Women’s World Cup 2019 – Football Teams To Bet On In France

Womens World Cup France 2019 - Soccer Betting

France will be the host nation of the 2019 Women’s World Cup that will be played from June 7 until July 7, with 24 teams going at it to be crowned world champions. This is the 8th Women’s World Cup in FIFA’s history since it began in 1991. The United States is the current champ and the nation with the most titles with three. However, there will be others aiming to be the champion.

Keep in mind there are six groups of four teams. The winners and the second place of each group advance directly to the round of 16. Also, the four best third-place squads will join them as the last four teams in the round of 16.

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Women’s World Cup – Football Team Odds To Win Their Group Stage

Let’s see the odds to win their group of each of the 24 teams:

Women’s World Cup Group A – Odds to Win Their Group

Country Odds Advancing
France -500 Yes
Norway +3300 Yes
South Korea +5500 No
Nigeria +3330 No

Being the host nation helps a lot. Most of the public will tip the scale in favor of the French national team. MyBookie is giving France (+350) odds, a 22% of implied probability, to win the entire tournament. Only team USA has better odds right from the start.

Norway represents the biggest challenge for the French in the group stage. They are one of the four nations that have won the Women’s World Cup in the past. Plus, they beat the European champs, Netherlands, in the path to punch their ticket to this tournament. South Korea and Nigeria are certainly behind and should aim for a third best spot.

Women’s World Cup Group B – Odds to Win Their Group

Country Odds Advancing
Germany -450 Yes
Spain +450 Yes
China +1200 No
South Africa +66000 No

Germany is the top team in Europe, and it’s not even close. The oddsmakers are giving France better odds because they are at home. However, the Germans are the ones who have dominated the Women’s European football for 20 years. Let’s look at the numbers:

  • Germany has won eight of the 11 European championships played.
  • Just three years ago won the Gold Medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics Games.

The Germans (+550) have a 15% implied probability of winning the tournament, which could end up being their third title; tying with team USA. The sure bet is they are going to end up first in the group stage. China could fight for second place with Spain. South Africa just wants to avoid embarrassing beatings in their three matches.

Women’s World Cup Group C – Odds to Win Their Group

Country Odds Advancing
Australia -110 Yes
Brazil +140 Yes
Italy +600 No
Jamaica +8000 No

Australia is getting a lot of respect from the oddsmakers. The Aussies best result has been three straight quarterfinal appearances in the 2007, 2011 and 2015 World Cup. They are hoping this is finally the year they go over the hump. The Australian team is listed sixth best in the World, and that’s why they are considered the favorites.

Brazil will be their main challenge. The Brazilians dominate South American soil, but they haven’t been able to win a World Cup title so far. That has hunted them knowing they had Marta, the best player on the planet, for several years. Italy will play the part of the group wild card, while Jamaica is just happy to be here.

Women’s World Cup Group D – Odds to Win Their Group

Country Odds Advancing
England -165 Yes
Japan +150 Yes
Scotland +1600 No
Argentina +6600 No

England comes as the team with the fourth best odds to win the tournament, only behind team USA, France, and Germany. The reason is they have one of their best teams in the history of English women’s soccer. During the European qualifiers they averaged three goals per game, and their offense is so good, they are aiming to get to the final for the first time. They ended in third place in 2015.

Their main challenge in the group stage is Japan. The Japanese won the title in 2011, and they enter this tournament as the 7th seed nation in the FIFA ranking. Argentina and Scotland will fight to reach the second round as a third-best team.

Women’s World Cup Group E – Odds to Win Their Group

Country Odds Advancing
Netherlands -110 Yes
Canada +120 Yes
New Zealand +1000 No
Cameroon +4000 No

The fight for the top seed in the group is definitely between Canada and Netherlands. The Dutch are currently the European Champions after beating Denmark in the final two years ago. This is only their second World Cup appearance after reaching the round of 16 in 2015.

This is the best generation of players the Netherlands womens national soccer has ever had. Keep an eye on their game against Canada in the last match of the group stage. It should be the one deciding who comes up on top.

Women’s World Cup Group F – Odds to Win Their Group

Country Odds Advancing
USA -450 Yes
Sweden +330 Yes
Chile +3300 No
Thailand +15000 No

The mighty USA team looks to add a fourth star to their World Cup triumphs. For the Americans, it is win the tournament or bust, there is no middle-ground. Coach Jill Ellis has put together one of the strongest teams on the planet, and the World Cup is the perfect place to show it. Team USA is the number one team in the FIFA ranking and shouldn’t have any problems aiming for the top of the group.

Their real challengers will come in the second round when they meet teams like Germany, England, and France. Sweden should earn the second place in this group. Chile doesn’t have a shot and Thailand is the weakest squad in the tournament.

Complete List of Odds to Win the 2019 Women’s World Cup

There are many teams that have low probabilities of winning the World Cup. However, there are a few underdogs that could surprise fans, like Netherlands or Japan. Here are the future odds to win the 2019 Women’s World Cup:

Country Odds
USA +300
France +350
Germany +550
England +600
Netherlands +1400
Japan +1400
Australia +1400
Spain +2500
Canada +2000
Sweden +2500
Brazil +2500
Norway +3300
Italy +5000
China +6600
New Zealand +12500
Scotland +15000
South Korea +10000
South Africa +50000
Chile +50000
Nigeria +50000
Argentina +40000
Jamaica +100000
Cameroon +75000
Thailand +150000

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2019 Women’s World Cup Betting Prediction

If you are looking for a long shot value and strong underdog, consider the Netherlands with +1400 odds to win the tournament. They have great paying odds, and have one of the strongest teams in the World Cup.

Team USA is considered the strongest team of all, but at +300 there isn’t enough value right now to bet them. Let’s see how the tournament develops before placing a future bet on them winning another title. Although, they should be a must bet team in the group stage matchups.

The Germans and English should be hard to contain. Those two teams are my favorites to win the 2019 Women’s World Cup France.

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