Bieber Vs. Cruise: Who Would Win? – Free Pick And Betting Odds

bieber vs cruise who would win? betting odds

Update 6/19: After Justin Bieber said he was “just joking” about challenging Cruise, there are some that this fight may be for real. TMZ has reported that Dana White has spoken with representatives from both Bieber and Cruz and that Tom and Justin “really wanna do this fight and they believe that Tom Cruise would do the fight.” Folks, we may have a fight. Stay tuned!

For a reason that is still unknown, Justin Bieber sent a tweet challenging Tom Cruise to a UFC fight on Sunday evening. If you’re wondering why the Biebs has a beef with Cruise, well, that makes sense. Because that’s the reaction most of the internet had to his tweet.

Bieber didn’t say much after that. He hyped that he has more music coming. Bieber’s manager did mention his challenge, stating that “I have interest in watching or helping make this happen unless it includes crushed glass on the knuckles and a live bear released into the octagon in the 4th round.” Apparently, he’s not taking it too seriously.

Justin Bieber Vs. Tom Cruise Fight Odds

Even though this fight is far from a done deal and there has been no response from Tom Cruise or his camp, online sportsbooks – to the shock of no one at SBS – have already created betting odds for the proposed fight. Our friends at have installed Bieber as the favorite over Cruise.


The early odds on this potential celebrity MMA fight have Bieber a firm favorite at -200. Cruise is the underdog at +150. So far, we’ve only seen one offshore sportsbook post odds on the fight, but it is likely that more will post odds on the fight, especially if we hear more social media chatter.

Tale Of The Tape

Let’s first address the age difference. Justin Bieber is just 25 years old compared to Cruise who is 56, and he is just a few weeks shy of his 57th birthday on July 3. The pop star also has an advantage over the film icon when it comes to height. Cruise is just 5’7 compared to Bieber’s 5’9. We can estimate Bieber having a bit of a reach advantage over Cruise because of his height, as well.

bieber vs cruise who would win? betting odds

146 lbsWeight148 lbs
$265 millionNet Worth$570 million
N/ASignificant Win(s)Various Bad Guys in Mission Impossible
BeliebersCamp/ TeamThe Church of Scientology
Boxing TrainingCombat ExperienceAmateur Wrestling Team at Glen Ridge High School

Tom Cruise

Cruise is a bit older, but, well, he’s an action-star. Tom Cruise is famous for doing his own stunts. We don’t know his physical shape for certain, but it’s tough to say that he isn’t at least borderline athletic. Cruise looks amazing for being almost 57. And while Scientology might sound like a crazy religion, it’s one that has likely kept him mentally and physically sharp as he doesn’t drink or take drugs due to the religion’s rules.

young tom cruise wrestling in schoolOn the other hand, Cruise is the only one from the two “fighters” with formal combat sports training. Tom was an amateur wrestler in high school. Yes, it was several years ago. And we’re not certain that he still includes wrestling training as part of his routine. But wrestling is one of the most important weapons in any mixed martial artist arsenal.

His previous combat sports experience would be a key component of his success facing Bieber. Also, we know Cruise had kickboxing training for his roll in the movie Collateral. On top of that, he had tactical military training to play Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible series. Overall, Tom Cruise has more combat sports experience. He seems to have more tools an MMA fighter need in the octagon. If Cruise’s wrestling, kickboxing, and cardio are on point he might be able to inflict serious damage to Bieber inside the octagon.


Justin Bieber

We know the Biebs has a youth advantage, but what else can he offer? Bieber has received boxing training. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has even given Justin props for his in-ring ability. They’re buddies, but Mayweather isn’t one to give out compliments that easily. While Cruise is the daredevil – Bieber may end up having more fighting experience and more sparring sessions.


However, based on what you can find online Bieber’s boxing isn’t that sharp. He’s not terrible, but his understanding of the sweet science seems to be on the beginner level. To be fair this video is from 2016. We need to assume Bieber has been training boxing for the past three years. And if he’s challenging someone to an MMA fight that he’s been working on the other arts for a solid mixed martial arts arsenal.

However, if he comes only with boxing skills he might fall short. His best chance might be trying to gas out Cruise. Staying on his feet. Take advantage of his reach and manage the distance with the jab. And prevent Cruise from taking the fight to the ground would be a solid game plan. Once Tom Cruise is tired, go all in with longer combinations and set up that knock out punch.

Who Will Win?

It’s unlikely this fight will ever happen. In fact, I’m sure Cruise’s agent ended up telling him, “Yeah, Justin Bieber is challenging you to fights on the internet.” But, let’s say it DOES happen. How would this play out? Is Tommy crusin’ for a brusin from the Biebs?

Well, the typical UFC or MMA match lasts three five-minute rounds with one-minute breaks in-between rounds. We can’t say there is a clear advantage in this format for any fighter. We could lean towards Bieber being able to recover quicker between rounds because he is younger but we’re still just guessing that is the case.

We also must assume that both fighters would train adequately before this fight. They will choose their fighting style and spend months in the gym and elsewhere getting ready, both mentally and physically, for the fight. Since Bieber challenged Cruise – I have a hard time seeing a way that he could be less prepared than the Mission Impossible star for this bout.

When we add in the age difference and his height advantage – I think Bieber is the clear favorite in this fight. He has over 30 years on his opponent and is eager for the challenge. I would take a stab at -200. Oh, wouldn’t it be something if this fight actually happened?

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