DOTA 2 Epicenter Major Finals Betting, Odds, Tips & Betting Preview

DOTA 2 EPICENTER Betting Preview - Featured Image

DOTA 2 EPICENTER Betting Preview - Featured ImageDefense of the Ancients 2, most commonly referred to as DOTA 2, is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena video games in the world. Even though it’s a sequel to Defense of the Ancients, it’s one of the biggest titles in all of eSports. It has an enormous player base all over the world, and one of the most lucrative pro eSports scenes.

Sixteen of the best DOTA 2 teams in the world will play in Moscow from June 22 to the 30th for a chance to win valuable DPC points and secure a spot in The International 2019. With a prize pool for the finals of $1,000,000 USD and 15,000 Pro Circuit Points, the stakes are quite high and you can bet the entire world of eSports is going to be watching. The last edition was won by team PSG.LGD with Team Liquid as a runner up; however, in the two editions before that in 2016 and 2017, Team Liquid won, making them a big threat.

As the final stages of the tournament approach, we see teams already proving their potential and others scrambling to find their form in a desperate attempt to make it to The International. Squads like Secret, VP, and EG are all well-known threats, but there are still a number of wild cards to keep an eye on. Let’s examine some of the participating teams that have the best chances, and some that might surprise everybody so you can compare your predictions, check some odds, and place your bets to win as big as possible.

Most-likely Champions

These teams have the best shot at winning the event. They’re most probably a safe bet, but you never know. It’s always important to look for statistics about them, there are tons of sites which excel at providing this kind of information, the best advice here is to do your research!

Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming Team LogoVici Gaming live up to their potential and have a real shot at the Epicenter Major if they play at the level they’re capable of. All their members have had great tournaments, but Fade has shown outstanding talent comparable to the great position 4s in the world. It’s all down to how much syinergy they can muster during the next matches, because when high level play is the norm, the differentiators start to become the details.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid Circle Team LogoAlthough Matumbaman and the team decided to part ways despite their “stick together” mentality, Team Liquid still has talent amongst its ranks with Matu playing a unique role from the midlane, favouring push heroes and a sacrificial style, while ignoring traditional midlane heroes entirely.


PSG-LGD Team LogoWith Maybe Medusa and Ame leaving behind stalling tactics, big team fights, and clutch decision making, PSG.LGD are becoming the true shining stars they are, and have the potential to reach the top if they continue to harness it.


OG Team LogoThe OG is one of the more competitive teams despite some ungraceful losses. The overconfident nature of this squad is a great asset when the overall talent is so high. OG will constantly dive and take fights no matter how far ahead or behind they are.


Alliance eSports Team LogoWith Taiga playing at a high level and above average performances by Qojqva and miCKe, Alliance has a real chance at upsetting some of the more well-known squads. Especially if Boxi continues to stand out with dominant in lane and fantastic, decisive plays. There’s a big chance of upsets here.


Gambit eSports Team LogoThis squad can put up a fight against anyone on this list. They’ve already found a lot of success with left-of-centre drafts, like Daxak’s Visage as a dominant pick. Gambit plays a little more standard and is somewhat of a wild card team, but they’re a team that you shouldn’t bet against.

Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro Team LogoDespite coming out of a rough patch after falling 2-0 to PSG.LGD, Virtus Pro has set high expectations after finishing top 2 at all three of the first majors this season, and seems to always rise to the occasion when the pressure’s on.

TNC Predator

TNC Predator Team LogoA very strong and consistent team that is certainly capable of making it far. They’ve been handed a tough group but managed to come out of it in first place. They’re becoming a very hard team to beat and there is sure a lot more to come from them, if they keep working together with such syinergy as shown on the previous matches.

DOTA 2 EPICENTER Major Tournament Odds

You’ll be able to find different odds for each of the matches, here wi’ll show case only the available one at the moment. For a more in depth look be sure to visit the sportsbook, which you can find a link to at the bottom.

TNC Pro+1.5 (-190)+170O2.5 (+105)
PSG.LGD-1.5 (+145)-220U2.5 (-135)
Bet On Your Favorite Team For The Upcoming Matches

The Brackets

The bracket is nearing the hottest point, the final, the best teams are battling eachother for what is one of the most important events in the DOTA 2 Pro circuit. The following are highlights of what’s to come!

Team Liquid vs. Vici Gaming

Team Liquid is the definitive favourite in this bracket. Their playing style and their tenacity to play outside the norm are what make them stand out as a very dangerous team. Watch out for their star players to perform out-of-the-ordinary moves. Vici Gaming might be the underdog here, but there’s a reason they’ve made it this far. If they manage to live up to their potential, get ready for a surprise.

Alliance vs. Gambit

Alliance comes into this duel as the underdog, but watch out for above average and high quality gameplay from their star players Taiga, Qojqva and miCKe. Even though they’re not favorites, they have a pretty good shot. Gambit is the clear favorite in this match. Their gaming style might be “standard”, but it’s proving to be effective during this year’s Epicenter Major.


This might be the hardest to predict to match up with this bracket so far. Both teams are very competitive and have highly talented players in their ranks. Our betting pick would be PSG.LGD because of their odds and balanced performances in the past. However, betting on OG is not that big a risk and might pay off.

TNC Predator and Virtus Pro

TNC Predator and Virtus Pro are still waiting to be matched up in their brackets. TNC Predator will go against the winner between PSG.LGD and OG. Whoever ends up making it, will find the TNC Predator a tough rival. PSG.LGD is where the odds are, if they manage to go through. Virtus Pro is going against the winner of the match between Alliance and Gambit. No matter who goes through, it’ll be a match to watch. But our experts would recommend placing your luck on Alliance if they go through.

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