Biden’s Chances As The Democratic Nominee And Who Might Replace Him

Odds for Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential Nominee

There isn’t very much that excites the Democratic electorate when it comes to Joe Biden’s candidacy.

In fact, he’s more of a buffoon than a leader, and it’s almost sad to consider that he should be the one to face the incumbent, President Donald Trump, in the general election this November.

Biden seems to be orbiting some long-lost period of cultural relevancy, where it’s apt to hide behind the scenes of those much more competent than him. It’s almost pathetic that his campaign could actually benefit from a crisis.

Biden should be resting in a hammock somewhere, enjoying his retirement. And, not running for President. Running? Can Biden even walk?

2020 Democratic Candidate Betting Odds

Joe Biden-1000
Bernie Sanders+1000
Hillary Clinton+2000
Michelle Obama+5000
Andrew Cuomo+750

What Other Democrats Are There To Take Biden’s Place?

As many Democratic primaries postpone themselves in self-isolation, the entire month of April has been botched in the world of politics. However, the political betting landscape isn’t that bad.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been silent about their previously planned 12th and final debate, which was due to take place next month. That is, whenever the hell March ends.

And it does with Biden leading Sanders in the delegate count, 1,217 – 914, according to the New York Times. Hawaii, Alaska, Wyoming, and Louisiana were set to hold primaries on April 4th.

Instead, the next scheduled voting extravaganza is in Wisconsin on April 7th. And who knows if that will even be taking place? The entire election is a charade at this point. And the Democrats have been fully exposed worse than Bill Clinton back before the turn of the millennium.

I can’t really foresee that there’s a candidate from the Democratic Party who will be capable of even coming close to beating Trump.

The Democrats have entirely vilified the Republican Party while simultaneously working with them to screw over the American middle-class. It’s atrocious.

How Can We Even Risk Any Loot To Gamble On These Scoundrels?

Over at MyBookie, Biden is a lock at -1000 to win the party’s nomination, with Sanders coming in at +1000. They’re giving Hilliary Clinton +2000 odds, but that to me seems crazy.

Even crazier than anything, she has to say right now. Let’s give her +2000 not to talk anymore. If there’s anybody more useless than Biden, it’s her.

However, there’s New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who is ranked at +750 to become the Democratic nominee with a wager cutoff of March 31.

The Democrats have been playing this toss-up game for the entire election season with the media. That’s all Cuomo is right now, a media figurehead for the next few weeks.

So, if you’ve got some spare cash because your utility bills have been given a little leniency, then maybe putting that money down on Cuomo to emerge as a Superman in the realm of this worldwide disaster might be worthwhile. Otherwise, who really cares about this guy once this is all over?

Some Other Bets To Consider While Biden And The Democrats Take A Nap

There is something else to consider as the Democrats fall asleep with Biden at the wheel. Who will be Biden’s Vice President?

It’s hard for me to write those words because I’ve believed in Bernie all along, not as a candidate to save the day. But simply as a longshot who pulled through the odds and could’ve made us some money with the right picks during all of this insanity.

The media has completely stonewalled the Bernie campaign and he has played along, unwilling to strike with the instinct of a leader.

I truly believe at this point that Bernie prefers the sidelines because he’s once again blowing his chance at becoming a progressive, independent-minded president wth a grassroots backing. If only Biden could choose him as the next Vice President. Wouldn’t that be something?

 Biden’s Vice President Choice?

I’m considering one of the safest bets here, and I see Kamala Harris at +150 to pair with Biden. Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, is getting +1000 odds to be Biden’s VP. And although that sounds too good to be true for some Democrats, I can’t see her stepping into that role.

Nobody is going to take Biden’s place, is what I’m getting at. Everything is a gamble at this point.

So the safest money could even be with these wacky bets … like Harris or even Warren for that matter … while the Democrats take their much-needed rest as the public needs them the most.

Harris is getting +250 odds over at Bovada, where former-candidate for Georgia’s governorship Stacy Abrams is ranked at +1000 to earn the VP spot for the Democrats.

If you could spare it, why not throw some cash at this roulette wheel?

Biden Cannot Be Saved

Nobody is coming to save Biden. At BetOnline, the Democratic Party (or the field) is a -250 favorite over the Republican Party, which is at +210 to win the popular vote in the general election, regardless of the candidate.

BET ATDemocratsRepublicans
Democratic party blog table 2-250+210

I’m even doubtful of this. The voters won’t save him. The media, too, has completely lost touch with the voting public. I’d take the Republicans, here.

Unfortunately, right now … there is nobody out there to take Biden’s place, nobody to beat Trump, other than Sanders. He should be favored, in my opinion, but everything now is topsy-turvy.

You’d do best to ignore the media about this. Trump has been an abysmal failure in his response to the Coronavirus. And he’s just as popular as he’s ever been.

Biden, for better or worse, is the only Democratic candidate who is once again playing with house money to beat Trump. And the former Vice President can’t even talk straight without looking like a jackass.

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