani. The list of these suspected or wanted terrorist reads like the FBI website. I doubt many Americans know any of these guys from Adam. So, maybe you could do your own research.

Terrorist Odds
Husam Abd-al-ra’uf +500
Jaber A. Elbanehjaber A. Elbaneh +500
Ibrahim Salih Mohammed Al-yacoub +700
Jehad Serwan Mostafa +700
Mohammed Ali Hamadei +700
Raddulan Sahironraddulan Sahiron +1300
Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah +1300
Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah +1300
Hasan Izz-al-din +1400
Abdelkarim Hussein Mohamed Al-nasser +1400
Ahlam Ahmad Al-tamimi +1400
Ali Atwa +1500
Joanne Deborah Chesimard +1500
Ayman Al-zawahiri Ayman Al-zawahiri +1500
Abdul Rahman Yasin Abdul Rahman Yasin +1600
Husayn Muhammad Al-umari +1600
Ali Saed Bin Ali El-hoorie +1600
Sajid Mir +1700
Abd Al Aziz Awda +1700
Daniel Andreas San Diego +1700
Saif Al-adel +1800
Muhammad Ahmed Al-munawar +1800
Muhammad Abdullah Khalil Hussain Ar-rahayyal +1800
Wadoud Muhammad Hafiz Al-turki +2500
Jamal Saeed Abdul Rahim +2500
Liban Haji Mohamed +2500
Ahmad Ibrahim Al-mughassil +3000
Ahmad Abousamra +3000
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I don’t see Trump getting any of these guys unless it’s extremely politically exceptionally for his base and candidacy. Right now, he’s waiting for whoever will surface from the drowning Democrats. And he can wipe his hands clean of bombing terrorists for the time being.

However, if things get ugly late in 2020 — you can rest assured Trump will do whatever it takes to retain his spot as commander in chief. You could roll the dice with any of the names given on the MyBookie website. I’m sure, if necessary, Trump might be doing the same.

Strained Relations With Iran

For a long time in American politics, Iran has been a thorn in the side of successive U.S. presidents. Since General Dwight Eisenhower switched to golf, and Richard Nixon got drunk in the annals of the White House, awaiting his inevitable eviction. Barack Obama attempted to land a deal with the Iranians — apart from selling them weapons, in secret, like Republican saint Ronald Reagan long ago.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is getting +200 odds to make it out alive when Trump leaves office. He’s been through a lot, Khamenei has, as a supreme ayatollah of Iran — and he remains the longest-serving leader in the Middle East.

At the ripe age of 80, it wouldn’t be too surprising if he didn’t make it past Trump’s presidency, regardless of Trump’s actions against the Islamic Republic.

Trump is still heavily favored to win a second term as president. So, it’s no wonder that the current ayatollah in Iran is also a favorite at -300 to be no longer alive before Trump leaves office.

YES +200 MyBookie Sportsbook
NO -300

Khamenei is a remaining symbol of Iran’s prowess in the Middle East, in opposition to Israel and Saudi Arabia. These latter countries are America’s strongest allies in the region. Mostly due to business relations and military ties. Trump loves ties, business, and supposedly, the military. These are his go-to’s when it comes to winning favor among his constituency.

Feel free to roll the dice, once again, when it comes to Trump using a foreign adversary as a political Get-Met-Out-of-Jail-Free card — so to speak. Trump could easily target Ayatollah Khamenei and say bad things about him to make himself (Trump) look better.


America’s Next War?

It seems like America’s next war could be with Iran. That was clear as soon as Trump was elected, and it remains true to this day. The U.S. came pretty damn close to exacerbating strained relations with Iran after Trump struck an Iranian general on Iraqi soil. Trump remains adamant that it was not without cause.

That was a strong precedent to set within a Trump presidency. Anybody he doesn’t like is now checking themselves and ensuring that anything they say on the public stage — against Trump — could receive immediate retaliation.

So there could be potential adversaries that might side with Iran if a war were to break out sometime soon.

Bet On Iran’s Ally If They Go To War Against The USA

According to MyBookie, North Korea is favored at -120 to join sides with Iran in a declaration of war against the United States. Other favorites include:

YEMEN +300
LIBYA +500
RUSSIA +1000
ITALY +1500
TURKEY +1600
EYGPT +1600
CHINA +1600
OMAN +1600
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These last three are laughable, to be honest. None of these countries is remotely close to considering a war against the U.S. They might denounce and demean U.S. policies through the United Nations or other international bodies. But no other countries are as rogue with their blind ambitions as the U.S. on the world stage, especially with Trump riding in the saddle, backward, upside down and headless.

Russia is +1000 and Turkey +1600, is not too far behind to side with Iran if they were to declare war against the U.S. Some might find it absurd to say that the U.S. is still close to a war with Russia after everything these two countries have been through together. But, that’s exactly why it might occur.

A long history of conflict precludes more of the same.

When Democrats parrot and peacock about defending themselves against foreign interference, do they not know how much it pushes their country further to war with Russia? And Turkey is a political splinter in the president’s underlings. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s clueless when it comes to Turkey’s role in America’s foreign policy.

That makes America’s next war something unspeakably dangerous. But, I severely doubt anybody would consider joining sides with Iran after Trump’s recent ordering of a missile strike in the Middle East and the strengthening of his ties with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and now India. Two countries which possess nuclear weapons.

So while these prop bets have fanciful details, they could predate nuclear conflicts among old guys with nothing better to do than flex their military muscles when peace gets boring, and gambling on life tastes like invincibility. Whatever that means for the rest of us.

I don’t know where my nearest fall-out shelter is.

Do you?

Other Prop Bets & Odds

YES +750 MyBookie Sportsbook
NO -3000

OVER 47.5 DAYS -120 MyBookie Sportsbook
UNDER 47.5 DAYS -120

Will Trump Become President In 2020?

DONALD TRUMP -300 MyBookie Sportsbook

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